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You Asked; I Answered | The Henna Edition

I wanted to have a post dedicated to your questions on the Henna vid I posted yesterday! I know a lot of people out there are very leery when it comes to Henna, and they just don't know where to start. So I am going to answer all of the questions I received in the comments yesterday! If there are follow-up questions; please also leave those in the comments, and I will continue to address them as best I can :-)

Q: Great video, dont think anyone ever really does a written and visual explanation. Thank u for that. Do you apply the indigo the same way??

A: The application technique is similar, however I don't have to let the Indigo sit out for 24hours. Unlike Henna, Indigo has rapid color release, and can be used immediately.  I also don't add conditioner to my Indigo mix, just Rosewater. My Indigo will be here shortly, and I will have another tut up on the Henna + Indigo process very soon.

Q: Nice tutorial!!! where do you purchase your henna from? I need to try this one day... Thank you 

A: I purchase my Henna locally from Pioneer Cash & Carry in Artesia Ca [known as Little India] - You can find Henna at your local Indian Grocer [google them in your area].

Q: Great tutorial! 2 questions: what is the difference between body quality and other types of henna? is the henna gloss you use cassia? if not, does cassia provide similar benefits?

A: It is purported that Henna that is NOT Body Art Quality has PPD and compound chemicals [salts, or additional dyes] that can be potentially damaging to your hair [especially if you are relaxed]. BAQ Henna is also said to rinse out much easier over other "types" of Henna sold on the market. 

The Henna Gloss I use is not Cassia. as I understand Cassia imparts shine, and does offer some strengthening benefits however the results do not last as long as they do with Henna, the results aren't as prominent, and it needs to be done more frequently. Also, Cassia does not leave color deposits on your hair like Henna does, so that is also another big difference. 

Q: I know nothing about henna so i really appreciate this post!
*was your hair clean before applying the henna or is it just week old hair?
*Does it matter whether your hair is clean or dirty before applying henna?
*I really like the benefits but I dont want the reddish color I prefer my hair to stay the way it is which is black..does your method prevent the color release? if not what do you suggest?

A:  My hair was dirty-ole week old hair :-)

When I am doing just a Henna Gloss, I apply it on dirty hair. When I am doing a Henna Gloss +  Indigo Treatment, I apply the mixture to clean hair [Indigo does fade after "x" number of washes, so I don't like washing my hair immediately after applying the mixture] 

If your hair is black, you MAY NOT notice any of the reddish color. If you prefer to stay on the safe side, you can either use Cassia instead of Henna; OR, you can add 1/4 cup of Amla to your mix, and apply the Henna immediately after mixing [this way you are applying it before the Lawson molecule's release]  

More questions? Ask away!  Please don't be timid, I would much rather you feel confident about your first Henna experience, so that you get the best out of it! :-) 


  1. Hmmm more questions.... lets see: 1) Whats the difference b/t glossing vs. a regular henna application? and 2) How long do the benefits of Henna usually last for you?

  2. I am transitioning (10 months!) and I was wondering if you suggest a Henna treatment on partially-relaxed hair (I am about half-and-half right now) or should i wait until I am 100% natural?

  3. Have you ever tried liquid or cream hennas?

  4. Thanks so much for answering!!

  5. Thanks so much for the henna questions and answers post! I have a question for you too..When you do the indigo step, do you make the gloss first,then mix the indigo with water, and add it to the henna gloss mixture, or do you do the 2 step method, apply henna first for a few hours, then indigo for a few more? I love henna, and have been using it for a little more than a year, but notice that my gray hairs around my hairline are much more prominent, and the henna alone just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. How often can the henna/indigo be done safely?? I am also texlaxed (every 3 months), and wonder if the henna, indigo, and texlax process will all be fighting for space underneath my Thanks again for the tutorial, Nikole, it was fab!! I'll be trying your henna gloss mix very soon...

  6. @Anonymous The biggest difference for me would have to be the way my hair feels after! My hair was super dry and brittle with the regular Henna Application, but with the Henna Gloss, it's a lot softer, and shinier to boot.

    You also get MORE color with the regular Henna application..But since I Indigo after, I am not concerned with getting a ton of color from the Henna treatment. My results usually last about 6-8 weeks.

    @Gina I would most definitely suggest one, it can help curb the breakage, and shedding. As you know when you are transitioning your hair tends to break at the demarcation this is a good strengthening treatment. - Use Jamila Henna [Body Art Quality]though, or something comparable.

    @Anonymous I have never tried cream Henna's...I haven't even seen them in the market...I am interested now though, so I am going to do a little research...

    @sky No problem :-D

    @Stella B. Hey chica! I do the two-step method..I find I get darker hair that way.

    I typically Hennigo every 6-8 weeks, and I find I don't need to do any more than that. I have used Henna/Indigo every 4 weeks, but that was entirely too much, and my hair was a tad dry.

    If you are texlaxed, I would say that your hair could take a little more strength vs mine [Henna also acts in the same way a protein treatment does]. As chemical processes usually break down the protein bonds a bit, so you may be able to get away with more frequent applications. I would say start off with a 6 week color reggie first..and see how that works.

  7. Wendy aka AnonymousApril 17, 2010 at 11:36 AM

    I tried Surya Henna Cream, but I only left it on for 30 minutes (I put it on right before I had to pick up my son from work, bad timing). Anyway I plan on trying it again, but thought I'd get an opinion from someone with experience using hennas. I will keep you posted ;-)

  8. Great tutorial!!! Questions...What brand of Brahmi oil did you purchase? Have you allowed your henna mix to sit for less than 24 hrs room temperature? Love your Blog and You Tube Channel!!! :)

  9. Do you do the henna gloss with the DC added so that you don't have to DC afterwards? Other henna tutorials always involve doing a moisturizing DC afterwards.

  10. Hello, Thank you for doing the tutorial!!!!!!
    I did a Cassia treatment before, because I don't want to color my hair, but since Cassia is really expensive in Europe, I want to try Henna without coloring my hair. If I add the Henna gloss with some Olive Oil immediately after mixing it, should I leave it for 2 hours like you did? Leaving it for that long won't color my hair? By the way, I have dark brown hair.

  11. Ok One last question. You said to add Amla oil to the mix and immediately apply to hair. Does Amla Oil also prevent the dye release or can it just be any oil like Olive oil or Brahmi oil?

  12. Thanks for all the information! Why do you use both the hello hydration conditioner, and the Lustrasilk Mango & Shea Butter Conditioner?

  13. Hi Nickole!!! Great tutorial and site!!! I'm a transitioner. I've got about an inch or so of relaxer left. I started going gray in my 20s. And as luck would have it, it started around my temples (very noticeable.) I've using semi-permanent color for years. Is henna a good option to cover my grays? If so, how often do you recommend applying the henna? Can it be used as a touch-up between coloring? My hair is naturally (before gray) very dark brown/black. Thanks for your advice.

  14. Does your hair have to be dry my hair is not dripping wet but not totally dry does this matter
    Thank you i absolutely love you and your blog i just discovered it and i wish i had done so way before. Now i have been natural the right way all thanks too you thanks xxx

  15. Do you have to use Brahmi oil? Can you use olive/coconut/extra virgin oils instead or any other oils to add to the mix.

  16. I'd like to use henna (the jamila brand). I'm transitioning and I was wondering if you have to follow up with the indigo application in order to keep your hair dark...or can I just use the jamila brand henna on its own

  17. What brand of Henna and Indigo do you use? I can't find any pure henna anywhere, not even in the Indian grocer. I saw some of the brands on youtube that u listed, however the one u used in the video looked totally different than the package I found!! Thanx

  18. I wanted t o know if you still do the deep cond. treatment after you use the indigo?....and how would you go about that? every 6 weeks Henna then every other 6 weeks do the indigo?....thank you so very much for the info...u site
    roccz hard core!!!!

  19. Hi Nickole... I love your site!!! My question is I tried to do a henna gloss treatment last year but the end result was my curl pattern loosen =0(... I wanted to know if there was a way I can continue to reap the benefits of henna without the changes of my curl pattern... Also how long or often do I have to henna before I start to see a difference in my hair?

  20. Ladies please visit the (or website, it gives you a complete history on Henna as well as answers many of the questions you have regarding Henna and Indigo. They also have a FREE "How to Henna" book that you can download on your Pc's in an Adobe .pdf file format that explains everything. Also they have a YouTube HennaforHair page with a video showing how to cover gray as well as how to apply henna on relaxed Afro-textured hair (with the after results). It is very informative and you can even call them with any questions or email them and THEY WILL RESPOND!! I did my first henna ever on Dec 20 and the results came on fantastic so please check on their site!

  21. hey Nicole,
    how often do you have to reapply the henna gloss?

    P.s lovin' the blog

  22. My hair is a dark brown. Could the henna make my hair a lighter brown color?

  23. i have 3 different colors in my hair will the indigo cover it ?


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