Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another Sunday Morning: I Love The Eighties Edition

I picked up a ton of things while thrifting over the past few weeks, and I wanted to share a few pieces with you. This particular "collection" is very, very eighties; and it was purely happenstance.  Overall though, I have a plethora of pieces from different genres. Some items are very wearable, others are a bit more over-the-top [like the ones pictured below].

Stay tuned, I still have a ton of pictures to take!

 This was actually a two piece; well it had a pair of knit pants to go with it. And together it looked very "Golden Girls", so I just ditched the pants and paired the sweater w/thigh high boots. 

I think the color and insane sleeves is what sold me on this blazer. I like it; it has character. It's a tad big for my liking, so I will have to take in a bit.

I think this blazer is a size 12 - One thing I love about buying older clothes is that I an get away with buying larger sizes and make it work somehow.

This is another one; this jacket is a size 14, however I just belted it.

The beading on this sweater is amazing. There are tiny pearls on the sweater as well [don't know if you can see that in the pics] all of which seem to be in perfect condition.

I also picked up this really cute purse for little of nothing; Don't know the era of this one...70's perhaps?


  1. Great Post! Love the outfits and your Blog!! ~♥ Miss Nic ♥~

  2. OMGoodness! These are truly GREAT finds! I love the beaded sweater, and the blazer right before it! You should definitely start an online shop :)

  3. They are all so gorgeous. I like how you don't overlook anything. Very beautiful especially the first outfit.

  4. Wow! That's really the eighties! Love the sweater with the jean shorts.

    Tc, Nia B
    Dubai's It Girl

  5. You look straight out of the early 90s... in a good way! I love the cream sweater in the last pics... very cute.

  6. my fave is the last sweater w/ pearl beading, that's really cute... but all your finds are cute!


  7. I love your sense of style! but I can never find any good thrift shops near me

  8. Loving the outfits! I think the designs were early 80s and the colors remind me of the 90s. The pink jacket and the white sweater were my faves!

  9. That last sweater is gorgeous! The beading's amazing. Luv the "Golden Girls" sweater paired w/the Salt-n-Pepa bamboo earrings, lol. Nice! All your finds are cool. I thought we had some nice stores here in NYC.

  10. we look like twin sisters, I bought some beaded sweater from the thrift store as well. You give me an idea to pair it with Jeans.

  11. OMG Nik - you took it back but you brought sexy with you! love it! So reminiscent of the pieces our moms would have worn back in the day and to think we would have scoffed at them then. :)

  12. Wow. They're such unique pieces. Good job scooping them up!

  13. you just inspired me to do am 80's post. i have a sweater that belonged to my grandmom and i never wore it all winter. thats ok, i'll do a post dedicated to her in that sweater. thanks for the inspiration chica!

  14. @Nic Harmon aka. Miss Nic Thank you very much!!

    @Dobe Thank you!! Maybe one day I will; if only there were more hours in a day!

    @Hell Notes for Beauty Thank you!! Usually the things that are picked over, are items that become some of my favorite pieces.

    @Nia B Thank you!!

    @South Loop Social Light Ha Ha! I know right, my mom saw this post and was like what the?? LOL Thank you, the cream sweater is my favorite as well!

    @UrbanGlamGyrl Thank you! And I love your blog by the way!

    @SimplyMars9 Thanks! Where do you live, maybe I can give you some suggestions!

    @LoudPen I agree, and we must share the same brain because those are my favorite pieces as well!

    @Ms. Princess Thank you! I kinda laughed at that sweater when I was putting it on. I felt like the hood version of Blanche Devereaux loll

    @Beth Thank you, I would definitely pair it w/jeans, it tones it down a whole lot!

    @BeautyXchangeGirl HA HA HA!! Thank you!! I know right, I WISH I had more items my mom wore "back in the day" LOL

    @Violet Thank You!!! :D

    @Stylegasm Team Do it!!! I would love to see the Ode To Grandma!

  15. love it all, especially the last outfit! can you give me any suggestions for thrift stores to visit while in the Cali area?!

  16. LOVE the pearl sweater!!!!!!! I love thrifting cause when you find good unique items, its such a rush!

  17. @welcome to my world Thank you! It actually depends on what area you are visiting! In the Los Angeles Area I would recommend the following places:

    American Way
    Goodwill [All of them]
    St. Anne's Thrift
    St Vincents De Paul

    I tend to shy away from the stores labeled as "vintage" because the price tag is a little heftier!

    @Jazz Thank you, and it IS a rush! I think I like thrifting more than actually wearing the clothes! It is addicting...lol

  18. you look like you just stepped of the set of in living color or living single!

    I LOVE IT!

  19. the first and the last outfit are my fav! LOVE LOVE it !!

  20. i don't like the blazer or sweaters. They don't fit you. I never liked shoulder pads in 80s blazers. I have a couple tooled leather purses. You are obssessed with vintage just like me. Although I am more into 1970s clothes, embroidered ethnic tops, and floral pattern dresses.


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