Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chi Town Bound: What's In My Bag?

Patterns & Bold Colors

Some of My Favorite Accessories

Stuff to Keep Me Busy on the Plane: Sketchbook/Markers, The Life of Langston Hughes [Vol:2]

Zebra Platforms/Aldo - Gold/Brown Heels/Tory Burch - Black Peep-Toes/Report - Black Slouchy Boots/Michael Kors

Over-the-knee Mirrored Wedge Boot/Jeffrey Campbell 

I am so looking forward to the vintage shopping, cheating on my diet, inspiration, and of course pictures! I hope everyone has a dynamic week! I am bringing my laptop so I will most definitely update while on the road.

Sending you all love and light! :-)


  1. I live in Chicago and the weather is lovely today! Hopefully you have a great trip. I LOVE your blog:-)

  2. Where will you be doing your vintage shopping? I live in Chicago and I have yet to find a place...anyhoo, I hope you have a fantastic time! Sending warm welcomes :-)

  3. Have fun. I'm looking forward to the posts and to see if you hit up some of my favorite vintage/thrift spots!

  4. @ Hello Sunshine- You gotta explore more honey because there are tons of vintage shops on Milwaukee Ave in the Wicker Park Neighborhood. Also, you can find tons in Lincoln park as well

  5. Thanks @ Anonymous!! I'm so on it! Yaye I'm excited :-)

  6. Enjoy the weather, and check out the Taste of Chicago. I look forward to hearing about your experience here.

    @anonymous are the vintage shops on Milwaukee the really expensive ones or the hidden gems?

  7. Hey Mop top- I'm from Chicago too and I agree with previous comments. You have to visit Wicker Park.
    Also for cheating on your diet, since its close to the west loop, if you get a chance, go to Sweet Maple Cafe for breakfast one day (they close at 2) and they are always busy. Awesome breakfast place! Finally-another fave restuarant of mine is La Luce (in the west loop) on lake street) Fantastic italian food. Have a great time (I <3 my city!)

  8. how do you pack your shoes? i always have a hard time fitting them in and protecting them in my suitcase, so i get discouraged and only bring one pair :(

  9. Have a safe trip sis! Peace and blessings.

  10. Those mirrored boots are to die for!

  11. I too live in Chicago, and I agree Wicker Park is the place to go. They also have some shops in Pilen, like 18th and Halsted(Delisiously Vintage) and 18th and near Racine.

    But for me, thrift stores have the good stuff and they are cheap,lol.
    Have fun girl!!!

  12. @Catherine Thank you Catherine, the weather was amazing! And I had a wonderful time!

    @Hello Sunshine; I don't remember the area we went to, but I stumbled into a few vintage shops...I will share them in the coming days!

    @Sing We had an amazing time!

    @The Ultimate DIYer I LOVED the taste of Chicago. I think if I lived there I would be well over there are so many great places to eat!

    @Natstar Thank you for the recommendations! I LOVE your city too! I hope to be back soon!

    @Alaina; Honestly...I threw them all in a big So much for protecting them! LOL You can also buy shoe bags too, I believe they sell them at Crate & Barrel.

    @Nika Thank you!

    @Afrikan Latina; Thank you! We are back in one piece!

    @Lipstick Diva! Thank you! I forgot them on the way out of my house! I left them by the

    @Anonymous; Thank you for the recommendations, I had an amazing time! I think I did go to deliciously vintage!


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