Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the Dressing Room: | Little Black Dress Shopping

I am lacking one piece in my closet, and that is a LBD. I am not really a fan of black that much, but I can appreciate a sleek, sexy, slimming dress. There is something about a "little black dress" that is timeless, and ultra feminine. - I am very much a fan of color, so trying to find the perfect dress [in black] is pretty hard for me. I need something that pops, or preferably something that is sculptural in nature.

I stopped in at Bloomingdale's to try on a few pieces, and the pickings were slim. They had some of the same pieces from this post, which is pretty unusual; as they are normally very good with bringing in fresh merchandise.

I really loved the silhouette of this French Connection dress, but I didn't care for the fit. It bunched in all the wrong places.
I was in love with the detail of the "winged" shoulder pad, it's a pretty fresh, modern take on the classic LBD. The lace gave it somewhat of a vintage feel as well.
I loved the asymmetrical zipper situation going on in the back, it adds an unexpected pop. And a touch of pizazz [do people still use that word?].

This dress [also French Connection] fit a little better [although there was still gathering in some areas] and I loved the structural detail going down the side. The length was classic [not too short], and it was understated, yet sexy.
The front view; this could use a little tailoring.
This Theory dress was my least favorite [pictured above], the only thing I liked was the combination of lycra, and leather. But it looked pretty "kiddie" in comparison to the other two. The fit was also waaay off.

If you are shopping for that perfect dress, here are a few tips:
  • Eat first prior to shopping! 
  • Shop on a weekday [you will get more personalized service, as stores tend to be less busy during these times]
  • Wear stockings, shape-ups, or body slimmers. [or bring them with you] You will get an idea of the dress's real potential.
  • Bring a camera and take photos [You can even have a store rep take them for you, this will give you time to think about your purchase, and shop around before making the splurge]


  1. Great tips!
    Omg i love the first dress!!! it is a great twist to the LBD... that lace is what would have sold me.
    My least favorite is also the last one, your right, it doesn't look as mature as the other two.

  2. Dress number 2 is my fav, the one with the snazzy side detail...very nice!!

  3. I like them, I especially love lace. Great tips, shopping on weekends is so much better... no rushing!

  4. I love all of them!! Please tell me you purchased one :)

    I love your blog by the way, so much flavor!! Jeah Jeah Brown Putting it down :D

  5. @TKOmulatta Thank you! The lace almost sold me to, if it wasn't for the fit ;-/

    @Mikimu I loved the detail on that dress!

    @Jenn Aren't they? Sadly I did not get either ;-/

    @Olivia Thank you!!!

    @I LOVE JENEEN NICOLE Thank you soo much chica!!! And no; *sigh* I didn't get I am somewhat kicking myself now.

  6. Your figure is insane! Ugh! *jealous* They all look fabulous on you - seriously you can rock anything!!!

  7. ha... i am SO late on this post but great tips! i REALLY love that 2nd dress on you. it's super sexy and feminine.


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