Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things | SF Edition

 (1) The wide city streets;

(2) The architecture, the culture.

(3) All the wonderful places to take photos

(4) Public Transportation

(5) Cocktails @ the W [XYZ Bar] This one is the Aphrodisiac, and it is yummy!

(6) The Bacon & Endive Pizza from the W is delicious [it soaks up those yummy cocktails quite nicely]

 (7) The "quiet room" above the bar.

(8) Making 1AM runs to Naan-N-Curry - I absolutely love Indian Food, this place isn't THE best, but the fact that it is open 24hrs gets me every time.

(9) Cowgirl Creamery - All the cheese you can eat!

(10) Far West Fungi - They carry a variety of mushrooms [and the prices are phenomenal]

(11) People-watching @ The Ferry Building

(12) Burgers & Garlic Fries from Mighty Fine Eats [Located inside the Ferry Building]

(13) Miette Patisserie [Located in the Ferry Building] - I absolutely LOVE this bakery!

(14) Falling into one of the many dive bars in San Fran - This time; Hobson's Choice "A Victorian Punch House" Located in "The Haight"- The food was delish, the drinks were tasty, and the Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, Sheila E rotation made me stay for a while.


  1. man, the garlic fries and that cute little bakery!! I need to somehow..someway find my way to SF...pretty!

  2. I'd definitely have to visit SF one day :) interesting places!

  3. you made me want to move there. LOL but i think i might get fat the food pics were great.

  4. Great food photos. I like the stocking over the boot looks so cute I want to try it with pumps. The cupcakes just seem too perfectly made and delicious.

  5. the mushrooms are creepy but lovely photos

  6. My hunny used to live in CA and said that SF is a great place to visit. Judging from your photos he was right. The food, the sites, it all looks wonderful. I could use that Aphrodisiac right about now lol. Great photos sis :)

  7. Gorgeous photos! SF looks lovely, I've got to visit one day!

  8. I've been craving some good Indian food all week long! I feel like I need to make a trip to cali to hang out with you. I'm obsessed with capturing every moment with my canon lol... You're like my long lost internet twin lol

  9. Love the photos. I have visit SF.

  10. great pics.. i love pastries

  11. your pictures are BEAUTIFUL, and so are you! wow. what kind of camera are you using, they are so vivid and clear I feel like that burger is waiting for me to reach out and grab it! ;)

  12. Your pictures make me miss San Francisco so much! I worked across the road from the Ferry Building in the Embarcadero Center last summer, so I was there all the time. So much delicious food!

  13. @Chai They were DELISH!! I didn't bring a toothbrush, so that was the only

    @Vibrant1 You should, I am certain you will love it. It is one of my favorite places.

    @About Mrs Jaye I definitely want to move there, and I KNOW I would gain 50-100lbs easy!! LOL

    @shellsea Thank you!! It would definitely look cute with pumps!!

    @Seygra20 Aren't they!! LOLLL

    @Afrikan Latina Thank you!!! That cocktail was pretty good, but I don't know if I would call it an aphrodisiac! LOL

    @jlowman1 You should definitely check it out!!

    @South Loop Social Light GOOD! So I am not the only one!! I break that big, clunky think out regardless of where I am! LOL You should definitely make your way out to L.A!!

    @Galey Thank You :-)

    @Niika Thank you, and me too! I swear they are going to be the death of me...

    @TKOmulatta Thank you so much!! I am using a Nikon D60!!!

    @Moni No wayyyy!!! You are lucky!! I would love to have that experience!

  14. These pics are amazing!!! And OMG your hair is so beautiful!!!! I am jealous! Wonderful blog anyway!!! Love it!


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