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Calling All Mixtresses: A Few Of My Favorite Formulas + Hairspiration Pics

Thank you everyone for chiming in on yesterday's post! There were some very, very good points made. I like to see the consensus of others, and it seems we were almost split down the middle yesterday with a large portion who felt that hair typing helped people understand the needs of their hair, whilst others felt it was a form of exclusion. On my little gossamer of the web, I want to make sure that no one feels excluded, so I will definitely make it a point try to find resources, and highlight useful information that will help those from textures ranging from A-Z. Thank you all for your honesty yesterday, I truly appreciate it.

When I first started my hair journey, I mixed a lot of my own butters and oils; it was a lot more cost effective, and it also helped me learn the ingredients that helped my hair thrive. Below are some of my favorite formulations:

Cupuacu Hair Butter 
I used this for twisting, and it was absolutely divine! Cupuacu is hands down one of my favorite natural butters. 

3 1/2 oz Cupuacu Butter
1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel 
1/4 cup Honey
1/4 cup Coconut Oil

** Melt Cupuacu Butter and Coconut Oil using a double broiler, just until melted. Transfer to a cool bowl placed in ice, add honey, Aloe Vera and whip with a hand-held mixer until smooth.

Horsetail Moisturizing Hair Spritz
2 cups Purified Water
2 Horsetail Tea Bags
1/4 cup Honeyquat [ I like this a lot better than using glycerin, it's less sticky]
1/4 cup Aloe Vera Juice

** Bring water to a boil and drop in tea bags, allow to steep covered for about 10-15 minutes. Once water has cooled to room temp, pour in bottle, add Honeyquat & Aloe Vera Juice, cap bottle, and shake well.

Herbal Infused Scalp Massage Oil [to stimulate hair growth/let this sit for about 4-6 weeks PRIOR to using]
All of the herbs in this Scalp Massage Oil formula are purported to aid in stimulating hair growth. Herbal Infused oils can cost a pretty penny in specialty stores, here is how you can make your own for a fraction of the cost!

1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Jojoba Oil
4 tablespoons of dried Horsetail
4 tablespoons of dried Stinging Nettle
4 tablespoons of dried Saw Palmetto
4 tablespoons of dried Burdock Root

** Pour oil in a clean Mason Jar, add herbs, shake well and cover. Shake once a week for about 4-6 weeks. Once oil is ready for use, strain oil through cheesecloth or muslin, and store in an Amber bottle to protect the properties of the herbs. 

Breakage Defense Pre Conditioning Treatment
Blue Malva is the SUPER HERB when it comes to helping prevent/put an end to breakage, and Hibiscus Petals come in close second.You can find the Blue Malva herb in many anti-breakage formulations such as Aveda's Blue Malva Shampoo, & Tresemme Anti Breakage Shampoo.

1 Cup Coconut Oil
1/2 Cup of Coconut Cream
1 cup dried Blue Malva
1 cup Hibiscus Petals

Pour Coconut Oil in a crock pot set on LOW, add dried herbs to crock pot and cover for 2 hours, making sure to stir every 30 minutes. After 2 hours has elapsed, strain oil through muslin or cheesecloth, and discard herbs. Add Coconut Cream to oil, and mix well before use. - I normally apply this to dry, unwashed hair, and cover with a plastic cap for about 1-2 hours.

Mixtress Tips:
When melting oils, and butters it is always best to avoid the microwave, and use a double broiler or double broiler set up [one large pot filled with water, with another smaller pot in the larger pot], melting oils/butters too fast [and in the microwave] can result in a loss of therapeutic properties.

When making whipped butters I always find it easiest to use a hand held mixer, and to whip the butter in a bowl nested in another bowl of ice.

My Cupuacu source: The Herbarie

My favorite place to purchase herbs: Mountain Rose Herbs

My Honeyquat source: The Herbarie

Here are some of my favorite hairspiration pics of the week!

I love experimenting with bold jewelry! There is something about bold jewelry and natural hair that always makes for a funky combo!

If only I had this texture! I love the pony puff! 

Here's another Puff idea I may try, it looks as though her hair is/was

Your hair doesn't always have to be super-defined to wear it "out". Although her curls aren't THAT defined, she looks chic, polished, and very stylish. I feel a lot better knowing I don't have to have every curl in place in order to wear a style like this.

Wash N Go's are one of my fav styles!

For those that are concerned about your sides being a little shorter than the rest of your hair, skip the part down the middle or on the side, and opt for framing the hair away from your face.


  1. Wow thank you for this post!
    I have NEVER seen the formulas that you gave and those pictures are VERY inspirational!

    Love your blog && your style!

  2. These sound like some awesome mixes! I also have horsetail hair spritz that I combine with chamomile. I'm going to look into that butter u mentioned.

  3. All gorgeous photos and thanks for the mixes! I love mixing my own stuff.

  4. I definitely have to try these mixes. I just dyed my hair, so I'm super obsessed with keeping it moisturized.
    The photos are so inspirational.

  5. Just wanted to give you another website that has the Cupuacu Butter for less


  7. Oh, how I love the photos you display. Great mixtures as well, I`ll try them one day.

  8. I love your dedication. Even recipes like these ones show that you work hard for what you like, and you look for your own way to create things.


  9. great recipes I will give a try.Thanks for the tip :D

  10. Who is the model in the first pic?

  11. Those yellow and black earrings in the first pic... I WANT!!

  12. where do you purchase the coconut cream?

  13. Definetly will use the Horsetail spritz need something new to Juice with

    Love the style in those pics makes me wanna shop

    My blog:

  14. Is the first picture a painting or an actual model?

  15. This is what I'm talking about! I love infusing my ACV rinses with rosemary, thyme, and nettle. Just heavenly. I want to try that Blue Malva! I wonder if Whole Foods sells coconut cream. I know I've seen coconut oil and coconut milk there. Oh, I'm way too excited about this!

  16. Thanks for the recipes!! :)

    Two questions:

    For your cupuacu butter recipe, do you use the edible aloe vera gel?

    Also, where do you get your Blue Malva from? I get mine overseas and it ain't cheap lol.

    Thank youuuu!!

  17. Question, whats the purpose of blue malva? Love your site by the way : )

  18. OMG those earrings!!! I want some LOL

  19. My name is Nitin from Toronto. I am interested in your writing. Some of your posting are good, I can say, best. Can you please tell me how to subscribe to your blog post online?


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