Friday, June 4, 2010

I Revealed Too Much Too Soon. I Was Emotionally Slutty - Carrie Bradshaw

One of the benefits of having a lot of platonic male friends is that you get insight as to how men tick, and what turns them off [we already know what turns them on]. One of the most griped about complaints across the board is diarrhea of the mouth. Not necessarily a woman that talks a lot [although it is good to come up for air once in a while], but one that is constantly talking about her ex, or gives you the complete history of all of her relationships for the past 10 years, why they didn't work out, how insecure she was, and what losers they were because they didn't recognize a good thing; all on the first date. According to the fellas, it's a red flag [drama much?]; and a second date may or may not happen.

Do any of you think there is such a thing as revealing too much too soon? I don't know about you, but I don't want to hear about your knife toting ex girlfriend, her down-for-whatever-friends, and the car keying incident one hour into our first date [this is purely hypothetical]. Don't get me wrong, honesty is the best policy, but I don't think a first date is a time where you lay those cards out on the table. Curious on hearing your thoughts about it....

This is another set of pics taken by Michael Britton of His Hers Chicago. I scored this horse skirt at the Boogie Den last weekend, and I am absolutely in love with it. It's girly, ruffle-y, and quirky at the same time!

Hat: Vintage [Estate Sale Find]

Top: Forever 21
Blue Lace Bra: Betsey Johnson
Skirt: Thrifted [From the A&D Boogie Den]
Envelope Clutch: Thrifted [Estate Sale Find]
Double Platforms: Fendi


  1. I'ma sucka for a SATC quote!! Love the look as well!

  2. I think it's best to peel away at the onion. Everyone has baggage and drama, but it's too much to reveal it all on the first date. Once you really start falling for someone, it's easier to digest the baggage that comes with the person.

    Besides...first dates are supposed to be fun, not a funeral mourning past relationships

  3. Loving the entire fit, so girly and fun.

  4. Great skirt. The hat and horse skirt really say Kentucky Derby.

  5. I so love this outfit!

  6. I'm so glad you brought up this topic...I so agree with these's such a turnoff to hear women complaining about their past and who did them one cares! Meeting someone new is a chance to get a fresh start and to allow that person to get to know who YOU are, not the many losers you dated in the past.

  7. First, how cute do you look in this outfit? Yes there is such a thing as talking to damn much. I once met a guy who, within the first 10 minutes, told me how horrible his ex was. I was so turned off.

  8. I love the Carrie Bradshaw quote.. I do agree, the verbal diarehhea is an epedemic. I talk way too much, when i should be sitting back in the cut and observing. I totally feel you on this post. My poor boyfriend knows the side of me that wont hush up.
    your outfit is simply to die for!

  9. Cute outfit. I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to dating. Honesty is very important to me but it's not a good look to tell your whole life story on the first date. My advice is to be somewhat mysterious. ; )

  10. @The Delightful Diva; Thank You!

    @Shakira C ME TOO! Thank you!

    @Latoya; Love the way you put that [re:peeling away at the onion] - It is true though, I definitely think the first date should be fun!

    @Sing; Thank you!

    @Anonymous; Thanks!

    @Alexandria; Thank you! Funny because I thought the same thing as soon as I put it on!

    @Anonymous; thank you!

    @Chatty Patty; Well said! I totally agree!

    @Hillerie Camille; Thank you! I had a date like that once, needless to say I never called him again!

    @The Naturalista Files; Thank you! Now once they are your boyfriend, you are free to talk their ears off! LOL Just kidding!

    @Jetaime; Thank you! I kinda like the don't ask don't tell policy. I can dig that, I will dish the goods if you ask [within reason], but I am not going to do a whole thesis on it.


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