Monday, November 29, 2010

Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do - Rumi

You were born with potential
You were born with goodness and trust
You were born with ideals and dreams
You were born with greatness
You were born with wings
You are not meant for crawling, so don't.
You have wings
Learn to use them, and fly.
~ Rumi 

One of my favorite poems by Rumi, I have this plastered on my bedroom wall as a daily reminder. Sometimes we forget how great we all are and these little subtle reminders can help lift our vibration and re-connect with our inner guidance system. 

I like flipping through books like "The Essential Rumi" or The Prophet [Khalil Gibran] before creating because it puts me in a better place spiritually. As a result, I am illuminated, limitless and free of censorship. - These are pieces I created over the weekend using some new raw materials and old favorites sourced from over the years. I was flipping through my daughters National Geographic book this weekend and felt inspired to create pieces for the warrior inside of each goddess. I have a few more items on my workbench that I will complete in the next few weeks. Items pictured are available in the shop now! 

I added some new earrings:
Nubia Drop Earrings $35
Red Phoenix Drop Earrings $36
Isis Drop Earrings $35
Kemet Fringe Earrings $24
 Byzantium Tassel Drop Earrings $28
And some necklaces: 
Benin Tribal Necklace $44
 Amina Warrior Breastplate Necklace - $65
Papua Howlite Double Strand Necklace $82
 Prospect Necklace | Specimen N0. 01 - $26
Prospect Necklace | Specimen N0. 05 - $26
And some cocktail rings made from genuine gemstones 
 Prospect Rings - $21 each 

To view more new items, or the full collection visit the Frank & Myrrh shop {here}

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  1. Your collection is fabulous!!! There are definitely some items I will be purchasing!

  2. I simply love your collection. Very inspiring pieces.

  3. you are so talented! i love your pieces. they're ethnic, but not too literally ethnic, if that makes sense. you have such a great eye for design. i will definitely be purchasing some pieces. btw, i love love love your blog!

  4. Wow. What a way to be inspired and create such amazing pieces. They are all true statements. Great job.

  5. Beautiful! The necklaces are outstanding.

  6. Wow, these pieces are all very beautiful. And I love that you have such a positive creative process. To me, it makes the pieces that much more special. Keep up the good work lady!


  7. Beautiful and creative! I love the poem btw.

  8. Amazing, all of them, you are talented!

  9. Gorgeous! Think I know what's going on my list!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm glad that you found your calling..

  11. I love all your pieces, my fav are the kemet earrings. I will be ordering them very soon.

  12. Beautiful jewelry! Simple Global Chic

  13. Wow, gorgeous stuff, the warrior within wants the red drop earrings and the fringe earrings. Your prices are so affordable too!

  14. I'm compiling a lists of great gift ideas and I will feature your jewelry as a choice for great Christmas gifts. Do you ship to Europe, Asia and Africa?

  15. your WORK is @ the TOP of my christmas list this year i love it all!!! i am showing the boyfriend now you site and emailing him the link just to make sure her has the right place when he does his christmas shopping

  16. Hi Nikole,

    Im in love with your collection, I wanted to purchase a necklace and a ring, but when i did the checkout, it says you don't ship to Europe (i live in Greece), is it only for this country? (im from Belgium, my parents and family still live there, so i can get it from there too, please let me know ASAP!) The Kinshasa necklace is pure wonders and i was born there so I GOTTA have it!!! please let me know how we can work this Nikole!! THANKS!

    (awesome blog girl! keep it up)

    Ethel aka LaMorenita from Belgium livin in Athens/Greece... lol

  17. Beautiful. The rings are definitetly on my list of things to buy.


    I'll be shopping for xmas (and myself)!

  19. Nikole:

    For what it's worth, I have to tell you that this blog has become one of my favorites, and in such a short period of time. You are a true renaissance woman. I applaud, admire and celebrate you. You have great taste and a great eye. A gifted artist. Continued blessings.

  20. Absolutely Beautiful. Your work is inspiring!

  21. The red phoenix and benin tribal pieces are fabulous!

  22. trying to make me spend all my money!

  23. Your art is absolutely amazing. I don't know you...but I'm so proud of you! :)

  24. loooove it ! specialy the kemet fringe earrings

  25. Love the Kemet Fringe Earrings, I'm thinking of buying them but 10'' seems a little too long for me... could you put up a photograph of you wearing them so I could see, pls?

  26. Absolutely stunning!!! As a fellow jewelry designer I applaud your creativity - some come to your site for hair porn, fashion porn, food and drink porn and now there's jewelry porn ;-). Pure awesomeness!!!

  27. Hey Nicole,
    You inspire me to do more than I usually would. I feel like you say a lot of things that I’m thinking and you answer my questions before I ask them. Thanks. But here’s something you have not answered yet. How did you get your jewelry line started? I just began making jewelry simply as a hobby and now I think I’m ready. Where do I start? Please check out my designs and give me some insight.

  28. You are such an inspiration!



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