Friday, April 30, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell Score; Take II

Zebra Tick Wedge

Yup, those are tacks on the bottom of those puppies. - Here are a few more pics of the shoes scored at the LF Warehouse Sale! This set of shoes is a bit more "out there" vs the previous set.

To everyone that sent emails asking the "stock names" of the shoes from the previous post, I will send you that info today!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Mary Jane Platform Boot

Shiny Patent Alexa Wedge: The shoes my mom hates; she says they look like Ice Skating Boots. She has a point.


  1. Oh My....I LOVE THEM! Especially the zebra ones and the mary sick!

  2. Lol Found you from Fashion Bomb. And the first thing I see is a post about an LF Warehouse Sale.

    Can I start by saying how jealous I am?
    Love your style and amazing thrifting ability.


  3. Hello! I also found your blog from the Fashion Bomb and I must say I it's quickly become one of my favorites!

    I wanted to know if you have any info on the jacket Lo is wearing in the Jan.11th post.


    PS-I love your hair!

  4. Those zebra wedges are a piece of art! lol. love the mary janes too.

  5. Oh my you scored the Acne lookalikes! Good job!

  6. The second picture? Yes, please.

  7. @bonni Thank you!!! Those are my fav as well!!! The Mary Jane's are super comfy too!

    @Dari Thank you so much!! There will be another warehouse sale in December, if you are in the L.A area!! I hear this one will have more shoes vs boots.

    @Anonymous Thank You Chica! And that jacket is from H&M!

    @Danyelle I swear I almost broke my neck running towards them! LOL They are comfortable too!

    @Nigerian Woman in Norway Can you believe that?? I felt like I won the lotto...seriously! LOL

    @Chrissystina LOLLL

  8. I knew I saw those zebra wedges before. Nicki Minaj was wearing them in the bedrock video. I think they are SO hot.


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