I am Nikole. I am a giver of life, a sister, a friend, and somewhat of an introvert [no matter what my blog says]. I love to cook, sew, read, spend hours researching things I never heard of, and sip tea while discussing the findings of my research. I am a self professed foodie, crafter extraordinaire and a die hard Lucy fan [random right?].

I started my blog Jan 1, 2010 as a personal challenge, and means of a creative outlet. I wanted one place to put all of my musings, projects, and random skills + information I have acquired amongst the years in hopes to connect with like-minded spirits.

The blog has now evolved into a space in which I strive to deliver my readers with fresh quality content, that is relevant to their lives, with the end goal to ignite readers and foster positive growth! The Moptop Maven.Com will do this by creating a community that respects diversity, and celebrates creativity, balance and connectedness.
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