Thursday, April 8, 2010

BIG Hair Don't Care

This is probably the most asked question on this site. "How did you do that look...." - If you want BIG [yet defined hair] listen up:
  • Make BIG CHUNKY braids or twists: I used about 8 twists on each side. 
  • Smooth the hair out before braiding or twisting: I use a denman brush for this. Make sure your hair is properly detangled prior to smoothing with a brush. 
  • Use a leave-in conditioner: Preferably a stellar one, you want something that is going to leave your hair uber soft. A cheap oldie but goodie is my Paul Mitchell The Conditioner [which is what I used] - A good "homegrown" mixture for ladies with super kinky hair is a mixture of Aveda Damage Remedy and Water. Leaves your hair soft for days. 
  • Use a minimal amount of product that is not BUTTER BASED, I have found that  butter based products will weigh my hair down, more than a product like Miss Jessie's.  
  • Leave the braids/twists in until 85-90% DRY. You want it slightly damp, because as it dries, the hair will S W E L L. Trust. So finger style gently, and allow your hair to naturally do it's thing! 


  1. I love this look (and your dress). This is my staple hairstyle when the weather is warm. I usually do 6-8 braids with giovanni direct leave-in and a creamy moisturizer sealed with coconut oil. I let them dry completely because I want the style to last all week. I have to massage out the parts the first day, then I just let it grow over the course of the week.

  2. Hey :)

    Pretty look. I haven't worn my hair in the natural state since my teen years....but it was SUCH a freedom and peace on my scalp that I couldn't explain. I now have it straighten and cut into a boob....I like it :)

    Have a fab day :)

  3. Love your pictures!!! :-)

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful muy bonita. I just love your hair and your fashion. keep up the Good work. Natural is the best. I have been natural for over 15 years and just love it.

  5. fav pics i've seen on here, just perfect. :D keep doin it mama!!
    i just did a BC so i'm nowhere near ur kinda big hair, lol. can't wait tho :)

  6. Beautiful photos--your hair looks great!

  7. that's my FAVORITE way to do my hair!
    not natural but it looks pretty similar because its really thick..i'm going to your way and see if its any different..

  8. @Moni Thank you very much! I need to revisit that Giovanni Direct Leave-In! It always worked well for me!

    @Tuesdai Noelle I love bobs! It's such a classic look to me!!

    @Anonymous Thank You!!!

    @negesti7 Thank you for the support!! I appreciate it :-) Congrats on being natural for 15 years!!! That's a long time! I can't wait until I can say that!

    @ѕωεεŧpέа Thank you very much!!! Congrats on your BC!!

    @Danyelle Thank you!

    @Encourage and Uplift Thanks Shereece!

    @frenchiexpoo Post pics if you do!!

  9. I looove your look and you have inspired me to start wearing my "transitioning" hair out more. I bought some products today and I'm going to try and achieve a twist out tonight. Wish me luck!

    Oh and i was wondering do you purchase most of your hair products online?


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