Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As Promised - Flexi Rod; The Tutorial

First let me start off by saying how flipping bummed I am that I accidentally deleted my first video (the twist-out intro video), this is what happens when I attempt to tinker with things before having my morning tea. - I will upload it later on when I get back to my laptop. [sigh]

For now though, I uploaded my first tutorial; [let me tell you] this definitely wasn't an easy feat, and I have a lot more respect for the chicas on Youtube with perfect lighting, angles, and top notch editing skills. - So without further adieu, here are my vids:

The flexi-set is very easy to maintain, all you do is "stuff" all your hair under a large bonnet, and that's it! When you wake up in the morning, fluff out your hair and you are ready to go. This style usually last me about 2 weeks (it can last longer, but I get beyond bored).  
Product List;
Keracare Hydrating Shampoo
Dudley's Hair Mask mixed w/Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment
Sebastian Potion #9
Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream
Monoi De Tahiti Oil
Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding
Aveda Brilliant Damage Control [Heat Protectant]


  1. @Dat Girl, Thank you, you should try it out too!

  2. I tried this yesterday lol and I took a wrong turn somewhere because it was a fail. But I'll be trying again when I have the time. Good tutorial though. :)

  3. Hello, what model pibbs dryer do you have and where did you find it? thx

  4. @Anonymous; I have the PIBBS 514, and I purchased it from a store that is no-longer in business. You can however purchase this model from Sally's and Amazon.

  5. i'd love to know how you manage to keep the style for 2 weeks (mine only lasts a few days before falling flat and frizzing). how do you prep your hair for bed?

  6. OK chica, I live in NJ, and just dropped $50 on flexi rods so that I can try this style. Wish me luck because I'm going to give it a try!

  7. I went to the beauty supply store with RedLady821 (posted above) and dropped $50 as well, wish my non-hair styling behind luck, hopefull I can post a pic, if i do it right

  8. I tried the flexi rods, I really liked them. I do have to learn more patience because after putting my hair into 4 sections, I did the 1st section and took my time using small sections of hair. When I started the second section I started to get really impatient and felt that the entire process was too time consuming. (Do not attempt this style without meds).

    Finally the finished product was pretty and my hair had a ton of body. I slept that evening with a silk cap on but the next morning my hair was extremely frizzy. I pulled it back into a wavy/curly bun and got a lot of compliments. By that evening I knew that it wouldn't stand another evening with just the silk cap so I used a light oil and did my entire head in 2 stranded twists. This morning it came out BEAUTIFULLY with a lot of body and bounce.

  9. Hi I LOVE your blog. I just saw this video for the first time after I tried to set my hair. The technique was wrong and it took FOREVER to dry. I did my usual moisture routine: leave in, sebation potion 9, qhemets heavy cream, seal with oil then used my setting lotion. Was that too much? What products are the most important to keep? I saw that you used a limited amount of products than usual what did you use to set it wet and which ones did you use after it dried. Thanks


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