Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stepping Out This Thanksgiving? 6 Tips For A Bouncin', Swingin' Blowout!!

 [source: Tumblr - Lindsey Mak Photography]
Get that touchable Holiday hair you have always wanted by trying these easy tips. Proper blow-drying techniques yields hair that is straighter, softer, full of body and less likely to revert. I use these methods when blow-drying my hair to press it, or when wearing a dry braid out [pictured here]. - Grab your most hydrating conditioner, your favorite light leave-in, a serum or two and your well on your way!
Condition well: This is when I break out the good stuff. It is very important to make sure your hair is ultra hydrated before blow drying. Not only will this help speed up the blow drying process [and lessen your chances of damage from combing/brushing tangled hair], but it will also close the cuticle which means your hair will be smoother, softer, shinier, full of body, and less prone to static electricity. 

Here are my favorite ultra hydrating conditioners:
  • Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mas <<--Hands down my fave buy of the year. Ladies, buy the samples if you don't want to splurge on the full jar.
  • Jessicurl Weekly Deep Treat << Another fave, specifically formulated for the needs of curly hair, this natural conditioner packs a powerful moisture punch. 
  • Keracare Humecto 
  • Aveda Damage Remedy
Detangle well: A large percentage of the damage from blow drying comes from mechanical damage; basically combing and brushing your hair. Your hair is in it's most fragile state when wet, so improper combing/detangling techniques can lead to breakage, split ends, single strand knots, and hair loss. - For those with thick, highly textured hair, I recommend detangling in small sections either before shampooing [as demonstrated in this video], or while your hair is loaded with conditioner.  Detangling well prior to blow drying means less tension on the hair, and a quicker blow drying session. 
Protect your hair: Protecting your hair from the heat will help you retain more moisture, and will also ensure that your hair remains soft, shiny and full of body. To protect my hair, I usually bring in a light-weight conditioner formulated for free-flowing styles. My leave-in of choice for sleeker styles that require heat styling is always Sebastian Potion Number 9. It's light enough so that it doesn't leave your hair stiff or dull from residue. Yet hydrating enough for thick, coarse, curly hair. I only use about a dime-size portion for each section of hair. - I also spritz my entire head with Aveda Brilliant Damage Protection. This is a heat protectant that also offers additional shine, softness and body.

Bring in the serums: If you aren't afraid of products that contain silicone's, listen up: I usually add about a dime-to-quarter size amount of Chi Silk Infusion alone or mixed with a few dollops of Aveda Smooth Infusion to my entire head {after applying my leave-in and spraying my heat protectant} before blow-drying. Not only do the silicone's in the serums absorb the heat which helps protect the hair, but they also help seal the cuticle. This means less frizz, reduced chances of your hair reverting due to moisture in the hair, and also, less tangles and knots.

The 8 inch rule: Always hold your blow dryer at least 8 inches away from your hair. This will significantly help prevent heat damage, and ensure the finished style is hydrated and full of body. Holding the blow dryer too close to your hair not only causes heat damage, but it can also make your blow-dried hair appear stiff, dull, and dry.

Point dryer towards the ends of your hair: I always hold my dryer at an angle facing downward. This makes for a much smoother, straighter, sleeker blow-out, as it encourages the cuticles to remain flat.

**Optional, ditch the blow-drying comb and use a Denman D4 brush for an even sleeker look

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  1. I am looking for this product but not sure which one it is that you use as a leave-in.
    Which Sebastian Potion 9 product do you use, the Wearable Treatment or the Styling Treatment?..

  2. Let's talk about this 8 inch rule...I don't blow dry often, but thinking about it for a Christmas party coming up...I usually detangle very well but can't imagine not using the blow dryer comb attachement. You're saying that you hold the dryer 8 inches from the hair and BD with the Denman? Oh my! Please share how you do that!

  3. thanks for this post, i am still trying to perfect a simple blow dry let alone a SWINGIN' blow out! i will keep trying though =-). is the sebastian potion 9 available in stores? also, have you tried the GVP brand at sally beauty supply?

  4. I purchased the first mask yesterday on your recommendation. I usually wouldn't have, but my favorite deep conditioner (AVON Planet Spa Olive Oil) is discontinued, and I found the Macadamia Nut Oil mask on Amazon for only $12. I am also interested in the Jessicurl WDT, but the price of shipping&handling is atrociously high.

  5. @ Allie: Since "funds are low, debts are high" i decided to go with the GVP brand. Let me tell you it is the same tthing. I have tried Potion #9 before, and i honestly dont see the difference.

    Has anybody tried K-PAK Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor? (or the generic brand GVP Deep penetratinf reconstructor which is compared to Joico?)
    I am just curious about how effective this product is. I was thinking about buying Sebastia 2+1, but want to check other brands first.

  6. I'm thinking that I may need to hydrate more before blow dying....thank you for the tips...


  7. @ *LatiNatural Chica- thanks, i think i will go ahead and give it a try. i have tried the GVP K-PAK reconstructor and ended up returning it. i just felt like it did nothing for my hair except dry it out, even after following it up with a moisturizing treatment. i know different things work for different people though!

  8. The comb attachment makes blow drying so much easier. That said, my stylist used a Denman to straighten my hair and it came out really well. I guess it is all about technique.

    I have seen Sebastian Potion 9 at Duane Reade stores in the NYC area, but it is like 19 bucks. I might try the GVP brand.

  9. I've been wanting to do a blowout since my one yr. (post relaxer) anniversary! Thanks for sharing this:)

  10. I hope you do a tutorial on blow drying/straightening soon.

  11. where can you get these dresses at

  12. Yesterday I used your recommendations and DC'd with Jessicurl WDT. I used CHI silk infusion mixed with IC Fantasia heat protectant. Turned out full of moisture and body. Thank you for the tips!


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