Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 Techniques For Easy Breezy Blowdrying

If  blow drying your tresses is giving you the blues, try employing one [or hopefully all] of these methods for a hassle free styling experience. Improper blow drying techniques can lead to brittle, dry, and lifeless hair! The key to using heat without "heat damage" is using it in moderation, as utilizing proper techniques.
+ Do not blow dry sopping wet hair! Blow drying hair that is dripping wet will lead to dry, damaged hair. Carefully towel dry hair in sections using a microfiber towel prior to blow drying. When towel drying, be sure to "squeeze" not rub to avoid breakage and unnecessary tangles.
+ Use a heat protectant! I always use a heat protectant when thermal styling, and I swear by Aveda Brilliant Damage Control. Good heat protectants have proteins that bind to your hair shaft that acts as a barrier to prevent heat damage.

+ Watch your heat setting! I normally blow dry on low heat with a high power setting. Kinky hair has a tendency to be a little on the drier side, so blow drying on high heat should really be a no-no.

+ Blow dry hair until 75% dry, then sit under a dryer to dry the remainder of your hair. I prefer this method versus blow drying my hair until it's 100% dry because it makes for much softer hair. Another plus is that you cut down on the amount of direct heat that is applied to your hair. This technique is also beneficial to those have been less than successful at air drying. Blow drying first gives your hair that "smooth" appearance, and drying under a hooded dryer the remainder of the way gives your hair the soft "air dryed" feeling [minus the crunch or kink factors]

+ Hold the blow dryer 5-6 inches away from your hair when blow drying. Again, the key here is to avoid heat damage. Holding the dryer too close to your hair can also lead to issues with your scalp as well [dry, flaking].

+ Detangle thoroughly before attempting to blow dry! Hair should be soft, smooth, and free of tangles prior to blow drying. This is the time to break out that heavy duty seamless comb [I recommend Mason Pearson], and Fermodyl 619 if your hair is prone to tangles.
------- + I apply Fermodyl after applying leave-in conditioner to help detangle. I only use this product if my hair is very kinky or dry. Fermodyl helps with the detangling IMMENSLY and I believe it is due to the high content of lactic acid.
Blow drying hair that has tangles can lead to unnecessary hair loss, as well as breakage.

Do you have any tips? Add them in the comments below!

Products Mentioned In This Post:
Microfiber Hair Towel

Aveda Brilliant Damage Control
Fermodyl 619
Mason Pearson Detangling Comb


  1. Thanks for the post. My blowdrying skills are terrible. I've watched so many YT clips and tried different heat protectants and I still haven't found the best technique. So far the tension method has worked the best but my roots are still too coiled to give me a good flat iron job following it.

  2. I finally did the ACV rinse and I loved it. Def a staple for me now. I don't blow dry anymore. I just rollerset and if I really want a straight look I flat iron.

  3. zero frizz is an excellent heat protectant

  4. Thanks MTM! Another timely and informative post! I'm still learning how to blow dry my hair, haven't mastered it yet. I always want to go heavy on the heat protectant. Guess I don't get enuf practice, but that's about to change. A question for you-would you say blow drying is direct heat, whereas dryer heat is considered indirect heat? Thanks!:)

  5. Hi, I'm transitioning with maybe about 1.5 inches of relaxed ends left. The only way I can blow dry my hair is after getting out the shower and detangling my hair, i put it into 4 bantu knots (2 on each side) let it airdry for a few hours (or sit under the dryer if i'm in a rush)...then when about 75% dry I blowdry with cool hair comes out extremely soft, bouncy, and extremely tamable.

  6. @Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage; Your welcome!

    @LouLou I like the tension method as well, however my roots are always a tad kinky after doing it. Have you tried using a round brush while flat ironing? It has been a God-send.

    @Hell Notes for Beauty; Yay! Glad you like! You know I have YET to try a roller set? I keep saying I am going to try it....then I chicken out.

    @Alana I may have to try that! Thanks for the recommendation! I love trying new products!

    @Stella B; You are very welcome! I am glad it came on time! Blow drying is definitely direct heat. And I don't consider a hooded dryer direct heat!

    @i.heart.glam; I am going to have to try that bantu method. I have never air dried in bantu's...thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Blow drying just breaks off my hair no matter how hard I try.

    There is one waist length natural who has a special regimen which includes blow drying and it works for her.

    Yet it has always broken off my hair.

  8. Your website is AMAZING! Thank you so much for all of your hard work that you put in to make this website great! All of your hard work shines through in every single detail!

    I have been transitioning for 5 months and now that I can no longer do the slicked back bun and I can't use scarves (due to excessive use and thinning of edges), I feel frustrated. I don't have a lot of time to spend on my hair and my flat twist skills are far from stellar, so I have been feeling a bit annoyed by this whole process lately. Seeing all the beautiful pictures of women like me with hair like mine on your website has really perked me up. Thank you so much for your website! It has been such an inspiration for me to keep on pushing!

  9. I use Amal Oils 100% Organic Argan Oil on wet hair to protect my hair before blow drying and I use it afterwards too! It protects the hair from your heat products, leaves it feeling soft and healthy looking! I love it! ( ... small amount goes a long way)

  10. What type of blow-dryer do you use?

  11. I use other Roux products as well and always wondered about the performance of the Fermodyl products. I can always use a good detangler.

    I usually sit under the dryer first and then blow dry any particular reason why you blow dry first and then sit under the dryer?

  12. Do you use a brush or a comb attachment?

  13. What is the best brush to use if I don't have a comb attachment?

  14. I'm a weaver, I used to have permed hair but i've grown and cut it all off using the weave, and my hair is mostly natural. However the front of my hair where the part was is permed. So when i blow dry my natural hair, i usually use a brush and put the blowdryer really close because i dont know any other meathod of getting it straight. I know this is damaging my hair thus i was wondering what you thought i should do to get my hair straighter without pressing it

  15. and btw your website is truly an inspiration for me to stay natural and learn to take care of my hair for 2011! Thank You!


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