Monday, July 19, 2010

Then & Now - Grab a Paddle Brush! + The Giveaway Winners Announced!


Here are the winners from last weeks giveaways! The winner of the MAC Giveaway was Jlowman1, please email your name and address to: please also include your MAC color [for example NW40, NW45] -
Little HBIC was our winner in the hair products giveaway, please also email your name and address to
Thank you to everyone who entered, these were two of the most popular giveaways on my blog yet, and now that I know what you all like, there will definitely be more to come! :-) 

I was checking out some pictures of my hair over the weekend, and I realized how completely different it looked in comparison to the beginning of my hair journey. Back when I first embarked on my natural hair care journey, I was concerned about what people would think of my hair, so I maintained styles that were neat and defined. Now that I am more comfortable with wearing my hair in it's natural state, I long for big, wild, unapologetic hair.

Here are a few of my favorite techniques that get my hair as full as possible after a braid out, or twist out:

If I had to attribute my "big hair" to just one change in my regimen, I would have to say it was the paddle brush. Invest in a paddle brush! - Focus on brushing the roots of your hair to create additional volume. Simply take medium sections of hair, and brush starting at the roots. Don't bring the brush all the way down to the ends of your hair, you really just want to focus on the roots, and the first 2-3 inches or so. Don't worry about brushing out the curl, it will look more natural, and will give you MUCH more of a fuller look.

Take out your twists or braids when 95% dry - I find that doing this creates a ton of volume because  your hair s w e l l s as it completely dries. If you decide to do this technique, make sure your ends are in good condition [if not they sometimes will have a thin, ratty appearance], and your hair has been conditioned well, so that it appears smooth, shiny, and silky.

Go easy on the products - You don't want to weigh your hair down by using too much product. To give your hair more of a natural, fluffy look, use smaller portions of your favorite curl defining creme or butter. Too much product gives me neater, flatter hair. In this case, less is definitely more.

Separate as much as possible - To get rid of see-through areas, and create additional volume, separate each curl into five or more sections prior to brushing with a paddle brush. I find that it is easiest to separate the hair as you take down the twists/braids. 


  1. I've always stayed away from paddle brushes (thinking they would disturb my curl pattern) but I think I'm going to invest in one now!

  2. I love my Denman brush!

    Amazing growth for you!


  4. I'm going to completely digress from this post's topic but..

    Can you please post some pictures of your friend's tattoo? Everytime I see it [the parts i can see] it catches my eye, it's awesome! I'd really like to see the whole thing

  5. I love the feeling of a good boar bristle brush on my scalp. Ooooh la la!

    I 've used the jojoba-infused brush paddle brush, but a lot of my hair would come out, even after detangling.

    I really want to try a Mason Pearson, but they are kind of expensive, like, "Whoa."

    Oh! And I adoooorrreee these pictures, I want to create photo album on Fotki or something. You just inspired me yet again:-)

  6. @ channing I know right her tattoo looks HOT!

    @ Moptopmaven I like how your hair looks wild and free. I think it's more unique and indicative of really being natural. I live in Atlanta and before I get to work the humidity has already taken it's toll on my 'do' lol but I've stopped fighting it and just let it be.

  7. So are you brushing dry hair?

  8. I remember you posting an interview with your friend who is also natural is your other friend with the tattoos natural? If she is willing can you post her hair routine please!

  9. Can you post your friends hair care regimen?
    The woman with the tattoos

  10. I was going to ask about your friend with the cool tattoos as well. :o)

  11. LOVE your hair!!! I kind of have my own rendition of a curly fro but I have relaxed hair so it only last for like 3 days lolz.

  12. Wow! Your hair has gotten so beautiful and healthy in over two years!

  13. OMG Gorgeous hair... Love it!

  14. first off, thank you so much for this site...i went natural about a year ago and didn't know there was so much involved. my hairdresser continues to do blow outs and not treat it how it should i'm worried after going through your blog that my hair is going to break, it's pretty long but i need your best thing to treat split ends, and do you have a tutorial for the twist out or braid outs that you do yourself? if so can you post the link in your reply. thank you again for being so creative and such a huge help to us women who have gone natural.

  15. I just ordered a Denman paddle brush last week to help smooth and style my hair! Can't wait till it comes, after reading your tips! Also heard that the ball tips on the Denman paddle brush are good for gentle scalp massages.

  16. Girl I love it!! Wow at how much your hair has not only grown but just took on a life of itself... beautiful!!

  17. Nik I love your jewelry! Please, please let me know when you start to sell jewelry.


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