Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Mini Foundation Review + The Braid & Curl

A couple of people have asked me my opinion on various foundations so I wanted to spotlight some of my favorite brands, and why.

CoverFX - This stuff is heavy duty compared to what I am used to! It covers up blemishes, and gives you a flawless face in photo's, but it is something that I would recommend for nighttime use only. It is one of those products that gives you the "I am wearing makeup" look, and if applied incorrectly can give you some serious cake face. With that said, I like to use this product in areas where my skin is uneven, and also as a spot treatment to temporarily cover blemishes. I also purchased a slightly darker color that I use for contouring; again this is for those rare occasions.

Revlon Colorstay - I can't take the glory for discovering this product, I found out about it from a Youtuber [whose names escapes me], and she compared it to MAC. I am not really a fan of MAC's foundation because it leaves my skin cake-y; but I was optimistic. I purchased the Revlon Colorstay, and I was pleasantly surprised.  It gives me buildable coverage which I like, and it also leaves my face with a satin-y like finish. I use this more often then I use the CoverFx now.

Makeup Forever Face & Body Makeup - Still the clear winner in my book, you can wear this makeup during the day and I swear no one would even know you had it on! It gives you a glowy, dewy even look. It is a bit on the sheerer side, so this won't cover up those blemishes, but you can always cover those pesky spots with concealer first, then apply the makeup.

Thank you for the wonderful comments about my hair on my post from yesterday!! To get that look, I did my normal braid out routine [all of you that are unfamiliar can check out this video], and I rolled the ends with small purple plastic rollers. I left the rollers in overnight [my hair air-dryed], and I finger-styled per usual.

Here are the products I used:
Lanza Daily Clarifying Shampoo
Followed up w/Keracare Moisturizing Shampoo
Conditioned w/Hello Hydration for 30 minutes w/o heat
Used Oyin Honey Hemp as a Leave-In Conditioner
Used Donna Marie Lock & Twist Pudding to braid hair in 10 braids [this stuff flaked up on me really bad; I will use less next time]


  1. Hey Nikole...I've been contemplating what I will buy for my first Oyin experience and I've seen a number of ladies say they use the Honey Hemp Conditioner as a leave in. My question is do you dilute it or mix it with anything at all?

  2. OMG Afrikan Latina! I was JUST going to ask her about Oyin, too! LOL I'm such a natural hair FANATIC

    My question: On a scale of 1-10, (10 being supoib), what would you rate the Oyin as a leave-in? I'm going to Vegas next month, and I need something that will make my hair stand up against the heat and stay uber soft!

    Love, love, LOVE the gold dangling thing-a-lings in the 80s post!

  3. I love your site and your hair! I LOVE the Organic Root Stimulator Loc and Twist gel for everything from coils, twist outs, to bantu knot outs. This product does not flake, harden, or dry out your hair, and its insanely cheap. It's more like a pudding than a gel.

    P.S. Chrissytina, I live in Vegas, and I retwist my hair (most nights) with the Pantene Daily Moisturizer or the Garnier Sleek and Shine Leave in and in the morning I have super soft hair that is an attention grabber. It will certainly do you well in Vegas to have a great product on hand.

  4. Thanks for the review. What color are you in Revlon Colorstay? It that Cappuccino?

  5. @Afrikan Latina Oh Yeah; that stuff is THEEE bomb..lol I use it as-is no dilution necessary! Only use a dime size amount on each section of hair and you will be fine.

    @Chrissystina LOL @gold dangling thing-a-lings!!! Ok so if I had to give this a rating between 1-10 I would give it a 8.75! LOL

    @Hillerie Camille I am going to have to try the Ors Lock & Twist Gel, do you use a leave-in underneath? Maybe I will experiment with that this weekend, as I think I bought some I never used. Thanks for the product rec!

    @My Natural Me No worries! I am Cappuccino!

  6. I've been using the Garnier leave-in along with Coconut oil.

  7. Hey Nik! Where would I find the rosewater?


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