Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Natural Skin Care Quick Tip: Do Away With Dark Knees And Elbows With This DIY Exfoliating Knee & Elbow Scrub

My knees and elbows have always been "problem areas". They were always darker than my normal skin tone, sometimes rough, and super unsightly. The skin in those area tend to produce less oil versus the rest of your skin, which is what contributes to it's dryness. Also skin in the area around the elbows and knees can be a little on the dark side due to the buildup of dead skin cells. 

The remedy to this issue is an heavy duty exfoliating scrub coupled Alpha Hydroxy and fruit acids to gently remove layers of dead skin. While this may seem like something that may require a plethora of complex ingredients, you can actually make this at home with a few easy to find ingredients! Exfoliating is essential for removing dead skin cells, and helping the skin renewal process; revealing smooth skin.

Exfoliating Scrub Recipe:
1/2 Cup Cane Sugar
1/4 cup Orange Peel Powder
8 Tablespoons Jojoba Oil  

To Make:
Combine all ingredients and mix well. Transfer mixture into a clean container and store in a cool, dry, place. Mixture keeps well for up to four weeks [provided you don't introduce water into the mixture].

Cane Sugar: Helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate the skin, protect the skin from toxins, and gently exfoliate superficial skin cells.
Orange Peel Powder: Helps remove dead skin cells, brightens skin tone, and protects skin from toxins. Orange peel powder can be found in Health Food stores and in most Indian Grocery Stores. It is also available {here}
Jojoba Oil: Jojoba Oil nourishes and hydrates the skin. Jojoba is also very similar to the structure of the skin's sebum therefore it penetrates the skin quickly. Jojoba Oil can be found in Health Food stores, or online {here}

To Use:
Twice weekly, exfoliate your elbows and knees in a circular motion by applying a dollop of your exfoliating mixture to a gentle loofah. 

Moisturize your knees and elbows with a thick moisturizing cream or lotion while skin is still damp. 

For extra benefits, try a lotion formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acid, as it will continue the exfoliation process while providing hydration. Here are a few lotions that fit the bill:

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  1. where can you get orange peel powder from?!?!

  2. @diamond; you can find it in most health food stores, I will also post an online vendor for reference.

  3. Hey Nikole! I just wanted to let you know that you are AWESOME! Your blog is daily must have for all things beaty, fashion and hair related, you keep me well informed and you do so in a budget friendly manner, thank you!

    P.S. I am currently working on a project that may be of interest to you do you mind if I send you some information?

  4. i must admit, i tend to neglect my knees and elbows. i need this DIY scrub in my life.


  5. great tips i'm going to try this on my bows ;0)

  6. Thanks Nikole, this is an AWESOME suggestion! Appreciate all the good info you provide.


  7. OMG you understand me so much! thanks a million. what about dark armpits? or do you already have an article related to that?

  8. Do you know of a good substitute for the orange peel powder? I am allergic to oranges - not other citrus, just oranges.

  9. How long does it usually take to see results??

  10. Thanks for the tips....seems easy enough to try....


  11. Hi Nikole, what is the name of the store in LA you featured a while back? It carries one of your favorite soaps.

  12. thank you for making this blog..! this is perfect! :)

  13. I may have to try this!! Thanks for posting!

  14. thank you, thank you, thank you. my favorite and most informative blog! I love the Alpha Hydroxy scrub you recently posted and definitely will be using this on the legs i hide :)

  15. Does this work for dark underarms (due to shaving)?

  16. I also have very dark and dry elbows. My knees are not too bad. When I was younger my great grandmother told my to cut fresh lemons and rub them on my knees and belows. It worked but I stopped doing it. Will try this recipe out.

  17. I have to say that I love your blog. I will add it to my list of blogs to read. I will share it with my girlfriends.

    I will try to take good care of my skin and hair. Thanks for all your great advice.

  18. I also want to know if this works on armpits!
    Thank you for this site - awesome discovery so far. My bookmark list is getting ridiculous now! :-)


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