Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Windy City Part Deux

The weather in Chicago was absolutely wonderful! We slept in the second day, and decided to treat ourselves to mani-pedi's & a light lunch with the boys. The top picture was taken around Hyde Park which is near the Obama residence. I heard his street has more security than Fort Knox, so we didn't even try to make our way over there.

Someone asked me how my hair got so big, I believe it was due to the humidity in the air. I seriously had to twist it every night to keep it from turning into a ginormous fro. I twisted my hair dry, and decided not to add any additional product, because I didn't want that "stiff" look.

In other hair news, I decided to give myself a micro chop [only 2 inches] to give myself more volume and hopefully rid myself of some of the ends I have been holding on to for the past few years. I plan on doing this sometime today, so of course I will document the process. I really want to "shape" my hair because I am tired of the moppy mushroom look, but I think I will wait and have a professional take on that task.

After getting our nails done, we decided to change clothes and head to the Taste of Chicago. Our friend Kean egged us on big time, and we had a mini shoot in the garage. Fun times.

We saw a cool ladder, and took advantage of the opportunity...lol
We got to the Taste kind of late, so we decided to just walk around and get a quick bite and return the next day when we had more time.

I got this delicious caramel upside down cupcake. I wish I would have purchased another for the road, the cake literally melts in your mouth. Hopefully I find a similar recipe online!

Later on that night we went to a rooftop party Kean's friend hosted in the Meatpacking District of Chicago. The view of the city was absolutely amazing, and again his friends made us feel right at home. I had fun getting to know everyone, and for the first time in a long time I can say my shyness wasn't an issue. I am not quite the social butterfly as of yet, but I am getting to a place where I don't mind social settings with new faces, in fact; I am starting to embrace it.

After the party, we all caravanned over to a club where we literally danced till dawn. My feet were hurting so bad the next morning, I thought I was going to need foot surgery...lol

Yellow Maxi-Dress: Random Boutique find in Calabasas
Oversized Clutch: Vintage
Cuff: Forever 21
Glasses: Michael Kors
Watch: Michael Kors
Purple Jumper: Vintage
Leopard Bra: Victoria's Secret
Hope Ring: Forever 21
Feather: Purchased from a "healer" on an Indian Reservation


  1. Glad that you had fun in my city :D The taste of Chicago is always cool, I had some good eats there the other day. Your outfits and nails were FABULOUS mama, get it!


  2. you ladies looked goregous. i lived in hyde park for 3 years i wish i was still there--you can walk on the street near the Obama home, they just ask you not to stop/take photos while walking lol. glad you two had fun and made it back home safely!

  3. Love everything you're wearing in this post!

  4. You looked fab! That red fence looks so familiar! Were you two were across the street from all the Thai restaurants on 55th St in HP?

    I live in Chicago and the humidity also makes me have to re-twist daily in the summer. In the winter I get 4 day hair out of all my twistouts. I had my hair straightened this past weekend and surprisingly it stood up well.

  5. Looks like you guys had tons of fun.

  6. OMG, that caramel cupcake looks amazing!!! As always, nails were extra fly, style on-point, and the hair was super cute!! Lovely as ever

  7. I swear you are my style icon!!!!! Love every moment of checking in on your blog and being instantly inspired by your confidence and the way you work your clothing.

  8. Girl, I want that tie-dye dress!!!

    your hair looks great, too!

    ~ Eboni Ife'

  9. The purple jumper's dope on you gurl! And gimme that doggone cuff!!! I can never find great stuff when I go to Forever 21 here in NYC. Can't wait til the new opens in Times Sq.

  10. Love your nails! Can't wait to see your mini-chop. Is your friend's hair wash and go in those pics? Love it.

  11. Fab photos; looks like you had a blast!

  12. I love your yellow maxi dress. The colors look so lovely against your skin tone. And I love tie dye for summer, it's so much fun and reminds me of summer camp days where we used to make tie dye shirts until our hands stained with the colors of the dye.

  13. Gorgeous!!! I love the yellow dress, its 2 cute! Seems like the windy city was a blast, and that cake really made me want to bake asap. haha!

    You hair is FAB! I'm in the process of searching for a great conditioner, because my hair is really flat from the last wash and go I did last week...Yuk! I'm also about to try the henna, a few of my friends swear by it, and I've seen your tutorial, so Thanks!

    Love you blog, keep the post coming lol!

    ♥ Morgan Ashley

  14. your hair is fab! your style is amazing - such good finds.
    out of all things...im most envious of the taste of chicago. lol. i always wanted to go out there. maybe next year or year after.

  15. That maxi dress is gorgeous. Love it! It looks like you two had a blast.


  16. Hi, I love your blogs been following you for a while. Your posts are very inspiring, uplifting, and entertaining. Keep it up!

  17. great pictures, great clothes, great nails. i love all of it!

  18. u look so pretty in ur outfits and im kinda shocked that ur shy...u seem outgoing to me.. cool to know tho

  19. what color lipstick was Lo wearing? I absolutely LOVE this blog!

  20. I love your updates! I always look forward to them. The caramel cake looks very similar to something my family makes (we are Belizean). We call it "milk cake" because we boil a can of condensed milk for around 3 hours until the milk turns into a caramel-like consistency that you can spread on top of a cake. Depending on how long you boil it, the milk will vary in color and thickness and you would have to experiment with the length of time it boils to find the consistency you like. It might not be the same recipe as the cake you tried, but us Belizeans love us some milk cake!

  21. You killed it! Gorgeous! That cake looks mighty good.

  22. Oh wow...I was there, too! Loved all of the looks you rocked, and that caramel cake was OVERLY delicious! I am afraid to admit how many we ate of them! lol


  24. You two are photogenic. But what kind of camera are you using?

  25. Love your website! You ladies look like you had a fabulous time in Chicago. That yellow maxi dress you wore is totally perfect! If you don't mind me asking, do you recall the boutique in Calabass you purchased it from? Thanks and keep up the great work!!

  26. I absolutely ADORE your website.. As for the caramel cake--here's a link to the recipe I use every Thanksgiving. It's absolutely DELISH!



  27. What do you do for a living? Your life seems fab! =D


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