Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion Quick Tip: Go Nautical!!

I picked up this little number because it encompasses two of my favorite looks this summer; rompers & items with a nautical flair! I scored this on sale ($29.99 in store - $39.99 online) from Urban Outfitters, and it is probably one of my favorite purchases of the summer. To up the ante a little bit, I followed my own advice [given here], and decided to go with an accent color in lieu of navy blue or white shoes. I chose yellow as my accent color to make the outfit pop a little more. To add more cohesion, I chose a yellow polish, coupled with a yellow clutch.

Other Accent Colors To Try:

Where Can You Find Nautical Pieces?
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters
1. Across The Bow Jacket - $68.00 Anthropologie
2. Nearly Nautical Bikini Top - $39.95 Anthropologie
3. Hello Sunday Blazer - $98.00 Anthropologie
4. Spectator Sport Wedges - $49.95 Anthropologie

Romper: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Clutch: Vintage
Watch: Michael Kors
Earrings: DIY


  1. Love it! You took a nautical romper (which otherwise could look a bit young and casual) and created a fly look with the pop of color and cute accessories.

  2. You look great, very summery. Love the yellow pop of colors.

  3. LUV this look like all year round! H&M has some awesome sailor pants for a reasonable price (usually). You look great!

  4. Love love love the look! So cute and summery!

  5. Love it I saw that romper at Urban last week but I passed it up. It looks great on you though!

  6. That romper is sooo cute. I wish I had ur fashion sense and shoe collection lol...Im too tall for heels though (5"10)...

  7. I love the direction you're taking the blog, from the photos to the commentary - I see you! I can also appreciate how you're taking your weekly motivational meetings and actually putting your words into action. Very inspiring.

    UP and UP!!!!

  8. the new blog layout looks great, girlie! keep it up!

  9. i'm gonna be so real with you: i work at urban seasonally when i'm not out of state at school and i always look at that romper and think "this would be so cute on the right person" and yet, no one ever buys it. ever. or they do, and then return it the next day disappointed.

    you my dear, wear it well. kudos.

  10. Yellow is a perfect accent colour. Love this romper <3

  11. Very smart and chic! I love the yellow shoes

  12. TOO CUTE! You look fab and yellow was def the way to go!

  13. loveee it. you make me want to buy it, unlike them model on the UO website. lol

  14. @Living Fly On A Dime; Thank you very much! And you are right, they sometimes can look young and casual!

    @Sing; Thank you very much!

    @Ms. Princess; Thank you, and you are definitely right about H&M, although the one by my house is sometimes a hit or miss :-|

    @Farah Jones; Thank you!

    @YankeeNaija; Ha! Thank you very much for the compliment!

    @Lipstick Diva; Thanks! I saw it as I was leaving the dressing room, and went right back in to try it on! LOL

    @Ms. B; Thank you! I would LOVE to be 5'10, so I have to fake it in heels! LOL

    @mysskay; Hey! Feels good to be appreciated! Thank you very much for recognizing :-)

    @Samantha Smikle; Thank you! Gonna go check out your blog :-)

    @jd chanel; Thank you! I don't see how anyone can hate that thing! LOL I really think it was one of my favorite purchases all summer.

    @jd chanel; Thank You!

    @ValeriesWorld; Thanks for the compliment!

    @LadyCook; Thank you!

    @Tashur; I let out a loud chuckle when I read your comment! Thanks for the compliment!

  15. I'm digging out my yellow sandals asap!! Thanks for the inspiration :-)


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