Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spinoff - My Top 3 Must Have Oils

[give me this entire look. source: Afroflower ]

In my last post, I talked about my ever growing supply of "ingredients" [I don't know how to classify them]. Instead of just sharing my favorite vendors with you, I can go a step further and tell you some of my all time favs for kinky curly coils and why. This will help all of you who want to venture off into the abyss of collecting ingredients, and also just the opposite, those than just want a list of what to get and why.

So here we go;

Brazil Nut Oil - This is a semi-expensive oil [when compared to Sweet Almond, Grapeseed etc], but it is a luxury worth including in your shopping list. This oil packs a moisture punch that is out of this world, and also absorbs easily which is a plus.

  • Recommended Use: Pre Shampoo Treatment. Adding to Conditioners. Sealing Moisture in Your Hair 

Monoi De Tahiti Oil - I would classify this as an expensive oil, however the benefits are endless. Let me start off by saying this oil makes my hair so soft and shiny it is ridiculous, I don't know any ONE product that works as well as this does on it's own. Monoi oil is also purported to stop breakage, strengthen hair from the roots, and also stimulate hair growth.

  • Recommended Use: Pre Shampoo Treatment. Use Prior to Rollersets for Softer Shinier Results. Great for Use in Braid Outs/Twist Outs. Sealing Moisture in Your Hair
Rice Bran Oil -  This stuff is dirt cheap, which makes it all the more appealing to me. I love things that work well, are easily available, and has a price that won't leave me eating ramen noodles until payday. [I'm just saying] - If you want some sheen, drop the serums, and pick up some Rice Bran Oil, this is a natural silicone-free alternative [use only a tad though/dime sized portion]. Aside from imparting shine, Rice Bran Oil is good for dry and damaged hair, and it too like the Brazil Nut oil absorbs easily.
  • Recommended Use: Add to Shampoo for Extra Shine/Softness. Add to Conditioner for Extra Shine/Softness. Use as a Shine Serum. 
Camellia Oil - This is the Granddaddy of all oils in my opinion, and unfortunately, it is rather expensive. The upside to that though is that an 8oz bottle should last about 6months to one year depending on how heavy you are with the product application. So here's the 411 on Camellia Oil, this stuff has superb moisturizing capabilities, and is often used in high end hair care products that target dry, damaged, over-processed, and brittle hair.

Not only does it offer great moisturizing benefits, it also penetrates the hair shaft easily, is also purported to promote healthy hair growth, and adds an incredible amount of sheen! If you look for duality in hair care products, this is your one stop shop.

Recommended Use: Pre Shampoo Treatment. Sealing in Moisture. Use Prior to Rollersets for Softer Shinier Results.Add to Shampoo for Extra Shine/Softness. Add to Conditioner for Extra Shine/Softness.


  1. How do i get any of these oils?

  2. If I could only get one oil out of all the oils listed, which would you recommend?

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  4. The oils can be purchased on:

    I found the site on Mop Top Maven's FB page. It says Monoi De Tahiti Oil can be purchased at Trader Joe's but my local store does not carry it. I say call you local store before you drive and waste the trip.


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