Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Link Love!

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I am so happy to finally see the interview with Kim [better known as the face behind Kimmaytube] at Afroniquely You! [GO]

I think it's a sign [I have been fighting off the urge to roller set], here lately, everywhere I turn I see curlies w/fabulous roller sets; and she is no exception! [GO]

I love passing time reading her makeup reviews, she has the best taste in shadows [Did I mention she also opened a store where you can buy makeup for little of nothing?], and color combos! [GO]

Fermodyl 619 for Curly & Coarse Hair was one of my tried and true staple products [I say was because I am too lazy to include that extra step anymore] - You can use it on transitioning hair, relaxed, or natural! Robyn is hosting a giveaway on her blog! So join now for a chance to win! [GO]

Milan shares w/us how to cleanse your scalp while in twists! [GO]

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  1. I'm truly starting to seek out your "Friday Link Love" posts! It cuts down on my blog searching/ really highlight some great and informative posts! Thank you so much for the "love"!


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