Monday, August 2, 2010

A Single Sunbeam Is Enough To Drive Away Many Shadows - St. Francis of Assisi

When I get dressed, I tend to keep certain elements in mind that helps take the fuss out of picking and choosing outfits. This summer for me has been all about dresses, colors, patterns, and bold lips; here are a few of my favorite things [Summer Edition].

I love dresses that have a fitted waist, and flare slightly at the hip. They tend to have a lot of movement, and accentuate the curves in a woman's body without being too revealing. When looking for these types of dresses, I always gravitate to dresses with cute patterns vs. solid colors. You can usually find dresses of this type for $30 an under at stores like:
Forever 21
ASOS [Even though they are in Europe, their shipping is cheap and lightning fast]

Accessories can really pull an outfit together, and help set you apart from the 5,452 people that may have purchased the same piece. I like to opt for stand-out accessories vs matching my accessories to my outfit because it really creates more of a unique, "stylish" look. Oftentimes my outfits are plain "as-is", but it is the accessories/styling that brings them to life.
If your outfit is:
Navy Blue + White = Red Accessories
Brown = Yellow/Orange Accessories
Blue + White = Yellow Accessories
Red = White Accessories
Pile it on! The brighter the better! I love bright fuchsia's, and deep dark reds! Pictured from left to right is:
Intriguing by Stila : This is a velvety smooth, matte fuchsia color, that I am wearing in the pictures today [Although it's matte, it doesn't dry my lips out, which is a major plus].
Ruby Woo by MAC: This is hands down my favorite red of all time! 
I love the juxtaposition of ultra feminine dresses paired with worn, rugged boots; it gives you instant edge factor vs a Pollyanna look. Because these boots can run a pretty penny, I usually hold out until I find a sale, or shop at places like:
DSW [which is where I got these Ralph Lauren Boots]
TJ Maxx
Nail polish really completes the look! This summer, look for bright colored lacquer, and sweet, minty pastels. OPI is my favorite brand, & here are my fav colors of the moment [from left-right]:
OPI Gargantuan Green Grape [a minty green]
OPI No Room For The Blues 
OPI It Color
Cover FX: Setting FX - This is hands down the best translucent powder I have tried to date. It perfectly sets your makeup without giving you a "ghostly" appearance, and is sheer enough so that you can wear it in the daytime. 

Smashbox: Anti-Shine - My face is extremely shiny, and this is the one product that keeps my face matte for up to 8 hours, even while in direct sunlight! I dab this on my t-zone [and anywhere else I am prone to shininess] before I apply my makeup. 

Make Up Forever:  Face & Body Makeup - A true staple for me, the coverage is sheer yet it still manages to even out skin tone, while giving your face a healthy, dewy glow.

Dress * Zara
Belt * Thrifted
Purse * Zara
Boots * Ralph Lauren
Jewelry * Forever 21


  1. Great tips! Thanks! Davina916

  2. I was in Zara this weekend when I realized my wallet was not with me ;0( sadly it was at home in the purse from the night before but I will definitely be going back! lol

    oooo i want to try out smash box, my face is so shiny and i'm always blotting it. thanks

  3. Love, Love the new page layout!!! And the fashion tips...I have definitely become a nail polish junky!! I change colors at least 2 times, sometimes 3 times a week. (IKR, its crazy) I can never seem to really make up my mind. My friends say I'm OCD, but I really love the difference you get JUST from the color of your nail polish!

  4. loving the tips. i too have oily skin and will try that smashbox.

    I'm having a Link party for all fashion related DIY projects....come show off your DIY!

  5. Love the blogs new look. I love this post. It would have been great for me about a month ago. Sadly I have already given up with summer dressing (I just can't do it) and am gearing up for autumn :)

  6. Also wanted to ask if Lo has a blog?

  7. I loooovvve make up forever. The concealer is the best out there. They also have highly pigmented shadows and lipsticks which is definitely a plus for us chocolate sisters.

  8. Great tips! Thanks for sharing; and I'm loving the outfit!

  9. I'm a new subscriber of your blog and i must say i love the effort you put into your post. I really admire how detailed all the elements of what comes together to be your outfit =]


  10. Your hair looks amazing here (it always does), did you do anything differently with this braidout?

  11. Nothing but hearts and smiles for you sista :) Another outstanding post. I'll have to try that Smashbox anti shine...oh, I have been eating the yogurt with flax seed, wheat germ and Granola...I'm loving the appearance my skin tone is taking on. I've also invested in the Dermalogica exfoliant you mentioned in an older post..good stuff chica!

  12. @Anonymous; Thank you!

    @Mystic Jungle; Thank's so much!

    @Lipstick Diva; I get in trouble at Zara every time! And the Smashbox Anti-Shine is a God-send

    @Thankful; Thank you soo much! And we are cut from the same cloth! I am a polish junkie too, although sometimes I don't have the time to change the polish as much as I would like!

    @L ~DIY Diva~ Thank you! And I will do, I am working on some DIY projects as I type!

    @Martha; Thank you very much! Sadly the stores seem to be gearing up fro Autumn as well! I could hardly find anything! - She does; her blog is Check her out!

    @Bitty Boss; Please, please..I don't need to spend another dime. LOL

    @LadyCook; Thank you! And thank you for stopping by!

    @Maggie ☮; Thank you so much! It feels good when people appreciate what ya do! Thank you for the love sis!

    @Anonymous; Thank you! I did, it is a twist-out, and I did smaller twists this time! I had about 15-20 versus the normal 8 twists!

    @Lolitta; Thank you so much! Please do try the Smashbox Anti-Shine, you won't be disappointed. My face gets super shiny [and crazy looking], and this is pretty much the only thing that put an end to it. Glad to hear that the Flax Seed/Wheat Germ & Yogurt is working out for you! I had mine a few hours ago!

  13. hey there! love your blog. i, too, have extra oily skin and plan to try the smashbox antishine. now my question is there a trick to putting on loose powder without making a total mess?

  14. i tried the smashbox anti-shine and it does work well...not for 8 hours, but much better than anything else i tried (milk of magnesia, various primers).


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