Friday, April 9, 2010

Week In Pictures | We must go Beyond Textbooks, Go Out Into the Bypaths and Untrodden Depths of the Wilderness and Travel and Explore and Tell the World the Glories of our Journey. - John Hope Franklin

All my thrift shoppers raise your hands. Nope, not those crazy-expensive consignment stores. I mean down and dirty, gritty, sometimes things-smell-like-smoke thrift stores. These are the places I find my jewels, and the prices are usually little of nothing [and by little of nothing, I am talking $.50-$10 MAX]. While I love wearing some designer threads, I would much rather have a piece that is unique, and oozes character.

Here are a few of my favorite thrift stores in L.A:
+ Discovery Shop of The Cancer Society
+ St. Vincents De Paul Thrift Shop
+ American Way Thrift Shop
+ Thank You Mart

Now some days I will find more than my money allows, and sometimes I find NOTHING. This time, I found a cute little winter coat for $4.50. I also bought a pair of really cute multi-colored snakeskin pumps [sadly not pictured] for $1.00.

One of my FAVORITE bead stores! This place is HUGE, they have everything from charms, to vintage sequins, rhinestones, tons of applique's, chains,  gemstones, doodads, and knickknacks! I just restocked, so something tells me there are tons of DIY projects in my future, like next week [I will post them here of course]!

If you are ever in L.A, please check them out:
Berger's Specialty Co. INC. [AKA Berger's Beads]
413 East 8th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 627-8783

Across the street from Berger's, there is a building I would love to own one day! They have a tiny fabric store that sells scrap fabrics! I usually get odds and ends for about $.50 a piece! Perfect for headbands, necklaces [the rosette kind], cuffs, and clutch bags!

Another view of my fav building!
I love getting plants/flowers from the Flower District, which is literally a stone's throw away from Berger's and the fabric store. They sell HUGE Orchids starting at $5.00, Bonsai starting at $4.00, and everything from Birds of Paradise, to Roses at rock bottom prices per stem. I can usually get a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers for about $3-5 dollars; even cheaper if they are about to close for the day!


  1. omg you got that coat for $4.50? Looove it, so cute and stylish!

  2. if i ever visit LA I will be going to those places for sure! great post and thanks for all the lovely comments you left. I love ur hair and knowing that you love mine just as much is pretty cool!

  3. $4.50 is a steal - WoW! That coat is super cute too. Work it! :)

  4. A girl after my own heart!! I love thrift and vintage shopping. Girl, i just picked up a beautiful tan coat for 3 bucks!!!! I have to upload my video soon. And just like you there is a building (old theatre) that I have my eye on to own one day. Soon come for both of us!!!

  5. WAIT A MINUTE: $4.50....Did I read that right??? WHAT??? OMG..officially jealous! Lol..I'm taking notes of the places you've listed. ^_-

  6. Thank You Mart is the bizness. I got a luscious Ralph Lauren winter coat at Our Store for $4.00! The owner, Kevin encourages haggling. But the FOR REAL thrift stores are in L.A. hands down!

  7. i could have written this myself. :) you shop at all my fav places. i have list of places i like to go.

    i got a haute dark grey romper from the american way two weeks ago - $4.00!

    i love vintage shopping. i got the bug in college and it's been on ever since!

    getting up early to go tomorrow and then head to the fashion district.

  8. @Whit Thank you chica!! Can you believe that price?? I snatched it so hard, I think the mannequin almost fell!

    @SEWING STARDOM Definitely check them out! And THANKS!! I added the flexi rods to the ends, I am in love now...LOL

    @BeautyXchangeGirl Can you BELIEVE that??

    @The BrownFace BEE YES!! Let's speak it into existence!! Our time will come soon enough. But $3??!!!! You can't beat that kind of price! Please do upload your vid!

    @Afroniquely Yup! You read that right, I was walking out of there like I stole something! LOL

    @Chrissystina Indeed it is!!! But wait a Ralph Lauren coat for $4.00??? I need to start haggling, but I am a bit of a pushover :-/

    @kurly bella I think we are one and the same! I swear I was going to get up early and go to the fashion district!! It didn't happen though because I overslept :-/ You have to love AMERICAN WAY!!!! People just don't know!!!


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