Friday, June 4, 2010

A Friend Is Someone Who Understands Your Past, Believes In Your Future, And Accepts You Just The Way You Are!

I never got around to posting these pics of us hamming it up big time in front of the camera, so I thought I would share! These pics are of me, and my sis from another miss. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful friend like Lo, we finish each others sentences, can communicate solely by our facial expressions, talk each other off the ledge [how many of those talks have we had this week?], and we are supportive of each other in every way.

Life is always a little better when you have great people to share it with! Cheers to great friendships, and unconditional support! And thank you Mike for spending your entire day shooting us :-) Happy Friday everyone :-)


  1. has become my new fav blog. I didn't know you too were friends but I thought she looked familiar. DUH! I've seen her in a couple of your posts. I heart the nautical look: sailor pants w/buttons aligning the pelvic bones, blue and white striped shirts, etc. These pics are gorg!

  2. Love both of your blogs and looks, great to see a wonderful friendship.

  3. You two are absolutely adorable and fly.

  4. Love your nautical looks. Fly friends are fun to have.

  5. y'all pretty...
    and the outfits are too cute...

  6. great pics... love the nautical looks...beautiful ladies!

  7. you both look great! & i agree completely with your words on friendships & unconditional support ... i don't know where i'd be without mine!

  8. We haven't officially met, but I know I love you both!! LoL
    Cayooot Post Ladies, Fly as always...Le Sigh
    Can't wait to get to Cali!!

  9. Lovely looks for you both chicas! I love it and fabulous hair to boot!

  10. What did u do to your hair for this pic?

  11. where did u get those shorts? they are too cute!

  12. Two of my favorite bloggers:) I told Lori I was gonna have to fly to one of the Sunday thrifting events:) She is so sweet and has answered the many questions I've had about thrifting, even though I am all the way down here in Atlanta:) I love the hat and the entire sailor get up!

  13. Girl, I am SO IN LOVE WITH YOUR OUTFIT!!!!! OMG, I just fell out my chair!! You guys are cute. Her hair is so gorgeous!

  14. Im in love with the flyness of these photos! Style is style & you guys have it! Great friends are truly priceless! Keep up the great work!

  15. You ladies are just too cute!!! Love this!

  16. both of you are such cuties!! xoxo

  17. too cute... i love both of ur blogs and u ladies look great. ur both UrbanGlamGyrls!!! lol

  18. @Jasmine; Thank You!

    @Ms. Princess; Thank you, they are one of my favorite blogs as well [and not because I know]

    @ShandyLand; Thank you!

    @Anonymous; Thanks!!!

    @Sing; Nautical is hands down one of my favorite looks!

    @**Star; Thanks a bunch!

    @Danyelle; Thank you!! :-)

    @SEWING STARDOM; Thank you chica!

    @CY; Tell me about it, I don't know where I would be without my friends either!

    @J E N E E N + N I C O L E; That's how I feel about you! Can't wait to you make your way out here!

    @Afrikan Latina; Thank you!!

    @Bianca; I did a Caruso Steam can buy them at Sally's!

    @Anonymous; Thank you, I bought them at Zara

    @caramelnaps25 Ha!! You should!! And thanks for the compliment!

    @Marsha (BrownFace); Ha!! LOLLL Thank You!! I love her hair too!!

    @The Naturalista Files; Thank you very much for the compliments!!!

    @Encourage and Uplift; Thank you Shereece!

    @Robyn's Nest; Thank You!

    @DaJewel1982; Thanks!!

    @Raven; Thanks a lot chica!

    @UrbanGlamGyrl; Thanks a bunch!!

  19. Awww ((HUGS))! I adore this! And thank you everyone=}

    I agree having a supportive friend goes such a long way that I can't even put it to words. Before I relocated I always said that I wished I had someone that pushed me as well as understood and related to my creative interests . I know that I am that much more driven having someone that I have so much in common with and can only hope everyone has at least one person that they find is such a great support system.

  20. You ladies look too cute! I love stepping out with my friends when we all look our best.


  21. Awww you both look Gorgeous!!!!! the 'stripe' theme is sooo cute!!

  22. @Kendra; Thank you! And so do I!

    @The Culture Cynic; Thank you very much!

  23. I absolutely love your blog + style. Gorgeous lady, i bookmarked you!

  24. @Becky Billions Thank you so much chica!


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