Thursday, November 4, 2010

Instant Funk: These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Cobalt blue & Pompadour's


Floral's & Sweaters = Grandma Chic

Grecian style french braids and big bouncy roller sets

Studded details..

Big, wild, super curly hair

Oversized bags and dainty skirts

High-waist pants with crop tops!

Color play and berry colored lips!

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  1. alllll for the stud details and BIG SUPER BIG wild curly hair :D great post


  2. Good selection as usual. Love that first photo. Reminds me of the leap I just took with my hair.

  3. LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS! i really can't get enough of studded details.....that may be my weakness at the moment.

    Enter my Jewelry GIVEAWAY before it ends

  4. I'm definitely up on head wear (especially berets and head bands) while I am in the midst of my transition. It's become a strange obsession.

  5. I took it back to my little girl days with the Greecian goddess braids last weekend, they are so easy and when you take them out you can rock the braid out!

    Love the pics.

  6. ah cobalt blue, my favorite blue of all time!

    Are any of these from fashion blogs? I love the style! can you point me in the direction of where the big hair photos came from? :)

  7. So inspired by the big curly hair and the Grecian style french braid! Definitely will be trying the french braid tonight! (fingers crossed)

  8. love those Grecian braids! not quite there yet! with my hair xx

  9. I'm loving the Grecian braids and the big bouncy roller sets. I actually tried the Grecial braids today and I look HAWT. I would try the the roller set but my ends look too shabby to even attempt it.

  10. Very nice pictures!

  11. Please continue to post these fashion blogs they truly do inspiring

  12. Where can I find the earrings in the very first pick..Cobalt blue & Pompadour's???

  13. where can i find that white bag ??
    super cute !!!


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