Thursday, May 13, 2010

Purveyor of Old Goods

I absolutely love antique shopping! - As a child I would go on pretend "treasure hunts" throughout my neighborhood searching for odds and ends. I would also spend my summers in the local library doing research on the archaeologists that discovered some of the most coveted pieces from the ancient ruins in Egypt. I always knew that one day I too would go on "treasure hunts" of my own when I got older; certainly this isn't as grand as an excavation in Egypt, but the thrill I get is amazing nonetheless.

Here are some pictures I took at one of my favorite antique stores tucked away in the outskirts of L.A! Check out some of the pics the gracious owner allowed me to take in her barn chock-full of treasures!

Antiques At The Barn
6851 W Avenue I
Lancaster, CA 93536
Telephone Number: (661) 726-9556
Hours of Operation:
Hours 11-6, Sun 12-5

I left "the barn" that day with a few goodies to add to my old book collection;


  1. the wonderbread is not real bread right????? lol

  2. @Seygra20 I hope not!!! LOL It didn't really appear to be up close though

  3. I have an Emily Post book of Etiquette. It has helped me in every area of life. Glad to see you know the value of Etiquette and grabbed that book! Every woman should have one!


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