Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Divine Mixtress

[some herbs should not be taken while nursing or pregnant, Licorice Root Powder is one of those, it is good to mark this important info on the storage container/bag]

Take a peek into my closet that has been completely overtaken by vegetable oils, herbs, floral waters, exotic butters and the likes. It's pretty scary that a year ago this closet was filled with sewing supplies, and now they have been exiled from the closet, and taken up new residence under my bed. There is even a special stick blender in my house appropriately titled "hair". Yes dolls, I am a total ingredient junkie. It didn't just start with hair though, I have been "soaping" and making a lot of my own bath and body products for the past 10 years. My new found obsession with hair has apparently aggravated a problem I already had. ;-)

So for all you mixtresses out there, I have a short [yet useful] list of my favorite bulk vendors. - In order to get me as repeat customer the prices need to be cheap, shipping needs to be fasssst, quality of goods needs to be good, and fab customer service will win me over every time.

Mountain Rose Herbs - Best quality bulk organic
San Francisco Herb Company - Another good quality herb supplier


  1. Wow! What an amazing collection of goodies. You've given me some ideas here on bringing all of my ingredients to one area. I have all of my herbs scattered between my kitchen and bathroom. Lol!! Thanks and I love your blog. Now I'm starting to check it daily for insights :-)

  2. @Adriansmile Thank you very much for the love!! I had mine scattered around the house too, then I noticed I started to forget about things. lol

    I got those little shelves from Ikea for about 3.99 each, and they were pretty easy to put up. They work pretty well if you have a closet that doesn't have much shelf space.

  3. I make homemade soap and use some (most) of the suppliers you listed. Great stuff!

  4. I love New Directions Aromatics....I make organic hair care products and I they are my number 1 supplier.

  5. I also use New Directions and I only just realised they have an American branch too. I absolutely adore them because their prices are so reasonable and their shipping is so fast and reliable. Sometimes I go to do my own pick up - just to smell their divine showroom lol. I can not seem to be able to lay my hands on Brazil nut oil though. I can't believe the whole of Canada doesn't have this oil!

  6. Amazing info you r a goddess of info!


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