Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick Tip Video; Xtreme Deep Conditioning Method

I wanted to film a series of "quick tips" to touch on certain elements of my hair regimen. So here is the first installment.

Let me first mention that I only do this Xtreme Deep Conditioning method after a Henna Treatment, OR Sebastian 2+1 Treatment [2 parts moisture, 1 part protein] only. If this treatment is done too often, it can cause your hair to be over-moisturized. This treatment should not under any circumstances take the place of your normal deep conditioning regimen.

I found out about this deep conditioning method growing up as a salon baby; as I would witness stylists create "special ad-ons" which would run anywhere from $15-30 per session. These are usually treatments that are marketed towards repairing severely damaged hair. Most of these procedures you can do in your own home, this is one of them.

They actually sell "2+1 irons" for this purpose, however you can use flat irons covered in foil as demonstrated in my video. - This treatment does not straighten the hair, or loosen the curl pattern.

To Deep Condition: 
I start off with a clean, old plug-in flat iron [mine was about $25.00]
Cover the flat iron w/clean foil
Apply conditioner liberally throughout sectioned hair
"Flat iron" each section on the lowest setting [mine is usually set to 250]
After flat ironing each section; let sit for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water to seal moisture, and close the cuticle.

Steam/heat is used to open the cuticles, allowing hair to fully absorb the vitamins and nutrients in your conditioner.
Rinsing in cold water helps seal moisture deep into the hair shaft
Reduces deep conditioning time
Imparts an incredible amount of sheen and softness

As mentioned in the video, this treatment should be done in monthly intervals [6-8 weeks is my schedule]
Flat iron should be on the lowest setting, and covered in foil


  1. Is this technique similar to using a hair steamer??

  2. It is indeed. I don't know if you are familiar with the 2+1 treatment by Sebastian; [It calls for you to open up the cuticle by either using their special 2+1 irons OR using a flat iron covered in foil] - I actually like it better than the steam treatment because the hair is much softer. The only drawback is that you can't do it as often as you would a steam treatment.

  3. Oh I see.... I have heard of the 2+1 treatment by Sebastian but never thought to try it even though I am a PJ lol. Must admit I am addicted to my hair steamer, but this treatment maybe something I will try in the near future. Thanks for the reply. ;-)

  4. Great tip! Are you using the kind of conditioner that you would normally use when you co-wash, or are you using your usual DC conditioner?

  5. thank you for the foil + flat iron tip

  6. great vid as usual..so was this done on clean or dirty hair?

  7. @Gina Thank you! I am using my normal DC conditioner! However you can use ANY condish.

    @Seygra20 No problem! :-)

    @Sky Thank you! This was done on clean, damp hair! [I love your braids in your avatar too..lol]

  8. Bravo, this is a unique tip that I have never heard of before. I will be trying this soon.

  9. Great idea! I'll be trying this on my next wash. Just wondering... is it necessary to use an "old" flat iron if we're covering the plates with foil anyway? Also, while watching your technique I noticed you didn't really pass the flat iron over your roots or ends. Any reason why?

  10. okay......you are a GENIOUS!!!!! I just tried this today on my transitioning hair and it worked like a dream. Thank you!

  11. @J You don't really need to use an old flat iron, some people may not want to use their new flat iron; so it is just a matter of personal preference really. - I didn't pass the flat iron over my roots because I couldn't really see what I was doing! LOL - I was using my camera's monitor as a mirror, so that is why. - Normally I go from root to tip

    @Monica Thank you!!! I am glad it worked!

  12. Are 2+1 irons the same or similar to wet to dry flat irons?

  13. @Traci eehh not really, the 2+1 irons don't hold much heat [compared to a regular or wet to dry flat iron]. The wet dry has the ability to get your hair straight, and there is no way the 2+1 iron could ever do that; it just isn't hot enough.

  14. GREAT GREAT idea...I would have never in a million years thought about this. Thank you so much for sharing this treatment with us...I cant wait to try it out ^_^

  15. I just finished this treatment. It Works!! My hair has been doing some pretty awful things for the past couple weeks after a henna treatment. It was terribly dry and brittle and quite frankly, that amount of hair leaving my head is a definite, No, No! I did a Bentonite Clay treatment last week, which normally works.... same problem. I had read this some time back and decided to buy a cheap flat iron yesterday ( I was desperate). Voila!!!! Healing to the tenth power!! It was instant... Wow!

    Thanks Girl and keep up the fantastic work!

  16. @Loritt GOOD! I am glad it worked for you!!!

  17. i would like to try this method after i do my first henna treatment but i don't know of a good deep moisturizing condish w/o protein. do you have any suggestions? does the lanza you used have proteins and what is the complete name of it (the lanza condish you used)?

    thanks so much.

  18. I just did this yesterday with VO5 Moisture Milks and it worked so well on my hair.

    My hair was softer than usual. And, I also washed my conditioner out with really cold water.

    BRRrrrr, but my hair was really soft.

  19. Hey girl, i went to a Dominican salon once and my hairdresser used exactly the some method you using in this video. I had long and relaxed hair then. All to say, when i left my hair was shinning, soft to the touch, man it was an amazing feeling. Thx for showing this tip. It really workssss.

  20. hello daaling, just wondering..is it safe to xtreme condition right after henna gloss, like as the follow up deep conditioner?? wasn't sure if thats what you meant by after...


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