Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Girls About Town - Chi Town Part III

On the 3rd day of our Chicago trip, we decided to go back to the Taste of Chicago to eat [of course], and people watch.

I don't remember what these were, but they looked good!

Some pizza Lo picked up 

While making our way around the Taste, I met some of the sweetest ladies who recognized me from the blog. 
Thank all of you for the kind words, and for stopping to say hi! It's always fun to meet people in person!

After eating I thought it would be cool to snap pics of other fierce naturals at the Taste! I am going to start carrying my camera around more often to snap naturals about town. Thank you to everyone who participated!

I loved her Bohemian look, and I loved this guys curly fro and beard!

I loved this chica's lilac dress, and her hair & skin was amazing! -  This woman's fro was lush, I had to snap a pic!

After taking pics, Lo and I made our way back to Kean's house to get dressed for dinner

We made our way to Japonais

I had an Asian Pear Martini to start; it was absolutely delicious!

It was so good I had another!

My dinner came, and it was amazzzzzing! Filet Mignon w/Uni Butter - White Miso Truffled Potato Puree & Grilled Asparagus

Everyone was all smiles after dinner & drinks!

Noelle invited us to Crimson Lounge after dinner, and of course we obliged!

Another night of dancing, good eats, and plenty of laughter!
600 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 822-9600

Strapless Ethnic Print Dress: Forever 21
Black Tights: H&M
Black Boots: Ralph Lauren
White Purse: Vintage
Sequined Jacket: Vintage
Black Lace Dress: H&M
All Jewelry: Forever 21
Lip Color: Ruby Woo - MAC


  1. I'm so in love with your red sequined jacket

  2. I know right @ Jin ^^^^^^

    Your hair just popped against that jacket, very fierce! I'm diggin your pairing of the RL boots and your F21 dress. Interesting combo.

  3. The dress is gorgeous and your hair is fierce!

  4. your so pretty! your nails are sooo hot! and i can't believe the dress was from forever21! you made it look expensive :)

  5. Hey!! Absolutely love the hair and fashion on these pix....??? Where can I find the ring?

  6. Love the picture of the bearded guy...MAAAIIIDDDEENNNN RRWWAAARRRRHHH!!! Yep, I'm a blackgirl that loves some "effin" metal. LOL!

    P.S. Your hair was so awesome in the recent posts it is leaving me practically speechless.

  7. You have the most amazing smile! You're so gorgeous. Loved the outfits!

  8. Awesomeness! What kind of camera do you use if you dont mind me asking I need to totally upgrade, what would you suggest for a beginner blogger? Thanks in advance

  9. That sequined jacket is amazing! Luv the lipstick color against it. All the naturals hair looks gorg! And the unidentified food looks like sweet potato chips.

  10. I LOVE your sequined jacket...your entire trip (food, drinks, fierce Naturals, & fine fellas!) looks like it was simply divine :)

  11. Lovely pics!! How were you able to tame your hair in the humidity? I'm traveling to Tokyo at the end of the month and its supposed to be really humid there, and i'm trying to figure out what products to bring. I'm not use to humid climates as I live in L.A. My hair is about chin length and looks thick but its actually pretty fine. I usually wear it in twist outs. Any suggestions?

  12. Found your blog by way of FLY. Love it!!!

  13. Heyyy Nikole
    looking great as always.
    I NEED to know how do you manage to not get an oily- shiny nose when wearing makeup through the night?
    And I also NEED to know how does LO get her hair sooo flyyy??
    ps:have you tried the topshop makeup range, their lipstick looks goood but havent yet tried it....

  14. what i really like about you is that you will put pieces of anything together..i just love your combination..its like you have no limits and i love that!!!and it always turn out tasteful and fierce!!!!!..

  15. Looked like great times. Those nails were too cute...Okay I was about to go down the list of everything I liked but that would just be ridiculously long lol Fabulous pictures Nik!

  16. I'm from Saint Lucia and it's so sad that i don't get the opportunity to go shopping for my kind of clothing.When i get some vacation time next year i would love to visit... and meet you and Lo it would be so amazing. lol but i love that you love life and you're not afraid to be you!! keep it coming

  17. Reading this post made me smile. I love your blog, so keep up the good work.

    I've been noticing some fierce naturals around NYC ever since I started transitioning and was thinking about snapping some street style pics myself. Looking forward to seeing more!


  18. your dinner at Japonais looks like my idea of heaven....that's like the only place in Chicago that my foodie self hasn't been, MUST GO.

    Totally cute outfits as usual, love that style

  19. I left Chicago years ago but whenever I return I'm always surprised to see more and more naturals walking around. YAY! (And yes, you and your friends look GAW-JUS at Japonais!)

  20. You all look amazing. I was at the Taste on Saturday! small world...

  21. I've always wanted to attend The Taste of Chicago....after seeing this, I have to go. Your hair is sooooo gorgeous.

  22. Im from Chicago,curious where you got the manicure,its FIIIIEEERCCEEE!!!

  23. Lovely nails, beautiful hair and look, hot attitude, vivacious red lipstick!!

    Stunning clothes :)

    A great evening I bet!!


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