Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Tripping: [n] A Journey Made to and From a Place Within One Day

You couldn't have asked for a better weekend than last weekend. The weather was warm yet breezy, and the skies were picturesque. I decided on a last minute road trip to San Fran. I wanted to catch some inspiration, and get some much needed rest and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of L.A. I was seeking inspiration in the architecture of San Francisco, so I have a lot of pics I will share with you all this week.

I love meandering around in sleepy towns, mingling with the locals, and shopping for little unique treasures in unsuspecting places. My trip was definitely an adventure, with lots of little surprises along the way.

H&M has these cute little floppy sunhats for $9.99 - I think that price warrants a "one of every color" type purchase.

 Shirt, Shorts, Hat, Jewelry, Tights; H&M - Boots; Los Angeles Fashion District


  1. Ooh..I love the necklace and those shorts. You have way too much fun, lol

  2. these pictures are so beautiful! and i love that necklace

  3. Wow. I wish I knew you was here. We had a natural hair meet up in San Francisco this weekend. We are having another one in August.

  4. Luv the pics Nik! Luv your personal style too. I need to travel more :) You are always inspiring me to kick it up a notch!

  5. @Sasha-Shae/Afroniquely You Thank you!!! I have to admit, it was kinda fun! LOL

    @SEWING STARDOM Thank you!! I can't believe that necklace was at H&M! Definitely a steal

    @CurlyNaturallyBeautiful Really? I would love to attend! Please keep me posted [and send info]

    @Encourage and Uplift Thank You!!! I will continue traveling locally until my funds permit international travels...lollll Glad you like the pics!

  6. I was helping my grandma organize her closet and she loves hat and I do too... I love the hat on you. I love your spirit and energy. Continue to share. Pls let me do tell where you got the hat. Namaste


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