Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Link Love

As if having a gorgeous mane of curls wasn't enough, JesseADORE gives us a peek inside her closet! [GO] I must say I love the closet hook-up she has there! I also love a gal who can appreciate some good wooden hangers!

The best darn afro period! I should have used her picture for my "I Love Being Black" post. Do I smell a modern day Pam Grier? She is rocking the fro! [GO]

Confessions of a natural; [GO] We have all had a few "back-sliding" moments during our natural hair journey. I know there was a three month period that I was "over" it and wore it straight [as you can see, that didn't last long].

I love her blog! She's got a mean wardrobe, and her eye is out of this world! - Please also check out her New Orleans Trip Pics! [GO]

I will take her shoe collection any day + She has an amazing vintage clothing collection as well! [GO]

I love Robyn from Robyn's nest, she is one of the sweetest bloggers I know! She has decided to giveaway various items [she will even clean it for you before she sends it to you] every time she buys something new. If you wear a size 8 1/2 [or even close] and were in the market for a free pair of red patent leather peep toe pumps....[GO]

Another feature [and more pics] on JessieADORE. This curly has made the internet rounds today! [GO]
I have always wanted to visit Dubai. Nia B is living an extended version of my dream! Nia attends school in Paris, but calls home Dubai! Sweet right? [GO]

After seeing these pics, I am seriously considering doing a roller set in the near future! [GO] I have always wanted to try it, but I suck at using rollers.

Check out another blogger that claims "Henna is here to stay"!! Come on yall [slight peer pressure] you have to try it at least once :-) [GO]


  1. I'll check out these!

    when I read the thing about appreciating a good wooden hanger... it made me think of Madea and the wire hangers... Lol!

  2. Thanks for the link love!! I read the "Henna is here to stay" part and I was like..."wait i said that!!" LOL!!! I joined Milan's (AGrlCanMac) hair challenge and I love her site because of your link love from last week. I think it's amazing what you do and that you are spreading the love!!

  3. Thank you! I truly appreciate it :} I love reading new blogs, meeting new people & just learning in general - so much inspiration out there.

  4. I'm hennaing my hair this weekend! I've been doing it for over a year and a half and I love how it makes my hair and scalp feel, as well as the beautiful color.

  5. I love this! (Except for the fact that in enables my procrastination)JessieAdore is so awesome. Thanks for e-introducing me to her! (I may have finally found a hair twin!)

  6. Thank you so much for the "link love"!

  7. Great links, love them all!

    I'm loving that picture as well, I need her hair..stat!


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