Monday, November 29, 2010

Fashion & Beauty Ethos: DIY Betsey Johnson Mani

This manicure reminds me of Betsey Johnson's iconic floral print. It was extremely easy, in fact I did all of the nail art with a toothpick. I find toothpicks or bobby pins much easier to control versus those long nail art brushes. The entire mani took me about 30 minutes from start to finish [not including drying time] which isn't pretty bad considering the payoff. 

Betsey Johnson Mani
You Will Need: 
Base Coat
Black Nail Polish <- I used Rimmel "Black Satin"
Pink Nail Polish <-- I used Sally Hansen's "Bubblegum Pink" in the Extreme Wear series
Green Nail Polish <-- I used Sally Hansen's "Going Green" in the Extreme Wear series
White Nail Art Polish 
Apply basecoat
Paint nails with two coats of black polish
Using your toothpick, randomly place medium sized dots of pink nail polish
Using a new toothpick, outline your nails with the white polish. Don't make the outline perfect, follow the method that is illustrated above [two half circles]
The finished outline should look similar to this
Place green dots near each "flower" 
After designing each nail, apply a top-coat and allow your nails to dry thoroughly for about 20-30 minutes! 

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  1. great nails, Im gonna try this but using different colours

  2. ohh...Love it! and I definitely see the Betsey Johnson inspiration in there....will give this a shot later this week;-)

  3. those are too cute!! I'm going to try that, maybe tomorrow :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I will definitely give this a try!!! Great post!

  5. How cute! Great job.

  6. how fun!!!! i'm gonna have to learn some patience before taking this on, lol

  7. How cool is that?! I'm going to try this the next time I go out.


  8. Very playful and fun :-) I will try this sometime this week

  9. Gorgeous! I love Betsey Johnson so this is going at the top of my to-try list. You always have the most creative nail ideas!


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