Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Sunday Morning: That 70's Edition

(1) 70s Mod Ethnic Print Maxi Dress - This puppy fits like a glove; I think it's original owner took extra special care of it because she knew it would be passed down to me one day.

(2) 70s Bohemian Style Eyelet Dress - This dress still had the original tag on it; apparently it was purchased in Puerto Vallarta; on a trip perhaps? This is the perfect little dress for the warm summer months. I paired it with a Mexican inspired belt I scored for $1 while thrifting in L.A.

 ...trying it w/a floppy hat!
(3) 70s Bohemian Style Mexican Embroidered Caftan Top - This is one of my favorite finds to date; I love the intricate hand embroidered details on this caftan. This also came with a matching pair of bell bottoms; but to update the look a little, I decided to ditch the pants.

  (4) 70s Nautical Blazer - I love a blazer with a good fit! This little jacket still had the cleaners tag attached! Amazing.

...trying it w/my floppy hat
(5) 70s Nautical Polka Dot Pullover - I am all over anything with a nautical feel! This came with a sweet little pleated skirt which I will wear separately. I wish I had some red high-waist shorts to pair this shirt with with. But unfortunately I don't :-( Anyone know where I can find any?

(6) 70s Bohemian Embroidered Peasant Top - I love the Victorian feel of this shirt!


  1. Damn! You hit payday with every single one of these! I would have fight you for every one of these pieces! Especially the dresses!

    I hope you take this as a compliment, but you "favor" Garcelle Nilon Bouveais (I'm sure I butchered the name). Anyway, the girl "Fancy" from the Jamie Foxx show:) Maybe it's the straight hair:)

  2. the ethnic fit maxi dress is my favorite.. nautical blazer close second.

    that was hard.
    *wipes sweat from brow*

  3. whoa!!! i love this post!! dag man..I'm coming to raid your closet..be on the lookout lol.

  4. I love this post! The 70's maxi dress was my second favorite, my first fav. was the 70's embroidered caftan top, so beautiful! Your hair looks great straight...! How long did it take to style?

    I was reading the other comments, and I agree with your first comment, you do look like "Fancy" from the Jamie Foxx Show OMG!

  5. Oh yeah congrats on reaching 500+ !!!

  6. that nautical blazer............wow.
    great finds as always!

  7. yes! u do look like "fancy"

  8. I love every single one of these outfits girl! And I love your hair straightened and curly! The mod print dress is my fave & i love how you topped it off with that chic bun.


  9. Can I please be the 3rd owner of the 70s Bohemian Style Eyelet Dress!?!?! Love it!!! Great finds!!!

  10. too much style girly!! stop it now!!!! lol xx

  11. Wow you look so pretty with straight hair.. I love the big hair but this is also a good fit for you.



  12. i am in love with the first maxi dress !..

    xx isabella


  13. You always find the best vintage pieces!!!! AMAZING!!!

  14. This bish is bad!!!!!

  15. I think you favour Gabrielle Union more..

  16. All of these are amazing pieces!!! You look great in these! BTW...I knew it would not be too long before you reached 500 subscribers!!! :) Congratulations!!!

  17. @God's Favorite Shoes! Thank You very much!! LOL I would fight for those pieces too! I was prepared to when I bought them...LOL I heard that a lot when that show was on!

    @frenchiexpoo LOLLLL
    Thank you! It is one of my favorites as well!

    @TKOmulatta Thank You! Woosah, it took too long! About 3 hours from start to finish!

    @Danyelle Thank you!!!

    @K.D. Thank you very much!!!

    @Robyn's Nest LOL!! Thank You!!!

    @Seygra20 Thank You!

    @natural-belle LMAO!!! Thank You :)

    @Alexandria Thank You

    @Christine Thank you! I like to switch it up from time to time!

    @...ME TOO!!! LOL I love your blog by the way!

    @Marsha (BrownFace)Thank You!!

    @Anonymous HA HA HA!! Thank you!

    @Anonymous I hear that a lot as well...heard it since Bring it On came out..lol

    @Garner Thank you!!!! I appreciate it :-)

  18. love these looks. I live in texas where the thrift shopping is just sad lol. Maybe one day i'll take a trip to LA :)

  19. I just love all of these looks. The two dresses and the caftan top are definitely my favorites!

  20. WHY...oh...WHY did you post these pictures?!!! NOT only do I want to run to my nearest thrift store (the, D.I, baby!) but I also want to spend 100 dollars on a flatiron and straighten my hair!

    You bad, girl, ya bad! Style is ridiculous, lookin' like some Urban Outfitter photoshoot!

  21. hey, do you shop on ebay? i have a similar mexican top. I have one in blue/white and I sold yellow/white one on ebay. :)
    I get all my 70s tops and dresses from ebay. :) Lately, I've been shopping at nordstrom. youtube.com/onegurrrlrev

  22. wow i love all of your finds, especially the first two dresses. they are amazing!

    anyway, i have a question.. i know you like to thrift, but how do you cut down on collecting clothes? do you donate sometimes?

  23. Your personal style is SICK! I love love love it!

  24. @jasmine Thank you! That's a good question I don't have an answer for...lollll Honestly I intend on opening up a boutique at some point; so that's pretty much the motivation behind collecting such large amounts of clothing.

    @Cindy; Thank you chica! I appreciate it!


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