Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hot Honey/Oil Treatment

Last night I did a hot honey/oil treatment and Whoa Nelly! Oil + Honey = shiny, soft hair! I decided to use Brazil Nut oil because it acts as a mega conditioner, leaving your hair soft, and manageable. The addition of honey was for more sheen and also for it's humectant properties. Humectants attract water molecules [moisture] and binds them along your hair shaft. This results in hair that is properly hydrated, and less likely to break. This is a great treatment to try during these warm summer months if you are having issues retaining moisture.

Note: I use the double broiler method because sometimes heating up natural oils/butters in the microwave can kill a lot of their nutrients & moisturizing properties.

Here's what you will need:
Small Bowl
Small Saucepan

Here's what you do:
Fill your saucepan halfway w/water, and bring to a boil
Place your small bowl in the saucepan of water [like a double broiler]
Immediately add honey + Brazil Nut oil until it is the consistency of conditioner
Once the mixture is warm to the touch, remove the bowl from the heat
Apply mixture to WET hair, you can either do this as a pre-poo, or as a conditioner
Cover hair w/plastic cap and allow to sit for 30-40 minutes - You can sit under a dryer, or even a steamer!

Also, for all of you who asked about my scalp massages [mentioned in my previous post] here's the skinny: I use an equal mix of Kesavardhini Oil + Bhringraj Oil + Nagachampa Scalp Oil - These were all purchased at Pioneer Cash & Carry in Artesia Ca [Indian Grocery Store]. I can provide pics & ingredient info when I get back home!

I would massage my scalp three times weekly, once on wash day [after conditioning], then two additional days at my leisure. I used about a quarter size amount of the oil mixture, and concentrated on my scalp only. It is actually good to sit in a chair, laying back as far as you can while performing the massage [this is purported to help increase blood circulation].  


  1. This is my favorite Prepoo treatment, Olive oil and honey. Brazil nut oil sounds good. I'm usually too lazy to heat it up but I'm going to try it hot this time.

  2. This sounds great, I know my hair will love this concoction.
    Where do you get your oils from?

  3. you are seriouysly my inspiration to grow out my relaxer. its a shame my hair will never be like yours tho. x

  4. I would fight a Lion to have your amazing hair! I love it!

  5. i remember you saying that the ends of your hair wouldnt curl up like you wanted but i see you bang is pretty curly... i like it.. why wont you cut off you straight end eveywhere else..i am sure they will curl like you bang

  6. This pre-poo has me wanting to go and wash my hair right now-just so I can experience all the goodness of the oils and the honey! Thanks for the scalp massage tip with Indian oils. I will be trying that too!

  7. What are the measurements of your honey and oil prepoo mix? TIA ;-)

  8. Hey Nikole! I found your site through the Fly blog and omg i'm so in love! i started reading yesterday and i couldnt stop till i got to the first post! I'm brazilian and i've been reading style blogs for a long time now, it's my favorite past time, but till now i haven't really found any blogger i could really have a connection with or relate to, you know? it's been mostly, pale skinny girls with long straight blond hair and pretty light eyes leaving in enchanting cosmopolitan cities... i feel that i've been so influenced by those blogs that i kinda lost myself... i no longer have a personal style, my head just feels programmed to copy their styles and i don't feel that i look good unless i try to look like them.
    But then i started to read your blog and all sorts of fresh and liberating thoughts came to my head! you look so beautiful and unique! And you truly look like you're a girl who knows herself, loves herself, accepts herself and is encoureged to improve herself everyday regardless of anyones opinions. your pictures inspire me, your hair inspires me, and i can't wait to try this free-of-trends-and-pre-determined-concepts way of life you inspired me to have!
    i'll be visiting everyday! i'm a huge fan now!
    thank you,

  9. So the honey doesn't make your hair sticky because that was my only concern ?

  10. great blog..thanks and that photo was adorable..:)

  11. Just stumbled across your blog and I'm def. going to follow. I've also been debating going natural. Well, I haven't had a perm in over a year and I've been wearing braids. I think I will try some of the techniques you've mentioned. My hair is more on the thin side, any tips on thickening? Keep up the inspirational work. *muah*

  12. hey nikole
    just stopped by after a loong weekend away.
    i hope you are doing good,
    cant wait for your next post:)

  13. @Hell Notes for Beauty; Definitely try it with the Brazil Nut Oil; you will be glad you did!

    @Living Fly on a Dime; Thank you, I get most of my oils from "Texas Natural Supply" or "From Nature w/Love" those are my favorite online suppliers.

    @Southerners from the North; Thank you! And you never know! It may very well, my hair texture has changed a lot since going natural.

    @Get + Togetha; LOLLLL @fight a lion!!! I got a good laugh out of that one! Thank you for the compliment.

    @Afrikan Latina; Please do! You will love it!

    @Anonymous; I intend on cutting off a significant amount as I go. However I have different textures all over, the top portion of my hair curls up the most, whereas the other areas are just patches of thick frizz :-/

    @Stella B. Your welcome, and please do, you will be glad you did!

    @Anonymous; I don't measure it, I just mix in equal portions until it is the consistency of a thick conditioner.

    @Livia Thank you soo much Livia for the kind and uplifting words! I totally understand where you are coming from, and there were times I felt the same way. I felt I wasn't stylish if I didn't look like "this blogger" or "that blogger". Thank you again for the kind words, they truly made my morning!

    @LESAPEA MUSINGS; Your welcome!

    @zak attack; nope, not at all!

    @iamronel; thank you!; Thank you!

    @Lolitta; Thank you! I appreciate the love! Check out this post; it talks about what I did to thicken my hair.

    @Tia; thank you so much tia!

  14. I too stumbled upon your blog & I love it....I went natural almost 3 yrs ago, but I found myself continuing to wear weaves because I could not find the right products to maintain moisture that natural hair so desperately hair continues to grow but I find myself having to constantly trim/cut it down because of a lack of moisture....I ordered the oils that you recommended & I started using them about 2 weeks ago...there has been a HUGE improvement in the softness and sheen of my hair in just 2 weeks!!!...I am about to do the honey + brazil nut treatmeat and I will let you know the results....I relocated to Hawaii and I can't wait to for my hair to be in the condition as yours so that I can show the natives that WE are just as beautiful in OUR natural state!!....continue with your inspirational stories, treatments & pics....BTW Jamaican Black Castor Oil is another great product!!!...I don't know if you've mentioned that in previous posts...


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