Friday, April 23, 2010

Mama's Got a [few] New Pairs of Shoes | Jeffrey Campbell Score

I have a jam packed day today [sitting in court], however I wanted to drop in and show you a few new items I scored from the LF Warehouse Sale. I will take more pics of the rest of the shoes/scores [I think I got 6 pair total] when I make it back to my casa :-)

Due to time restraints, I will do Link Love this coming Monday! Until then....

If you are anywhere near California, you may want to check out the LF Warehouse Sale.  All of the shoes pictured retail for over $200 [Except for the flats], and I paid less $50! Here's the info:


  1. OMG!!! All of these are so SICK!!!!!!!! Please tell the makers. I need those over the knee boots, the open toed boots and those adorable flats!!!!!!!!

  2. love them all, esp the open toe lace up boots!

  3. Love those extra tall boots, they look so comfortable too!!! Too cute!!!

  4. Ok i need help with something very important(sort of)! I desperately want to find a decent supplier of Jeffrey campbell shoes in NYC. Ive found a few random shops that might have 1 or 2 pairs but nothing nice. I love his shoes but cant find a good selection in the city, any tips would be HUGELY appreciated x

  5. Love them all! I want to hit up the two LF stores near me...alas. I'm in the process of moving and have NO business shopping. :(

  6. peep toe/boot hybrid just stole my whole heart.

    p.s. i LOVE the new letter head and the animation action! how'd you do that?!

  7. lol! guess who else went there today? i got these:

    and put the black ones you have on - the thigh highs on hold because i could not choose.

    going back in the am to look for these because they said they may have more in the morning:

  8. You got all of those shoes for $50? Wow thats a great deal! I really like the knee high boots

  9. my mouth just watered at the site of all of them beauties....ooooh how i long to live in LA just for that sale :-(

  10. @Marsha (BrownFace) Thank you!! They are ALL Jeffrey Campbell!!! :-) I was running through that sale like a mad woman!

    @SEWING STARDOM Thank you! Those are my faves too!!!

    @karyn Thank You!

    @Robyn's Nest Thank you, they are SUPER comfortable!

    @SaraKateSwan In NYC huh? That's a tough one, most people I know that have a ton of Jeffrey Campbell's in NY usually get them from the warehouse sale out there [although this time around I heard it wasn't that many shoes] -

    @Carmen I definitely understand....stay away from the stores then! LOL

    @frenchiexpoo Thank you!!! Me too. I was in love. Instantly. I used GIMP
    to make the animation!!

    @kurly bella HA!!!!! I am telling you we are connected!!! I tried like hell to fit those, and I just couldn't!! I love those shoes, they are super funky!!! - Were you able to find the second pair?

    @labelfreementality I wish! They were all UNDER 50$

    @Stylegasm Team Thank you!! I think the LF warehouse sale might be something worth catching a flight for! LOL

  11. OmG!!! your blog is getting so coollll
    I've not been here in ages but 2day I got a pleasant suprise it seems that i have a lot to catch up ;)
    Congrats from Portugal

  12. OMG, I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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