Thursday, May 13, 2010

The More You Lose Yourself In Something Bigger Than Yourself, The More Energy You Will Have - Norman Vincent Peale

Some of you may remember my post on Gabourey Sidebe some months ago, if not; you can check it out here. Just recently she was making waves yet again because of her alleged diva-tude. I sometimes have a tendency to get caught up in someone's on-screen character so much, my feelings are hurt when I realize they are nothing like that in reality. Don't get me wrong, I didn't want Gabourey to be this uneducated, insecure, young woman; but I wasn't expecting such [un] precious-like behavior either.
If these allegations are true, could it be that she is using that bad attitude as a coping mechanism? Just how vulnerable should you be when your entire life is on display and you are constantly being panned and made fun of because of your appearance?
I just thought I would put that out there because I was curious as to what others thought about it. -

In other news [sorry for the rant]; I am wearing an outfit straight off the racks of H&M; everything from my tights, to my sweater, and my white shirt was purchased there. My shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, and my jewelry is from Forever 21.

H&M has had some pretty cool clothing as of late; I have learned that you have to go to the "good ones" as all H&M's are not created equal. The H&M in Santa Monica is my favorite! 


  1. Great photos, just wish I could get my moptop to look as good as yours

  2. yip was disappointed to when i heard d fact that she was being RUDE......but i guess in Hollywood you get caught up with the fame

  3. How tall are you? I'm asking because I like your style, but often times I find that clothes from H&M or Forever 21 don't fit me because of my height (5'8"). You appear tall in your photos.

  4. I was wondering how you'd pull those shoes off lol... not bad!

  5. Oh yeah, and about Gabby... well, she could have gotten a bit Hollywood. She could be sarcastic... or she could see thru the hollywood bs where everyone is kissing her butt now. I mean, you expect her to be gracious because she's gotten all this fame so quickly, but she is NOT Precious so it's not like she was pulled off the mean streets lol... she was a regular college kid. So who knows... the people that know her best are the opinions that matter and I'm sure they know the real her.

  6. Absolutely Adorable!!! Love the pics!!!

    I don't know what to add on Miss Gabby...I just hope it is not true!!!

  7. I love the locations you choose for your photographs, they're always so interesting and add some nice color and interesting background to what you already have going on in your outfits!! Also love to see girls who make stylish outfits on a budget. Always a refreshing change!!

    xo Becca @

  8. Ooo..nice one..and I want to know tall are you?? and oh yeh..who takes the photos of you? or do u just have the camera set up on a tripod?


  9. cute outfit, as always lol. just curious how often do you restyle your hair?

  10. @Tonia w/ Chic Modern Vintage Thank You! The key is definitely in the products; have you tried the Komaza Coconut Pudding? It is one of my favorites for getting a nice defined braidout!

    @Seygra20 I was disappointed too :-|

    @Anonymous I am 5'8 :-)

    @Ha! My mom hates those - I agree; she definitely "wasn't pulled off the mean streets" lollll - And I guess it's my naivete that gets her on screen, and real life character jumbled up.

    @Robyns Nest Thank You!

    @Becca Thank You!!! I appreciate it :-)

    @Afroniquely You I have various people take my photos; My mom took this last set. Sometimes I take photos of myself as well [with a tripod, camera, remote] - And I am 5'8

    @Sewing Stardom Thank You! I restyle my hair about once a week. When I am attending a function; I may re-twist/re-braid the night before.

  11. You are gorgeous and i absolutely love your aura and style.!!

  12. I love this quote! I totally going to steal/borrow it for my personal repertoire of motivation! Your pics look great!

  13. great style & photos! definitely followin'.

  14. I know you posted this a month ago but I just found it and wanted to comment on Gabourey--the video that was circulating showed her responding to a photographer who asked her if she preferred her own identity to that of an illiterate teenaged incest and rape victim--what would you, as a woman, do in that circumstance? I think she did what any of us who are taught manners would do--she returned the so-called "gift" of flowers from someone who baited her with ridiculous insults. After watching it myself and reading all the blogosphere backlash, I liked her more.


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