Friday, July 30, 2010

A Photograph Is Memory In The Raw. - Carrie Latet | Week In Photos

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a while since I have shared "week-in-photos" with you, so here they are!
Dinner at Yamashiro's last night! My hair was a mess, I twisted it with a butter-based product, because I wanted more of a fluffier look. Instead I got an un-defined mess. Ah well.
Pics snapped earlier in the week from my test shoot with Lo!
I think she's still sore from squeezing into that tiny space!
I picked up these high-waist shorts last night after dinner from American Apparel. They have the cutest zippers along the side, and I loved the fit. The light coral color is what drew me in.

I also got this pink petticoat, and blue long-sleeve lace bodysuit [pardon the black bra].

I am fascinated with the buildings downtown! I make a trip down almost every weekend just to shoot!
The buildings have so much character!
I love snapping pics of worn, weathered buildings with fire escapes!
I decided to climb up one and get a better view.  
While snapping pics of buildings, I ran into Lo [what are the odds]. No kidding. She was Downtown pulling clothes for a client. 

 Later on that day I picked up some seed beads for my jewelry line. 
Here I am a few days later at the Bilal concert

A couple of days ago, I had a late breakfast at my new favorite cafe; Crave. I ordered the usual...Strawberry Crepe's...


  1. The photos are amazing. Your blog has inspired me to take up photography as a soon as I save up for a decent camera :)

  2. LOVELY PICS! Oh and it's official, your blog is my new "blog crush." :)

  3. I love those coral shorts. I wish we had and american apparel here.

  4. LOVE the petticoat!

  5. Lovely pictures, love the shorts ...such vivid imagery, btw is that the "mr." lol? You guys look great together :-}

  6. I cant wait to see how u wear the petticoat, i wanted to purchase the same one but i had no idea how i would pull it off. And those shorts are too cute! great post as usual.

  7. Lo is giving it to the camera in that first pic!!! I love it. Your photography is really great and it's awesome that your best friend can pose for the shoots. I may have to steal that concept for myself! lol...

  8. luv ur blog!!! I was at the Yamashiro's farmers market last night..The view is breath taking!!WOW!!!and the food A+... I was wondering where did u get the navy blue see through top with the white poke-a-dots? -Becka

  9. I'm loving the shorts and the crepes! It all looks so yum!!

  10. I love lo's hair! your photography is amazing! I feel like i'm right in the scene..well done!
    been stalking your blog for months now, went and read all the back posts too :)

  11. Very fun week!!! Great photos :)

  12. I am sooooo "stealing" these shorts :))

  13. gosh Lo is beautiful and her hair is the bomb! is that a braidout she is rockin?

  14. hey first off i wanna say those shorts are the "bidness" coral peach color is a color i been admiring for a while. secondly do you have any idea on where i can find the "NYX circle lipstick"

  15. love the zipper shorts!!!you take such beautiful picture!!!what a happy post :-)

  16. Great pics! I have that same blue body suit, love it!!

  17. I love the items you picked up at American Apparel very pretty

  18. beautiful photos, that bodysuit is gorg!

  19. Fabulous as and Lo do the Red LIP soo effortlessly!! i must admit your scores at AA are great as well!peach shorts??? sign me up!!!!

    stay beautiful!

  20. Love the new layout!!Thumbs up!

  21. @Living Fly on a Dime; Thank you so much! Photography is definitely one of my favorite hobbies! It's therapeutic, and is always fun because you capture different things each time.

    @Lolitta; Thank you so much for the compliment!

    @M I N G; Thank you! They do have them online at the American American website *bad influence* I know.

    @vonnie; Thank you!

    @Anonymous; Thank you so much! And no, he is not the Mr. He is my "ex mr", but we are still good friends :-)

    @SEWING STARDOM; Thank you! I can't wait to see how I pull it off either, because I still don't know.

    @South Loop Social Light; Ha! She is isn't she?!?! Thank you for the compliment, please do steal the idea, it's yours for the taking! Share the pics though, because I want to see!

    @Anonymous; Thank you, how did you like the Farmer's Market? The dress I am wearing is a vintage dress I picked up at Jet Rag on LaBrea

    @Karra Wade; Thank you!

    @Enitan; Thank you very much for the compliment!& I am in love with Lo's hair too!LOL

    @Morgan-Ashley; Thank you so much!

    @Eliza; Please do! They are my new fav pair!

    @Jasmine; She is! And yes, she is wearing a braidout! I love her braidouts, wish mine could get that defined...but it doesn't lol

    @B.Randi; Thank you! The only place I know FOR SURE is the NYX website;

    @Chic Therapy; Thank you so much!

    @Stepha; Thank you! I can't wait to wear it..first I need to figure out HOW, I will wear it! LOL

    @Krishana; Thank you very much!

    @Nika; Thank you!!

    @Chomy; Thank you!! They had a few colors that I had my eye on...check em out before they are sold out!

    @Lolitta; Thank you very much!

  22. Love the photos! Beautiful shots; SO loving those shorts, and you ladies are rocking those red lips something FIERCE! Great post =)

  23. Hi, Nice postings! looking forward for same kind of stuffs...I wish to share a few tips to cure eczema naturally

  24. Do you use Photoshop or any kind of photography software?

  25. @frenchiexpoo; Ha! Get a few in every color!

    @Anonymous; I do all of my editing in camera

  26. Hi beautiful one, I was wondering where you got the seed beads from a store? market?, I've been looking to buy some, do they have a website by any chance?


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