Thursday, December 23, 2010

Healthy Hair In 2011 Challenge! Session #1 Who's In?


Whether your goal is "bra strap" length hair, or growing out your TWA, join me for the healthy hair in 2011 challenge! No matter the state of your hair, you can turn it around by practicing healthy hair care techniques and keeping an air tight regimen [which sounds harder than it actually is]. Healthy hair isn't limited to just wearing your hair in a natural state. You can have healthy heat straightened hair and healthy relaxed as well. The key is to do everything in moderation. 

In order to get the best results, it's best to start your personal hair care challenge with a trim. If your ends are in good condition you can skip this step. Trimming your hair is essential to retaining length. Here's why; ends that are split will eventually break off, and you will gradually lose length this way. Couple healthy ends and care when handling your hair and you will be able to retain that 1/2 inch of growth monthly. 

There are many ways you can care for your hair during this challenge. You can go with a traditional regimen using some of your favorite products, you can opt for all natural products, and you can even take the Ayurvedic route. No matter which regimen you choose, the things you must remember are:
  • Proper Detangling Techniques
  • Keep the stress low on the hair follicles [avoid tight buns, pony's and tight braids]:
  • Keep your hair moisturized 
  • Lay off the excessive heat: Excessive heat breaks down the Keratin bonds in your hair which could cause breakage and overly porous hair [overly porous hair does not retain moisture well]
  • Monitor temperatures if you use heat: Always make sure you are using the appropriate heat setting for your hair type.
  • Go easy on the products that contain alcohol [gels, setting lotions, hair spray]: These products can dry out your hair leaving it brittle, the ends split, and your strands lacking moisture. 
  • Keep your hair protected at night: Sleep with the use of a satin bonnet, or on a satin pillowcase, not only will this help protect your strands from breakage, but it will also help stretch the life of your hair style. 
  • Deep conditioning regularly: Hair that is highly textured needs regular conditioning intervals to help replenish lost moisture and nutrients to keep it healthy and promote hair growth.
Keeping these basic principles in mind will foster healthy hair and also keep you motivated as you start to see the health of your hair improve and also start to notice growth. Some essential tools you need on your journey are: 
  • Wide tooth comb: For detangling
  • Soft/hard bonnet dryer: For deep conditioning
  • Conditioner
  • Ouchless rubberbands
  • Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Clarifying/Chelating Shampoo
  • Natural Oil: For sealing moisture in your hair, I recommend Grapeseed, Jojoba or Coconut.
  • Styling aid: For doing styles like twist outs or braid outs. You can use hair butters like Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter, or puddings like Miss Jessie's
How the challenge works: The first session of this challenge will last for six months. Every month I will hold two virtual check-ins where I create a post geared towards answering questions, concerns, and talking about products. One check in will be via LiveStream, so that I can answer your questions real time, and the other check in will be via blog post for those that are unable to log on to get their questions answered. 
The goal is to create a community that encourages women to start taking better care of their hair, and get questions answered about products, setbacks, general self esteem issues, and regimens so that they feel good about themselves and their journey. 
The healthy hair care challenge is open to anyone who wants to ring in the New Year with a healthier approach to hair care. It doesn't matter if you are relaxed, natural, transitioning, or heat straightened.  
To participate in the challenge, please list your starting length and your goal length [in the comment section]. Please also list the type of regimen your going to follow. Choose from Traditional [using regular products/methods], Natural [consisting mostly of DIY and natural products] or Ayurvedic [consisting mostly of Ayurvedic Herbs/Oils]. Starting Monday, December 27th, I will list product recommendations and sample regimens for each category. 

To kick it off, my starting length is mid back length, my goal is waist-length, and I will maintain a regimen that is a combination of traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic!
The challenge will start Jan 1rst, and will run for six months! If you're looking to turn your hair around and you don't know where to start, or you're lost in your hair journey, or simply want a little motivation, let's go!
If you would like to be notified of the check-in dates ahead of time, and receive a newsletter [one newsletter will go out once monthly and will cover a range of topics from protective styling options, to product recommendations, DIY hair care recipes etc], please send an email with "Subscribe" in the subject line to:

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  1. i'm already doing one like this, but i'm definitely in! xx

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  3. I'm in! Starting: Partial bsl Goal: Natural Stretched MBL
    I'm transitioning. While I'm following the natural regimen, I will also follow the ayurvedic as I use amla/brahmi/maka powders, brahmi oil, and henna anyway.

  4. I'm in!

    Right now I am working the TWA. I don't have a goal length really. Have not decided on Natural or Ayurvedic yet.

  5. I'm in. I'm natural(currently shoulder length; stretched)my goal is bra strap length.

    Regimen Traditional; using regular products/methods

  6. I'm definitely in! I need to get rid of the these heat damaged ends. So far in 2010, I've trimmed about 6 inches, I have another 3-4 to go...sigh.

  7. I'm in! I haven't straightened in over a year, but I think I'm a little past Collar-bone length. My goal is Bra strap length. I'll be using a traditional/natural method.

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  10. I would like to join! I am currently TWA and I would like to be shoulder lenght be the end of 2011. I am going to be using traditional products

  11. I'm definitely in!! I am currently NL but I am aiming for APL sometime before December. I will have a traditional regimen with a little natural thrown in. ;) Between you and I will have some lovely natural tresses!

    Keep up the great work!

  12. I'm in! My lenth right now is APL and my goal is full brastrap length (it was this length in the past, but I had a set back so I cut it to shoulder length in August). I will be using a traditional method. Will we have to post pictures for this challenge?

  13. This is awesome! Exactly what I needed to kick my butt into gear. Right now, I'm about shoulder length at the back and chin length in front (stretched). I just want to grow it as long as I can in 6 months. I haven't decided on a regimen yet. Right now, I'm doing a mix between Ayuverdic and Traditional so maybe that will carry over?

  14. I'm soooooo happy you are doing this. My hair has exceeded BSL... slightly, that was until Tues. when my absolutely HORRIBLE ends pushed me over the edge and I took scissors to my hair. It's so uneven now and I have to re-shape my hair and get more hair cut off, so IDK where my lenght will be. Anyway, my goal for 2011 is HEALTHY, thicker, MOSITURE RETAINING BSL. I have super, super, super dry hair and I feel I have done EVERYTHING! I get soooo Flustered! I was looking up the Ayurvedic regime on Wed. I am a New Yorker so it's SUPER cold and I actually want to do crochet braids as my protective style. I plan on keeping them in for 6 weeks, then re-doing them until April. We will finally have a natural hair expo, so I want my hair out. What do you think?

  15. This is cool, I wanna be part of the challenge. I'm even thinking of cutting my hair and going all natural for 2011. Hope it goes well.

  16. I'm down for the challenge! My length right now is an "awkward" TWA that is almost ear length but my goal is to get HOPEFULLY to shoulder length. I plan on doing a mixture of the Natural and Ayurvedic regimens (because I'm currently doing Ayurvedic now). I'm excited for whats to come during these months. :-)

  17. I'm in! I was just thinking about really focusing on taking care of my hair for 2011.Currently i'm APL. My goal is just below BSL. I will be using a combination of Traditional and Ayurvedic regimens.

  18. I'm almost BSL, and my goal is mid-back length. I plan to go between the traditional and natural methods

  19. Starting Length: Grazing waist-length
    Goal: HEALTHIER waist-length
    Regimen Type: Traditional, but willing to try Natural & Ayurvedic methods

  20. I'm IN!
    My starting length is bra-strap and my goal is mid back length - waist length. And my regimen will be a combination of traditional, natural and ayurvedic.
    I'm so excited!!!

  21. How exciting. I've been a lurker but I'm happy I can participate in this.

    I'm a transitioner with almost 2 inches of new growth and at the end of six months I want to have 5 inches of new growth using traditional products with the occasional oil or natural product.

  22. I'm so in!

    I'm currently APL but I'm in serious need of a trim - I would love to be BSL by the end of 2011 - I would love to do natural/dyi method as well as ayurvedic

    Thanks for doing this!

  23. I'm in. I am apl hoping to make bsl/mbl by the end of the year. I will be using a traditional/natural regimen

  24. Im so in im jumpin on my bed!
    My starting length: 2-3 in.
    My goal lenth: 5-6 in.
    My regimen type: mostly natural w/ some traditional mixed in

  25. I'm in.

    I'm natural and currently a few inches longer than shoulder length when straightened, aiming for bra length using a few traditional and mostly ayurvedic methods.

    I'm so excited for this.... Let's do it!

  26. My starting length is just above shoulder
    My goal length is collar bone (drastic huh? lol)
    My regimen will be traditional/ayurvedic

    So excited, I was gonna do this on my own and Im happy to do this with others. Good Luck everyone!!!

  27. My hair currently comes down to my midback. I would like it to grow to my waist. I am natural but heat straightened. I don't style my own hair. My hairdresser uses traditional and natural products.

  28. This is great! My current hair length is collar bone length. My goal is bra strap length. I will use a mixture of methods; but mostly ayurvedic. Thanks for the encouragement and information to help us get to our goals!

  29. I'm in
    I'll be starting by trimming my ends
    current lenght: neck lenght
    goal: arm pit lenght

    Thanks Nicole

  30. I'm definitely in! Starting at shoulder length and looking to be arm-pit length. I will be using the traditional/natural regimen.

  31. I'm in...currently collarbone length looking to go to BSL. I'm currently on my own challenge of no applied, or ponytails, weekly deep conditioning. It would be nice to do this with like minded people.
    Plan on implementing the Ayurvedic regimen.

    Thanks so much Nicole...

  32. I am definitely in!!! I am about shoulder length hair. For my hair regiment I will be doing a combo of traditional and natural. My goal to get rid of my...bald spot from a horrible detangling experience. Also another goal will be to grow hair to armpit length.

  33. Im in for sure. My current lenght is a few inches past shoulder lenght. My goal is bra lenght. My regimen a traditional/ayurvedic.

  34. I'm down! Currently I'm slightly above TWA. By end of 2011, would love to be APL - that's my goal! And I'll be doing a combination of Traditional and Ayurvedic :)

  35. I'm in. I am currently BSL. I am natural and thinking of doing traditional and Ayrurvedic. Hoping to become waist length.

  36. Yes! I'm in too! I'm approaching APL so that's my goal for now. Then it's BSL and I'm done there.

  37. I'm in.
    Current Length: Shoulder length fully straightend.
    Target Length:Bra Strap Length
    Strategy: Natural/Ayurvedic with no heat

    Good Luck to everyone!

  38. such a great idea! i'm in

    i'm currently shoulder length, but i am getting a pretty hefty trim tomorrow so we'll see where i end up. i really don't have a goal length. i have some breakage in the back and i am just looking for that to grow back. so my overall mission is to have healthy relaxed hair :) i'll be using a mix of traditional and natural methods.

  39. I'm in! My current length is nape length ( I think) but I need a trim and my goal is APL maybe? Lol so confused...I just wamt to see how long my hair can grow with me taking better care of it! My regimen will be a combo of all 3

  40. I am in lady ! Was doing a list of products to simplify my hair products today @work & decided to go for Ayurvedic only ....So your challenge is ON POINT ! loool
    Starting length : flirting dangerously with BSL
    Goal after 6 months : thick full BSL
    Will trim January 15th after my relaxer :-)

  41. I'm so in!
    Current length: just above collarbone
    Goal: APL
    Will use traditional with ayurvedic methods mixed in!

    Can't wait to begin!

  42. This is a great challenge, I'm in. The shortest part of my hair is collarbone length and the longest is past APL but not quite BSL. So I'd like to reach BSL and get as much of my hair at that length as possible by year's end.
    I'm mixing all three methods. Ayurvedic for shampoos & conditioners, natural and traditional for daily maintenance.
    Good luck ladies! And thanks MTM for hosting the challenge.

  43. Im in! I am so excited about documenting my growth this yr.

    I just got a must need trim so I am starting at APL, goal is to be BSL or longer.

    I am totally open to any methods that will help me obtain my goal since I am exploring several methods right now.

  44. Definitely in! I've been thinking about doing a challenge similar to this myself, but I guess it will be waaaay better if I have someone to check in with. My starting length in the back is neck length, on the sides ear length, and bangs eyebrow length. My goal is to be at least shoulder length, but prefer APL, on the sides collar bone, and bangs chin length.

  45. Im in!

    Right now I'm a little past shoulder/collar bone length and my goal is to real APL. I will be using a combination of all 3 methods!

    Yay! I'm so excited!

  46. i'm in My starting length is neck length and my goal is armpit length. i want to try Ayurvedic regimen

  47. I'm in! My current length in the back is collarbone lenght, sided are at my jawline and front is nose lenght. My goal is APL in the back and chin length everywhere else.

  48. Count me in!
    Current: Bob; front-collar bone length, back-nape.
    Target: Shoulder length
    Strategy: Traditional

  49. I am in!
    Current: Neck length
    Target: Armpit Length
    Strategy: Wide tooth comb and Half wigs. No heat.

  50. Awesome! I just BC'd a couple of weeks ago so I've got the TWA going on now. My goal is to grow it out to at least 3 inches. I'm doing the natural regimen.

  51. I'd like to join.
    I'm currently an inch shy of bra strap length, but I'm battling breakage and my ends are getting thin. I'm going to need start with a trim, but I'll be at least APL. My goal is to get to a full, healthy BSL. I'm going to use a natural regimen, but I'm interested in the Ayurvedic one as well. If anyone knows someone who can straighten and trim natural hair (and knows the meaning of heat protectant and wide-toothed combs, etc.) in Los Angeles, please let me know!

  52. I'm in too:
    Current: front; collar bone and back; nape
    Goal: shoulder lenth
    Approach: Natural

  53. I'm In!!!
    Current: front: cheek, back: shoulder top
    Goal: armpit length
    Approach: Traditional and Ayurvedic

  54. I'm down!

    Current: Collar Bone Length

    Short term target: APL
    Long term target: BSL
    Strategy: Traditional, though I am down to learn natural/DIY & ayurvedic :-)

  55. Im down!
    Right now I just cut couple of inches... My hair feels soo good now. My only goal is to have full, healthy, and moistured hair. My hair is very dry and porous, and would love to join you guys in this amazing journey. I'm trying all regimen since i have been using Ayuverdic herbs/oils for about 4 months now.

  56. Ixcrm in;)
    Current texture: kinky curl ,length(mohawk) middle ~collarbone, sides about 3 inches long.
    Regimen: traditional and natural products.
    Goal: healthy curly fro

  57. Right now my hair is at the top of my shoulder and my goal is midback. I will use traditional and natural methods.

  58. i'm in!

    current:approaching apl
    Target: BSL
    strategy: mix between traditional, natural & ayurvedic

  59. I am oh so excited about this!!!

    -Starting Length: TWA (2 inches in length, but may change after my trim)
    -Goal Length: 6 inches
    -Natural Regimen

    Definitely subscribing as well!

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  61. Yes, great way to start 2011! I already decided to have my hair out for most of the year, so this challenge is a good incentive...hopefully I see growth.

    Current length: Neck
    Goal: below shoulder blade
    I'm introducing more natural and ayurvedic products

    2011 - year of self development - Bring it On!!

  62. I'm in. I'm currently twa and I'd like to be shoulder length by this time next year. I'll be using traditional products.

  63. I'm in! I'm currently shoulder length stretched (transitioning to natural), my goal is arm-pit length, and I'll be using traditional products.

  64. i'm in too!
    currently :: APL
    goal :: BSL
    routine :: natural and i'd like to start incorporating some ayurvedic methods

  65. I'm in. I have been getting discouraged with my hair and this is what I need. My hair is at the end of my neck and I would love for it to grow past my shoulders.

  66. I would like to have healthy relaxed hair. I'm shoulder length. Goal is bra strap length. Using traditional and natural methods.

  67. Im In!!
    Currently I am transitioning, using sew-ins to transition. I have ear length hair and my goal is to have shoulder length hair that is all natural. I want to use traditional products.

    Also, what advice do you have for those who wear sew-in?

  68. I want in! My hair is relaxed and roughly armpit length. My goal is full, healthy BSL and I plan to use a combination of traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic methods.

  69. I'm In!
    Currently neck length
    Goal is BSL
    Routine, Traditional but wanting to try ayurvedic :-)
    HHJ everyone!

  70. i'm in!

    Currently TWA
    Goal is Neck Length
    I think i'll be doing a combination of traditional and natural

    can't wait!

  71. I'm in!! This is so on time, I was just talking about this today! .. Right now I have a medium ear length natural hair. I just want to be healthier and grow as long as it can over the next year. To accomplish this I'll do all three methods...

  72. I would like to join! Here it is-->
    Hair type: Natural
    routine: traditional
    starting length: collarbone
    six month goal: just hovering my shoulders

  73. I'm in too! My current length is bra strap length and my goal is mid back length or waist length. Routine: traditional/ayurvedic. I have been longing for a healthy hair challenge!

  74. I'm in! I definitely need the motivation to start a healthy hair journey. I have shoulder length hair, but I need a cut BADLY to get rid of split ends. I would just like to retain neck length growth and use a primary natural regimen while bringing Ayurvedic treatments into my regimen.

  75. Awesome! I was planning on doing this anyways...

    Hair type: Natural
    Length: Shoulder
    Goal: BSL or beyond :)
    Routine: Natural/Traditional. I'll check out ayurvedic (don't know much about it).

    I just want a huge massive healthy fro in 2011 :) Now I am off to trim my ends...

  76. Hey...

    I'm really excited about this. Here is my stats:
    Hair type: Natural
    Routine: I'd like to mix and match all three
    Current Length: Jaw-line
    Goal length: Bra-strap (eventually)

  77. Im in! I have a natural TWA. My starting length is 2.5 inches. My goal is to have about 6 inches within the next 6 months. I am doing the Traditional method.

  78. Count me in!!! I am currently MBL and my goal is thicker healthy WSL hair (again). I will be following a natural and ayurvedic regimen with the use of conditioner to mix herbs and oils for prepooing. I am really excited about this challenge. Thank you for starting this :-)

  79. I'm so in! I am currently shoulder blade length and my goal is bra stra length. I will be following a natural and ayurvedic regimens.

  80. Count me in!!
    Current length: Almost neck length
    Goal Length: Bra strap length
    I will be following a combo of all three regimens!

  81. We ready,we ready... j/k :) I have mid-neck length hair, not all of my layers are at shoulder length. I would like mid bra strap length hair. I will follow a combination of natural and ayurvedic regimens.(Already made me trip to my local indian grocery store) I plan to add a smidge of traditional products as well.

  82. Count me in! I'm sporting a 2-3 inch TWA and would love to gain the 6 inches or more by the end of 2011. I'm going to use a combination of all 3 methods focusing primarily on natural/ayurvedic methods.

  83. I'm in too. 18 months of growing out heat damage. I have a 3 more inches to cut and then by the end of 2011 I'll reach my goal!

    Current length: bottom of bra strap (stretched)
    Goal length: Waist (stretched)
    Method: Natural (except for Nexxus Emergencee)

  84. I'm in! Let's go! Currently:Natural @ Collar Bone Length stretched. Going for APL. Traditional/Natural mix regimen

    I'm excited :-D

  85. Just what I needed!!!
    Current length: Slightly past shoulder length and thinning
    Goal: Thicker hair, touching the top of my bra strap
    I will be using all three methods.

  86. count me in! 3 inches TWA
    goal: another 4 inches
    natural/ayurvedic methods reginmen

  87. my starting length is arm pit length, my goal is bra strap length, and I will maintain a regimen that is a combination of traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic.

  88. I'm in! Currently, I'm nape length & trying to get to shoulder length. I'm going to do a combo of all three as well.

  89. I just big chopped in october, so I need this! I'll be combining traditional and natural. Right now my hair is about 2.5 inches long. My goal for the year is to be at shoulder length

  90. Fo Sho!!!
    Current Length: Shoulders
    Goal: APL
    Methods: Traditional, Natural, and Ayurvedic!

  91. I am in!
    Current Length: Shoulder
    Goal: APL
    Methods: 25% Traditional, 25% Natural and 50% Ayurvedic!

  92. I'm so excited! I've always wanted to try one of these :)

    Current Length: 6-7 inches
    >strectched- shoulder length
    >unstretched- a little past chin length
    Goal Length:
    >Shoulder length, unstretched
    >Bra-Strap length, stretched
    I will be using NATURAL methods :)

  93. I'm in!!!
    Current length is 6 inches. My goal is to have 12 inches total at the end of the challenge. I plan on using a combination of all three methods.

  94. I'm totally in! My bangs go to my lips. If I stretch out my sides, they go to my shoulders. I don't know what this length would be considered!

    I would like my bangs to be shoulder length, so that is my goal.

    Also, I will be doing a mix of traditional and Natural. There will be some experimentation with ayurvedic methods.

    I've only recently discovered the ayurvedic and want to take advantage of leaving next door to an Indian Supermarket.

  95. Wow- so glad that you're doing this! I seriously need some structure to my HHJ. My current length is about collar bone length/shoulder length stretched (I'll be doing a blowout this weekended to make sure). My 2011 goal is somewhere between APL and BSL. Really I just want to have the thickest, healthiest hair possible. I will be using a mix of natural and ayurvedic.

  96. I am so in!

    My current is about 3 inches. I would love to have at least 9 to 10 inches by the end of challenge. I am doing a combination of Traditional and Natural.

  97. Sounds great!
    Current length:APL/ 7mo in transition
    Goal: APL with more fabulous regrowth
    Method: 40%Natural,40%Ayuvedic & 20%Traditional

  98. This was my plan anyway, so this works out perfectly. Count me in! My hair is layered (just grows that way, I guess), and goes from chin length in the very front to about 2 inches above BSB (below shoulder blade), in the back. Goal is healthy hair at full mid-back length by December 2011. I'm using a combination of natural products and traditional products in my regimen. Yaayuuuh.

  99. NaturallyBeautifullyMadeDecember 23, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    Count me in. I am so excited!!! I plan to combine the Traditional, Natural and Ayuverdic methods. I've already started planning out my hair regimen and ordering my products/ingredients. 2011 will be the year of healthy hair!!

    Current Length: 5 inches
    Goal Length: Shoulder length (by end of 2011)

  100. Im in! I just had ALL my damaged ends cut today so this came right on time. My hair is currently shoulder length, my goal for 2011 is bra strap length. I'll be on a regimen of mostly natural and Ayurvedic products with a bit of traditional products sprinkled in :)

    So excited!

  101. Count me in! I chopped my hair Jan 16 2010 and I haven't straightened it for 11months and it shrinks like crazy! So I am estimating but it should be just above my shoulders(the longest strands). My regimen is and will continuing to consists of traditional/natural products but I would also love to incorporate Ayuverdics methods too. Lets do it 2011!!

  102. I am ready for the challenge !! I am currently at about lower lobe length and my goal is shoulder length.. I am on a mixture of all three regimens! :0)

  103. I LOVE this idea....I can't wait to see all the progress of everyone!


  104. Im down for the challenge! My starting point is mid back and my goal is waist length, and I use a natural regimen. Im excited!

  105. I'm in! I definitely need to start with a trim. I'm transitioning [13 months post relaxer on the 25th]. My hair is currently shoulder length and my goal is arm pit length AND fully natural! I'll be using natural + traditional products.

  106. I'm in and I am very excited!
    Length:Collar Length
    Goal Length: Bra Strap (maybe)
    Regimen: Traditional and Natural but I would like to try the Auyverdic method.

  107. Oops! i forgot to include my goal: APL! Goodluck girlies!

  108. I'm in!!
    I'm shooting for APL!
    i'm currently 5 months post bc and 13 months post relaxer

  109. Natural for about 7 1/2 months. Currently sporting a TWA at ear length. Goal is shoulder length. I will achieve this by traditional, natural, and ayurvedic method(s).
    Let's Go!

  110. Definitely in!!
    Current length: shoulder
    Desired length: bra strap
    Ayurvedic regimen :-)

  111. I'm so in!!
    I'm currently doing a mix of Ayurvedic and natural. My hair is natural but I wear it in the protective twist style. My length is at the nape of my neck but my goal is APL. Let's do it!!

  112. I'm loving what you're doing with this site. I'm in for sure!

  113. im soooooooo in!!!!!!
    i am currently just yr and am twa my goal is past ear and mid way shoulder length. i will achieve this by traditional, natural and ayurvedic so excited

  114. I'm in. I have no idea what kind regimen to do yet. I'm interested in Ayurvedic but I really don't know where to start.

    My current length is just at APL
    my goal length is 1 inch past full APL all around, from bangs to nape.

  115. i'm in! transitioning. current length: almost armpit length; goal length: bra strap length; natural & traditional method

  116. I'm in, great timing for this challenge, thank you!!! I'm currently ransitioning and not sure of my length yet. Most of my relaxed ends I have already cut off through mini chops. I'm currently 7 months post relaxer and going strong. Goal length is bra strap eventually. Natural and aruyvedic methods.

  117. I'm so in! Right now i'm between SL and APL, last time I checked the length of my hair is between 5-7 inches. I'm hoping to get to APL or below, and have 8-10 inches at the end of the challenge. I'll be following a natural + traditional method, with a couple of Ayurvedic treatments in there.

  118. YES!! I'm so down!! My starting length is collar bone. My ultimate goal length far as it'll grow!! But I Really wanna get to BSL (Even though I'm not at APL yet. :) I plan on doing a mixture of all three regimens also!!

  119. This is a great way to start the new year!

    My current length is past my collar bone and I hope to be bra strap length.

    I will be using a traditional regimen with limited heat.

  120. Olá ;)

    Sure thing, I'm up for it. Currently rockin a short twa, but after about 7 months I miss my long hair :( It only reaches somewhat past the bottom of my ear on the side, in the middle of my neck in the back, and to my brows in the front. Soooo I guess my goal would be......shoulder lenth by the time the 6 months are over.


  121. oh also, plan on using what I use now, natural oils and butters, maybe 2 commercial products but natural-based.

  122. I'm in. I have a twa and my goal is betwwen ear length and chin length. I am going to use a mix between traditional and natural products.

  123. I'm in:-).

    My starting length: 5-6 inches on top; 3-4 inches at the bottom
    My goal length for the challenge: 10 inches on top; 8-10 at the back
    My regimen type: Currently traditional but I will like to do Ayuredic methods for this challenge (while wearing protective styles)!

    Love your blog:-).

  124. I'm in!!
    My starting length: hitting @ the collarbone
    Goal Length: bra strap
    I am going to use the mostly Natural method and maybe dip into the Ayuredic method some.

  125. Im in!!!

    Starting length: 2-3 inches
    Goal length: hmmm in 6 months I will be 11 months post BC!! so I should have about 5-6 inches of hair!!
    My regimen type: natural-i use all natural product lines and oils..
    Right now im in yarn braids for 2 months as a protective style so i guess im on the right track so far!!

  126. I'm in.

    Starting Length: 3-4 inches
    Goal Length: 6-7 inches
    My Regimen Type: Natural and try a little of the Avuryedic Method

  127. I'm so in! This will be my first hair care challenge and I'm really excited about this. My hair will probably be a TWA since I will probably be getting the BC for the new year. I've been transitioning for nine months so it feels right and I'm ready. My regimen of choice will be a combination of natural and ayurvedic.

  128. Truly Unique IndividualDecember 23, 2010 at 9:12 PM

    I am so in!!!

    Starting length: 4 inches
    Goal: 8 inches

    I use Organic Products that I have created - combining Ayuredic oils, herbs, and powders in combination with moisturizing essentials.

  129. I'm in! Currently transitioning (again) due to heat damage : (
    Current length: shoulder; Goal length: mid-back; Regimen type: natural and ayurvedic.

  130. Me + Daughter

    Me: Currently shoulder length. Goals mid-back, jet-black, bangs up to my chin. Using traditional, all natural & Ayurvedic products.

    Daughter: Currently shoulder length. Goals mid-back, less porous, moisturized hair and reduce split ends.

  131. I'm in! Currently about an inch or so above bra strap and my goal is mid-back. Combo of traditional, natural and ayurvedic!

  132. My starting length is uh.. I currently have a ceasar cut (not quite a TWA yet) and my goal is neck length, and I will maintain a regimen that is a combination of natural and Ayurvedic. Bring it on.

  133. First time ever doing something like this; I'm trying to stop being so lazy with my hair.

    My starting length is collar bone length, my goal is bra-strap length, and I will maintain a regimen that is a combination of traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic.

  134. This is just the motivation I needed! Current Length: arm pit length, Goal Length: mid back length. Regime: traditional/natural

  135. Current Length: Neck, shoulder when stretched.
    Goal Length: APL
    Regimen: Traditional/Natural
    ...yay I'm excited!, gonna get my hair trimmed on wednesday..lets gooooooo!

  136. Excited!!
    My starting Length i believe is a little at shoulder length (really can't tel right now because my hair is braided up) My current goal is Arm Pit Length!!! and i will maintain a Traditional and Natural Regimen!!!!

  137. Hi this is Icela . . . This is awesome! And I'm totally in need of some motivation. . .I'm in!
    Current length: Neck, Shoulder when stretched
    Goal: APL
    Regimen: Natural/Ayurvedic

  138. I'm in!

    My hair is freshly trimmed (cut :) ) and right below shoulder length. I would like to get to APL w/i 6 months. My regimen will be traditional/natural.

  139. I'm in!!
    currently transitioning without the BC.
    i am at apl, goal by june will be full bsl.and goal by the end of 2011 will be mbl???mayb..
    i will be using a combination of all 2 to see which one works best for me...and would appreciate some advice on products for transitioner...thanks again nicole..ur the best!!

  140. wow Nicole! Thank you so much for doing this!Just wow!
    Length: 8 - 10 inches (the hair on my sides is longer).I'm 20 and I've been natural all my life.I cut about 6 in throughout this year to be able to wear it in an afro to go to school. AND bc I was misinformed about trimming.
    2011 goal: to retain more than 5 in of new growth (I'm so naughty lol)
    Regime: DIY Natural and maybe Ayurvedic as needed
    I'm so excited, Merci ma cherie!

  141. I'm in and i'll be using the traditional method. My hair is just grazing shoulder length and my long term goal is to have waistlength hair. I'm currently in a weave and i won't be taking it out until February so i'll get a trim then

    xoxo Hermine

  142. Wow!! The responses are insane (I mean that in the good sense of the I am most definitely in!!

    Starting length- shoulder length stretched
    Goal- bra strap length
    Plan of action- creating and following a strict regimen consisting of traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic products and methods.

    Good luck ladies! Let's do this!

  143. I'm in! Starting: almost armpit lenght.End length will be full bsl
    I will be doing my natural hair products. I cant wait lol

  144. Starting Length: a little past shoulder
    Goal: bsl
    Plan: a combination of the three

  145. I'm in too! I was actually about to start my own personal challenge so it's great to be a part of this one.

    My hair is different lengths but I'm guessing around 4-5 inches. I'll be using a combo of natural and Ayurvedic methods. Hair length goal? Well, just longer and healthier. :-D

  146. I'm in there like!! im stoked about this,,
    Starting at 13inches...shrt term goal 16 inches
    long term 22 inches(rim size)ha
    I'll be using the combination plate....on natural hair

  147. Starting Length: Bra strap length
    Goal: HEALTHIER scalp, more curly definition, waist-length
    Regimen Type: Natural; excited to include Ayurvedic methods.

  148. I'm so in!!!!! I've needed somthing like this to help me have healthy and longer hair
    Starting length: twa
    Goal: healthier and shoulder length hair
    Regimen type: traditional

  149. I'm in...though I am already natural, I really want to Big on Jan 2, 2011. I big chop.
    I am trying to retain ALL 6 INCHES of growth per year.
    I will mix traditional and natural. Super excited

  150. I'm in!

    I'm starting at shoulder length and my goal is to my bra strap, which is about 4-5 inches (WOW). I'll be using a natural/traditional combo.

  151. I'm so glad that you are doing this challenge! I've been less than satisfied with the quality of my hair strands and the length I've retained over my two years of being natural. Hopefully, this challenge will get me going on the right path to happy, strong hair!

    Right now: 5-7 inches on the left side of my head and 5-6 inches on the right side of my head.

    Goal: 10 inches all over.

    Regimen: a combination of traditional and Ayurvedic.

    Let's go ladies!!!

  152. I am totally up for this challenge.

    I've been natural 4 years this week and earlier this year I was being lazy with my hair. So, after a big trim in Aug. I decided to change up a couple of things.

    * Only combing when wet
    * Moisturize, Moisturize
    * No more hair color (only 1" remaining)
    * Put in a protective style at least every night.

    Those steps have done wonders, my hair has grown a lot.

    I am currently a little past shoulder length and I want to eventually get to bsl.

    I cant wait.

  153. This comment has been removed by the author.

  154. boom!!! am in!!

    1) hair unstretched sits/past shoulders.
    2) hair stretched is past arm pit length
    3) i wear two strand twists 94% of the time
    4) i feel that my scalp doesn't feel the healthiest imo
    5) i think am shedding too much (but i detangle once a month)
    6) i feel that my hair is not as thick as three months ago...but maybe i think this because my hair is weighing itself down as it gets longer and i think i do a pretty darn good job in sealing my cuticles---> hairs lay flatter
    7) i haven't used heat on my hair since dec 2007
    8) i use mostly natural/organic/diy products

    1) to add the same length of hair i was able to attain within the past year (so i guess my hair unstreched will be around apl)
    2) just want to wear my hair in mostly unstretched hair styles
    3) make sure scalp is the most healthiest ever
    4) to continue to use natural/organic/diy products
    5) begin to use ayuvedic herbs in hair care...i am flirting with the idea of using only ayurvedic herbs for half of the year but am scared lol
    6) keep my hair in two strand twists 94% of the time
    7) experiment with no heat ways of achieving curls in the cooler months

  155. So in !
    actual lenth collar bones
    dreamm length boobs =)

    combination of traditional and Ayurvedic
    Excited about this =) 2011 lets goooo

  156. This comment has been removed by the author.

  157. Great idea as I am on a personal no heat challenge until the spring.
    Starting length: front - eyebrow level
    Goal - below the eyes

    Starting length: back - nape
    Goal - shoulder length

    I will rely on a combination of all three methods and braid my hair intil either April or May.

  158. Thank you for putting up this challenge, your blog is amazing!

    Starting length: past shoulder length
    Goal: bra strap length
    Regimen: a combination of natural, traditional & ayurvedic

    Now if only i knew how to self trim for a good start, I have a ton if single stand knots that has caused a set back for me. Any ideas on how to trim for my length?


  159. This is great, I am so in!!!!! My starting length is just below my jawline, and my goal is waist-length, and currently I am maintaining a traditional regime but I will sure try to combine that with natural, and Ayurvedic regime to get better results! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  160. I'm in and excited!

    Right now my hair when in twists drapes the very back of my neck and when straightened I'm about shoulder length, so I'll go with that. My goal is BSL and I will be using a combination of Traditional, Natural, and Ayurvedic.

    Thank you for this!!

  161. Current length: about 3 inches from waist length
    My goal: to have healthier hair
    Regimen: mostly traditional; too lazy for the diy hair products lol

  162. Current Length: about 5.5 inches
    Goal: four inches
    Regimen: Natural/Traditional

  163. Am up for the challenge, currently growing out my twa. My goal is healthy APL hair let's go :)

  164. Yay! So excited about the challenge. I'll be taking the Ayurvedic/Natural route. Starting length: collar bone lenghth. Goal: shoulder length. BTW many compliments of the season. x

  165. hey!
    well, first off, wanna say great choice for the pic of this post, i just love esperanza, shes a great talented bass player and singer...
    anyways, im in for the challenge:
    startin length: necklength Goal: Full shoulder length for now.
    and my regimen is ayurvedic/traditionnal and natural... lol

    thanks for this idea!! its great, good luck to all the other ladies out there!!
    enjoy the holiday season!


  166. Count me in- Why don't people follow instructions? asked for the follwing info in the comments. So here goes:
    My current length is 3 1/2. Goal is shoulder length. I will be using both natural and ayurvedic regimens. Thanks a bunch!

  167. I'm up for the challenge. My starting length is between SL and APL. My short term goal is full APL and my long term goal is WL. I will be using a mix of natural and traditional but mostly natural.

  168. I'm in! I'm currently between APL and BSL, natural hair. I want to be completely at BSL. I will be using a combination of traditional and natural methods.

  169. I'm also in!
    Currently: natural BSL in the back and APL in the front
    Goal 2011: full BSL all around and thicker, much thicker
    Regimen: i use mostly natural products now but would like to start using Ayurvedic products again. I also plan on using henna once a month.
    good luck ladies!

  170. Starting length: shoulder length(stretched)
    Goal length: APL
    Regimen: Natural but want to try ayurvedic

  171. I'm definitely in!
    Just did my BC for the second time. Hoping this challenge will help with growth this time around. And l will be using the traditional regimen.

  172. am currently in hair transition. I am growing out my hair from a short cut. I am a relaxer kind of girl, although a lot of my close friends are going the natural way. Im not really there yet, and I think thats ok. I had a beautiful baby boy 2 years ago and boy did I see the change in my hair. Pregnancy and all its vast hormones do wonders for the "do" but the after effect...Well lets just say, my hair is still shedding!!! I am currently at a length a little past my ear. Im pretty diligent about going to the hair salon for biweekly maintenance. Here is my product line up:
    Relaxer: Affirm
    Shampoo and Conditioner: Sad to say, not really sure of the product my stylist uses(they change from time to time) I have been going to the same stylist for over 10 years now and I love her!!! My hair has done pretty well under her care.
    At home: Ive been working with PhytoSpecific, which I experienced for the first time when I moonlighted at Ted Gibson Salon in Chevy Chase. I really liked the product and the after affect of my hair-soft and manageable. I prefer less product. I've also been know to use Frederik Fekkai Glossing Line(Thanks to Michelle O.) I still use the Glossing Cream, which I love as well, especially when its close to touch-up time.
    Oil: every other day I apply a little Natural Oasis. Ive been using this for years too and although it does begin to weigh down my hair and heighten the smell after a few days, I still cant let it go!
    Night Regime: Satin scarf. Here lately, Ive really been into pin curling, which is really great for preserving my look and not requiring additional heat(via my CHI flatiron)

    I would love to have a great, shoulder length bob by summers end! I hope the hair challenge can help me achieve that goal!!!!

    Thanks for all you do to keep a Black Woman's hair right!!!!

  173. I'm in! My hair is layered, but the longest part is just below my shoulders. My goal is APL. It will be a year since my last relaxer in January 2011. I'll use a combination of traditional, natural & Ayurvedic products.

    Thank you for your blog-I'd be lost without it!

  174. Im in! I am currently shoulder length amd my goal is BSL. I will be using a natural regimen.

  175. I am so in. My hair is neck length, still really short, I am shooting for shouder length

  176. Im n 2!

    My hair is shoulder length and I will be following the Natural hair regimin.

  177. Forgot to post my goal: arm pit length:)

  178. I'm down! Starting length: just past shoulder length (and I do mean just! ugh!) goal: bra strap length
    my regimen will be a little of all 3 (traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic)

    Great idea! This should be fun :)

  179. I am so in!!!

    Starting Length: ear length EL (shrunken), shoulder length SL (stretched/straightened)

    Goal Length: shoulder length SL to collar bone (shrunken), armpit length APL to just an inch above bra strap length BSL (stretched/straightened)

    Regime: mostly natural with some traditional

  180. I'm in !
    Starting length : ear length when shrunken, shoulder length when stretched (haven't straightened it yet)

    Goal length: full shoulder length when shrunken, armpit length when stretched

    Regimen is a mixture of traditional & natural

    Wow the same as the above comment haha

  181. I am in
    Current length: little below BSL
    Goal Length: never really thought about length, just love healthy hair, I guess MBL
    Regimen: traditional, natural, and Ayurvedic

  182. I am so in on this challenge. **Is it just me or is anyone else excited to see Nikole do a live stream? I just always like putting voices with faces lol**

    1. I am 100% natural as of February 2009 when I bc'd. I did another bc in March 2010.

    2. Current hair length is right at shoulder length stretched, neck length unstretched.

    3. Goal is APL by June 2011. :)

    4. I plan to do a mostly natural and ayurvedic regimen with a little traditional.

  183. Current Length: Neck length
    Goal Length: Past my shoulders
    Regime: Traditional and Natural

    I can not wait I will be so happy once my transition process is over. I only have 1 inch of relaxed hair left and I do not want to cut it off until I reach a certain length of my natural hair!

  184. I'm in!

    Getting hair pressed and trimmed on the 1st. So I'll have to come back with length accuracy.
    Starting length stretched: chin in front, neck on sides, below shoulders in the back
    Goal length: shoulder length front and sides, armpit length in the back.
    Regimen: traditional and natural

  185. Me too!!!!!!!
    Current length is a little above BSL.
    My goal is (honestly) to see how long my hair can actually grow.
    Regimen: I am natural and use a traditional regimen

  186. I'm in all the way! My current length is armpit length, my target for the end of 2011 is mid back length. I've been relaxer free/ transitioning for 8 months, blow dryer free for almost 10 years and only use a flat iron/pressing comb twice a month or less. My regimen will be a mix of all three.

  187. Im in!

    I did my B/C 14 days ago! so im still figuring it out, with what nourishes it and what gels to stay away from.

    I say by 6 months i want to be able to put my hair in a bun and 12 months i would love to be able to have shoulder length hair.

    i want to use a mixture of Natural + Ayurvedic methods & products.

    I already own castor oil and im putting that in every other day, im buying some jojoba oil and coconut oil as i know these are staples.

    what im currently looking for right now is a 100% unrefined whipped shea butter so i can moisturise my hair on a daily basis!

    But as for this hair challenge! hell yes! count me in!

    I look forward to seeing my hair grow


  188. I'm in! I'm starting a little below collar bone and top lip length with the hair in the very front (lol). My goal is APL and chin length with front hair! I'm going to go the traditional route.

  189. I'm in! Currently i am APL and I don't have a specific hair length goal in mind. I'm just focusing on growing out my heat damaged hair and keeping my hair healthy in the meantime. To do this I'll maintain a regimen of mostly Natural and some Traditional methods.

  190. I'm currently a little past APL. My focus is to take care of my hair and grow my edges which is gone. My regimen would consist of Traditional methods.

  191. I'm in! Currently slightly past APL and goal is bra strap length. My regimen will consist of traditional mixed with natural. I would also like to focus on growing back the left side of my hairline I burned off with the pressing comb.

  192. I'm in, but I think I'm going to cut my twa completely off and start over with a ceasar cut because my ends are damaged badly. I'll most likely rack up on a combination of products, so that when my hair does grow back I'll already have supplies to use. Question: How can I keep my twa from matting down when I go to sleep at night? I wear a satin bonnet but that doesn't help one bit. Thanks, and take care.

  193. I'm so in!!!
    Starting length: Almost APL from nape; bangs touch chin; sides past chin to mid neck.
    Goal: Grow 6" by December 2011

    My regi will consist of traditional and natural methods. I'll do an occasional Ayurvedic (henna gloss or cassia) every 2 months. I plan to dust my ends, as needed.

  194. I'd definitely like to try. My hair has been at the same length 4 to long.

    I,m natural and the length is about above my neck or neck. But it's short.

    I'd like my hair to grow to arm pit length if that's possible.

    My regimen would consist of all three. Im guessing anything i could put my hands on. lol


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