Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 DIY Headbands + Hair Clip | Imagination Is The Beginning of Creation. You Imagine What You Desire, You Will What You Imagine and at Last You Create What You Will - George Bernard Shaw

This is a super quick tutorial; perfect for anyone that wants to skip the long drawn out rigmarole, and get straight to the goods. This is instant gratification at its best.

I found these cool feathers downtown in the fashion district [sorry can't remember the name], and depending on where you snag them; they may be a little pricey [they typically go from $5-10 each]. I bought the headbands and comb from Walgreens, and because I wanted the feather to be the focal point, I used the thinnest headband I could find. 

I made both headbands and comb in under 30 minutes [including photographing them]. Not bad eh?

You Will Need:
Glue Gun
Hair Comb
Some sort of rhinestone accent piece [broken jewelry is perfect for this project]
If you used broken jewelry [or in my case an over-sized button] cut the protruding area in the back off with a pair of wire cutters.
Glue the accent piece near the bottom portion of your feather [I think this is guinea; I used a glue gun FYI]
Apply glue to the headband, and press the feather on top; hold until secure, and glue is dry

Repeat the same steps for the second headband [I decided to forgo the rhinestone on this piece]

Glue your comb onto the third feather [the feather contours to the comb]

Finished Feather Hair Comb :-)


  1. Will be trying this.....thanks!

  2. great tutorial. I'll be attempting this when I get some extra cash because I love headbands!

  3. May just give this a try. Gotta find out where I can buy some awesome feathers tho.
    BTW - I LUV George Bernard Shaw. I fancy him a lyricist. One of my fav's is: "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." I've had that in my email signature for about 10 yrs.

  4. Great tutorial! I luv your DIY projects. :D

  5. Ms. Princess, you can find feathers in craft stores like Michaels and the bigger Jo-Anns.

  6. Oh, I am SOOOOOO calling my girls and having a DIY headband party this weekend. You ROCK, nikole!

  7. Those feathers are great. I'm, going to see if I can find some peacock feathers and make me one. Vey nice!

  8. Great job! Im going to try this.

  9. @Ch3rRy BuBbleGum Thank you!

    @Dana Nicole Thank you very much! Definitely try it; it is too easy not to try.

    @Ms. Princess I love that one as well!! I have that scribbled on my journal!! - Milan is right, you can find feathers at most crafts stores; although I would try Michael's over Joann's [sometimes Joann's tends to be a little skimpy with the selections] - Like she said, if you can find a bigger Joann's you're in luck.

    @Milan Thank you!!

    @Chrissystina I am so stealing that idea!! Love the idea of having a DIY party!

    @Niika Thank You!

    @Hell Notes for Beauty I love the idea of using Peacock feathers!!

    @Loclove Thank you!

  10. good lawd nikki! Stop it! I love the headbands!! man..I think my lazy streak is over now. I def had in mind to make some of these and look what you post? the same headband I've been meaning to go make, lol..thanks for re-inspiring me. [and oh yeh..don't forget to add my interview with ya to the features page :) ]


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