Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Details: My Straight Hair Regimen

I received quite a few emails yesterday on how I care for my hair when it's pressed; so I thought I would dedicate a post to it. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments so that I can answer them for others!

I intend on wearing my hair straight for about a month, so I will not shampoo during that time [Because I don't want to use heat again until December].  I usually skip the daily moisturizing when my hair is pressed because doing so tends to weigh my hair down, and make it very oily. - I do however add a smidgen of Vatika Oil to my ends, and hairline about once every 3 days, this keeps my ends very happy. When I go to sleep at night, I put my hair in two loose bantu knots and tie a silk scarf on my head; in the morning I brush it out w/a large paddle brush, and it gives me the look you see pictured above.

When I am at home, my hair is usually under a silk scarf that keeps my hair from rubbing against my clothing. This prevents any unnecessary splits, and breakage. I also want to mention that I do not "touch up" my hair with heat once I have initially pressed/flat ironed it. If you notice your hair is a little "poofy" from the humidity, wrap your hair and secure it tightly with a silk scarf; leave your hair wrapped for a few hours, and it should be straight again once you unwrap it.

If I am bored w/the straight look; instead of using direct heat I may opt for a bantu knot out, pin curls, braid out, or the Caruso Roller Set [which is my favorite].

My Favorite Products To Use When Going For & Maintaining The Straight Look;
-Sebastian Potion Number 9 Leave In Conditioner
- Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream
- Aveda Damage Protection [Heat Protectant]
- Chi Silk Infusion [A couple of drops before blowdrying]
- Vatika Oil
- Large Paddle Brush
- Round Brush [For Blow drying]
- 100% Silk Scarf


  1. My gosh! Your hair is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. frederic fekkai you say?
    ..taking note.

  3. Co-sign whit Your hair is amazing ! I saw the true beauty of it in your henna treatment vid !

  4. Soooooo....usually when I go straight, I have to shampoo in about a week or so bc my scalp gets an attitude.lol So what do you do to maintain a moisturize scalp w/o weighing your hair down while your hair is straight?

  5. Over the past weekend I too straightened my hair. For the first time I tried using a round brush when blow drying, but found it at times hard to do. Do you have tips/suggestions to help with using the round brush when blow drying.
    P.S. Watched youtube videos several times, but still had issues using the round brush on my own hair.

  6. I went to the salon to straighten my hair and I found that my damaged ends were really noticeable.They felt so raggedy! I really cannot tell how much hair I need to trim when my hair is kinky

  7. @Whit Thank You very much!

    @frenchiexpoo Yes! Definitely; I swear by that stuff!

    @Tobi Thank you so much!!

    @Shakira C If I need to add anything to my hair, it will be Vatika Oil only. That is really the only thing that doesn't make my hair oily and stiff. If you can't find Vatika Oil [which is normally in Indian Markets], you can always buy pure coconut oil from your local grocer.

    @toolieboo It is rather hard to do for me as well; I have found the best way [for me] is to use a widetooth comb to get the tangles out while blowdrying; and work with each section until it is about 80% dry. Once the hair is about 80% dry, go over that section with the round brush and the blowdryer to silken/straighten it out.

    @Alana Do you moisturize regularly? After you get a trim; pay special care to your ends. Moisturize regularly, and seal the moisture in w/some sort of oil. Castor Oil has been working great for me lately.

  8. Nikole, your hair is beautiful!!! Did you straighten with a flat iron or pressing comb? What setting? Did you use a Boar Bristle Paddle brush and what type of round brush? Are you going to do a straightening tutorial? I love the versatility of our hair and your blog definitely displays that. I also appreciate the fact that you address those that love "Thrift shopping" like myself!!! :)

  9. @Garner Thank You! I pressed the hair first; then used a flat iron to go over it! I use regular old school flat irons, I like them better than the chi, or the kind that you can adjust the temp on.

    I will definitely do a straightening tutorial in the near future!

    I think I am borderline addicted to thrift shopping...lol When I see something in the store now I am like $20dollars? That's too much, I can get this for $3 elsewhere...lol

  10. Thanks for asking that Garner, and thanks for answering Nikole!! I was so curious on how you straighten your hair without heat damage. I can not wait for your tutorial!! Although I know it's probably going to be in December (which is perfect because that's when I'm going to straighten my hair again!)

  11. Hi Nikole!
    I just recently learned that it's possible to straighten hair by using a blow-dryer. (i don't know how slow I am in just finding that out..haha) Do you think that would be less damaging to the hair than the usual press and flat iron procedure? Thanks! :)

  12. loooooove you!!!!!!!!!

  13. I absolutely love your hair! My hair is about down to my ear and I've been wearing comb coils and kinda want to straighten my hair for a change. How long did it take to get your hair that length from when you started to focused on the health of your hair? Also, does you hair smell/ can you prevent your hair from smelling while not washing it for a month after being outside and possibly exercising?

  14. I am going to a wedding. help! this weekend. am natural medium textured. i want my hair to look good all night in this dry winter weather. i have Sebastian Potion Number 9, Aveda Damage Protection, Chi Silk Infusion. my question is do i need to buy aveda anti humectant and use this all sparingly? HELP! please answer thanks.

  15. I just flat ironed for the first time today and it was super straight and beautiful but the ends soon stopped looking straight and flowing and looked kinda fuzzed out. I wrapped it put on satin scarf. I took it down 6 hours later and the ends dont seem sleek to me anymore. I put castor oil on the ends. The hair feels heavier now but it seems like the ends aren't all fly-away ends anymore. I wrapped it again and hopefully the thickness and weight will help with keeping my ends looking good.


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