Monday, July 5, 2010

Already Home.

 Pic I snapped while on the subway

I am back in my neck of the woods, although my heart is still in Chicago! Thank you Kean for being such a wonderful host and allowing Lo and I to take over your amazing loft for 4 days :-)

I had zero internet connection & splotchy intermittent cell coverage which actually turned out to be a good thing considering I've been needing to hit the reset button for a while now. It afforded me more time to laugh till it hurt with friends, and focus on taking in all of Chicago sans modern day balls & chains.

My hair had a mind of it's own the entire trip, it grew two times it's weight due to the humidity [lol]. Instead of fighting it, I just rolled with it. In these pictures, my hair is just styled in a simple twist out with Miss Jessie's Buttercreme. I lightly brushed it with a paddle brush for additional volume.

I will spend my day today recouping, and responding to emails, questions, & comments on the blog. Over the week I will recap my trip with tons of photos! These are from our first night:

Our crazy view!

First night Kean took us to a wine bar! Glasses of Moscato for everyone..

Lo getting the camera ready..

Love these three! [Lo, Tony, Kean]

Next stop...Crimson

The energy was amazing, everyone made sure we were comfy! 

Shots of Ciroc for the b-day girl!

The decor at Crimson was amazing!
T & Kean w/Mickey the GM of Crimson; who was also an amazing host...
Tried to give you all a shot of the back of my dress - Ah well. It's one of my mom wore it when she was around my age!

Crimson Lounge
333 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60654-4956
(312) 923-2473

Dress: Vintage [Mom's]
Bracelet: Aldo Accessories
Key Ring: Forever 21
Earrings: DIY


  1. you and your friend looks gorgeous as usual

  2. nice.. love ur hair!!! super huge!!! diggin Lori's hair too...

  3. Looks like alot of fun! Your hair looks fab, as usual.

  4. Glad you're back, I actually love love the hair. :)

  5. WOOOOW your hair looks huge!!

  6. what lipstick do you use it's so pretty

  7. how did you get such awesome hair? i am very jealous! i have to purchase such awesomeness!!

  8. Beautiful!! PS: Tell Lo she needs to give me back my shoes! (joking :-) )

  9. You look hot!! And it looks like you had an awesome night. Missed your posts while you were gone.

  10. I just discovered your blog through your feature on Fly :) I love it! You are such an inspiration..

  11. love the hair, great legs by the way

  12. Glad to hear you had a great time! The first night alone looks like it was a blast! :)

  13. @Seygra20; Thank you, and seygra I love your hair in your avatar!

    @τreciä; thank you! it took some getting used to!

    @M I N G; Thank you!

    @Keebo; Thank you, I wonder if I can recreate it out here. Probably not. lol

    @Anonymous; HA HA HA! I know right. You should have seen it towards the end of the night.

    @Amber Nefertari; Thank you, it is Ruby Woo by MAC.

    @blazerwhore; Thank you! It was the humidity, it made it get very poofy.

    @Just me; Thank you! And I looovveedd her shoes! I think we wear the same size; if they come up missing, it wasn't me -_- lol

    @Becca; Thank you so much Becca! I missed posting too :-)

    @Mona; Thank you very much Mona, I appreciate that!

    @Lipstick Diva; Thank You!

    Dobe; It was! Thank You!

  14. Love Chicago too! My S/O and I had the pleasure of attending TOC last year....I got my hair braided right before we left which was the beginning of my transition from relaxed to natural! Great pics!


  15. @Anonymous; Good idea on getting your hair braided! It was hot as I don't-know-what out there, and my head was on fire! LOL

  16. stunning keep up the great work! any plans for a vintage store on your blog? would be great!!
    you can sure pick them!

    belle @

    natural belle_google it! its very common

  17. Hey...I'm new to your blog...luv it...I could look at pictures of my people looking good and having fun all day long...

  18. @Natural-belle; Thank you very much! Maybe one of these days, I think I need to get more organized before that happens though! LOL

    @Soul Pretty; Thank you chica!! I appreciate you stopping by!

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  20. After seeing your hair journey on YouTube, i had to see if you had a blog (and you do!) :) I L-O-V-E your blog (especially the photos and DIY) I check the site everyday for updates. Keep up the good work. I'm about to make the Fabric Flower Earrings...I'm also entering the MAC contest. I really don't use MAC, but I do love there Powder Blush


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