Sunday, April 25, 2010

Songs In The Key of Life: Pastime Paradise

They've been spending most their lives //
Living in a pastime paradise //
They've been spending most their lives //
Living in a pastime paradise //
They've been wasting most their lives //
Glorifying days long gone behind //
They've been wasting most their days // 

My ode to good music, cause they sure don't make it like they used to. - Some of you may remember this jacket from this post. - I was thrilled when I scored this uber ostentatious jacket,  it was definitely one of those pieces I couldn't wait to wear.  I didn't want to go over-the-top, so I paired it with my super comfy [and cheap] plain black dress I snagged from H&M; it's a lace little number that can pretty much be paired w/just about anything.

I also got a chance to break in those new Jeffrey Campbell's, they are insanely high, but surprisingly comfortable. - I am wearing a wash and go in these photos. I hated it, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I picked THAT day to experiment w/different combination's [I tried to get rid of my Miss Jessie's, so I mixed that up w/Eco Styler].

My weekend was pretty {un}eventful, I got some much needed R&R [a recurring theme these days], and did a ton of thrifting which is always fun :-)

Jacket: Thrifted
Dress: H&M
Tights: H&M
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. the jacket looks even better on! great look.

  2. i think the wash and go looks great, full of body! and of course your outfit is amazing as usual!

  3. I agree, your wash and go looks great to me. =] I like the jacket with the dress too!

  4. I love the hair, it looks put things together that I would necessarily see together, you take fashion risks..great look!

  5. i totally agree with the others, your wash n go looks great to me... i wish my wash n go would come out like that, lol... i'm gonna try the eco styler gel, where can I find it?

  6. OMG your hair looks so good. i love your shoes

  7. would you be interested in submitting one of your photo's for VIBE magazine street style.I intern there and i need 10 new candidates.If so here's my email.

    Here's the link to get an idea

  8. @Danyelle Thank you! My mom said the same thing when she saw the pics! LOL

    @SEWING STARDOM Thank you, and uh heck yeah. I will email you now!

    @Violet Thank you! I think you could wear that jacket w/just about anything and it would work!

    @Shakira C Thank you! I think it is all about self expression, and having fun!

    @UrbanGlamGyrl Thanks, I guess I was going for a different look, and we all know how critical we can be of ourselves sometimes. - You can find Eco Styler at Sally's Beauty Supply, and even some Walgreen's locations

    @JESUSGIRL2010 Thank you very much!!


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