Thursday, May 27, 2010

My "Beauty Bag" Staples

I'm pretty much a no-fuss girl most of the times, but there are a few products that I can't leave the house without! Here they are in no particular order;

MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Spiked - Well groomed eyebrows can really make you look flawless and fresh-faced even sans makeup. Some people say your eyebrows should be the same color as your hair; I say maybe a shade darker for light-haired women, and a shade lighter for dark-haired women. My hair is jet black, but I never use a black eyebrow pencil, it is too harsh.When using an eyebrow pencil, make short soft strokes, then blend in with a firm eyebrow brush.

Smith's Rosebud Salve - I love this all purpose salve; I use it on my hands, elbows, cuticles, arms, and of course on my lips. It has a slight "rosy" scent which I love. A tin lasts me about 8 months to a year!

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - This is the ultimate day time go-to mascara! It makes my lashes thick, and dark without giving me tarantula eyes. In fact I dare to say that it doesn't even look like I am wearing mascara when I use this. I use Bad Gal Mascara to make my eyes pop [along with defining my brows] on those days I am makeup free.

Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes - Pretty much the best darn eyeliner I have used to date. It goes on smooth, and intense. And it's definitely worth it's weight in gold. After shelling out $17.00 for an eye pencil I was expecting waterproof, intense, long lasting color; and that is exactly what I got.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - I got everyone I know hooked on this stuff. I use this on the days I don't want to wear foundation, and I want a nice glow. I would say this offers low coverage for pores and blemishes, and offers a soft focus matte finish. If I had to pick ONE piece of makeup to take with me on a deserted island; this would definitely be it.

MAC Select Coverup - I swear by this stuff, before I used it solely underneath my eyes. Now, I use it over every blemish! I dab this magic potion over any dark spot, and uneven area on my skin prior to applying my foundation. The result is an even palette ensuring a flawless finish once I apply my foundation. I also apply it around my mouth for making my red lips pop, and also around my eyebrows to enhance the arch.
Beauty Blender - I profess my love to my Beauty Blender at least once a week, because that is how often I use it. If you are looking for a product that gives you a flawless, airbrushed-like application; this is your best bet. I lightly wet it, then dip it in foundation and apply the makeup to my face using a "stippling" like motion.

I am always looking for the next best beauty product, what are some of your staples?
Products Mentioned In This Post:
MAC Eyebrow Pencil
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Select Coverup
Beauty Blender


  1. I use the MAC coverup, MAC mineralize blush, and Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes. Those are definitely my must have items...

    I'm still going to try that Beauty Blender that you swear by! I just need to find one...

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  3. Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

    The spiral brush is genius for definition and extension.

    Makeup Forever foundation, NARS blush and bronzer. I love MAC makeup, but it tends to be very popular amongst women of color. So often when I go out everyone is wearing the same MAC gloss, blush, etc. Sheesh! (evil side eye)

  4. I can't live without Too Faced's Shadow Insurance. It keeps eyeshadow from getting that dreaded crease!

  5. I learned the hard way about eyeshadow creases. Eyeshadow bases really make a huge difference. I got the make up forever hd concealer and love it. I want to try the aqua eyes liner since every liner I have tried has failed. They are pricey but I'm sure worth it.

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  7. Westlake Village 40May 27, 2010 at 10:02 PM

    Because I don't like to wear make up (foundation) all over my face (I just rub my face too much) and have pretty decent skin I just handle the dark area under my eyes with MAC MoistureLush Eye cream as the base and then MAC NW45 Studio Finish Concealer on top of that. Takes 1 minute to apply both of them. Makes my undereye area blend in with the rest of my face and immediately takes years off! Then I have a wonderful TJMaxx find: Eyes By Design Lengthening Mascara. The best mascara I have found in all my years. Loreal Intense Black Eyeliner with brush applicator and last but not least some good old beauty supply store Jordana Matte "Scarlet Red" lipstick. I know, I know, who wears scarlet red anymore...but my BF thinks it is so hot, so it stays with me. plus i think all men secretly like it. and all women secretly jealous of the girl who still wears it like it's in style. LOL! Oh, also some basic Clinique eyeshadows but when/if I don't have room for the eyeshadows (hate to say this)....that red lipstick can double as a lot of things... soft eyeshadow, hint of blush, pen for BF's mirror (wink wink). that's about it for me. If i had to choose from those things my favorite would be the 2 MAC under eye items.

  8. That mineralize skinfinish may be just what I need. Do you think it can get a little too "sparkly" though?

  9. MSF is the truth! Rose bud salve is also good when you need to tame your brows in a pinch.

  10. @South Loop Social Light; Puhlease try it! I don't know anyone who doesn't love it! I am seriously makeup challenged, and this always gives me a flawless finish!

    @Yolanda It is definitely very popular! I am going to have to try this Givenchy Mascara you speak Thanks for the recommendation!

    @Living Fly on A Dime; That stuff is marvelous!

    @Hell Notes For Beauty; I learned that the hard way too. In fact I stopped wearing eye-shadow for a while because I just thought my skin was too oily. Bases really do make a difference. - And the Makeup Forever Eyeliner is definitely worth the exorbitant price! LOL

    @Encourage & Uplift; Ha! Thank you!

    @Westlake Village 40; I SERIOUSLY wrote all of this down!!! & Got a good chuckle too! lollll I said I was going to put myself on a "no-buy" for a month. I may have to start AFTER I pick up the things you mentioned! Thank you for sharing...and I love the idea of the lipstick on the BF's to think of catchy phrases...

  11. I know this is a little late but which MSF color do you use?? Great blog by the way I stumbled across it through a google search.

  12. @Christina; I use deep dark, and thanks for stopping by!


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