Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mark Your Calendar!

Good afternoon all! Just wanted to take a brief moment to let everyone know I am still here. Posting will resume this Fri with about 5 posts [the remaining posts for regimens, two giveaways, product reviews, tips etc] to get everyone geared for the challenge starting Jan 1rst. I have to take a couple of days off from blogging as my family and I are working round the clock to get those after Christmas orders filled! Thank goodness for family and 5 hour energy drinks!

Orders placed on the 25th and 26th have already shipped; orders placed on the 27th are scheduled to go out today, and orders placed on the 28th will be shipped on the 30th, orders placed on the 29th will ship the 31rst and so on! 
I am also emailing those who didn't make their sizing requests in Paypal to ensure the proper fit of all custom made items.

Thank you everyone for the support! Thank you to all who have told your friends about the blog, the haircare challenge, and my line! Newsletters will go out to everyone that subscribed this Sunday! I'm excited for this challenge, and I am glad I have a wonderful, supportive group of people that are willing to participate.

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