Monday, May 10, 2010

Stillness is The Move

I found this really cool dress in H&M for only $25 dollars. It was hanging in some random area, and I snagged it immediately. I love Maxi Dresses because it gives you instant glam with little effort. This dress is a bit on the sheer side; so I threw on some black tights underneath, and all was well.
Can I also tell all of you that I have been sleeping on Castor Oil? Wow. I made a mixture of 1part Camellia Oil to 3parts Castor Oil [with three drops of rosemary oil] and put it in a flip top bottle. I spray my hair lightly with water daily, then seal with the Castor Oil mix and my hair has never been softer.

So far nothing has worked better than my lil ole water and Castor Oil routine. It was even soft after shampooing w/a clarifying shampoo [which is rare for me], so I skipped the moisture shampoo follow up that I normally do.

If you are having trouble finding Camellia Oil you can buy it here [it's where I get it from].
To all of you that are going through a major hair drought, try that mixture and see how it fairs! Make sure you spray your hair with Spring Water [I find it makes my hair much softer than using tap or distilled] if you can!
Ring: Forever 21
Dress: H&M
Cuff: Forever 21



  1. Serious wind in the hair, girl! Love the dress.

  2. You look gorgeous!! omg I want that dress!

  3. Beautiful pictures! you look amazing.

  4. Beautiful pics ;-) I love your blog! I'm newly natural, well kinda, this month will make 3. Seeing your lovely locs definitely gives me motivation!

    Your thrift items are ridiculous. Wish they had more thrift stores in DC :-(

    xoxo- Krys

  5. I saw that dress the other day @ the H&M here---I was so suprised it was $25! It's beautiful on you--great pics.

  6. Wooow, you are one stunning women.. Who takes your pictures they are so professional...

  7. heyy...
    absolutely love your dress!.
    and your pictures are amazing.
    wanted to know...''what camera do you use please''??

  8. WOW. <--that's the first word that popped into my head. the second was "beautiful". but i don't think "beautiful" really covers it...stunning? hmmm...i may have to work on my commenting skills a little bit :-)

  9. That is a great, great dress. Love the cuff too.

  10. I love everything about this post from the title (great song) to the dress (ahhh leopard maxi!! so chic) to the location (looks great juxtaposed with the industrial background!). Love, love, love!! xo Becca

  11. These images are breathtaking! I'm completely captivated by the first <3

  12. I love this post. Thanks for the info on the oil mix, I definitely will be experimenting this summer season. The dress is beautiful and I love the red lipstick you wore, it complimented your look very well. =)

    Kimberly M.

  13. Are you using regular castor oil or Jamaican Black Castor oil?

  14. I'm glad that I found you. I"ve just gone back to wearing my hair natural, and not pressing it. Oh yes, thanks for the hint for the oil mix. Most times my hair can get on the dry side.

  15. These may be my favorite pictures of you, they are stunning! You look so relaxed and regal, I can't believe that dress was from H&M!!

  16. you look like some sort of super hero with impeccable taste in wardrobe :)
    (get it?)


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