Friday, October 29, 2010

Fresh Face Beauty: 5 Minutes To A Perfect "No Makeup Look"

There are many days that I want to have more of a natural appearance without going completely bare. It is on those days that I do the "no makeup look". Although I am wearing makeup, it yields a fresh, natural, clean, ultra femme look! This technique is perfect for those long days running errands, lunch dates with the besties, and even a movie night with the beau! 

Read on for the skinny!


Choose a creamy hydrating moisturizer: This is the only time I use a store-bought moisturizer. We are going to use this moisturizer as a base to create a tinted moisturizer. Using a moisturizer as a base will leave your face uber dewy, glowing, and hydrated. - I use Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer

Need a bit more coverage? Add a tiny dollop of concealer to the foundation + moisturizer mixture to help up the ante on the coverage. Only a tiny bit is needed!

Time to mix: Mix the ingredients together on the back of your hand until well blended.

Apply with a foundation brush; Apply thin layers of the tinted moisturizer evenly in a light upward motion. 

Skip the eyeliner use a thickening mascara! Place the wand near the lash-line and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. This will make your lashes appear much thicker, and will also darken your lash-line giving you the appearance of open, brighter eyes.

Lightly fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil and brow powder; don't overdo it on the brows, as this is usually a dead giveaway you are wearing makeup. When filling in your brows with a pencil, use light, short, strokes.

Line lips with a neutral liner; I used Flesh from Ulta. Flesh is my favorite nude liner to use!
Fill in lips with a taupey-nude lip gloss; I used MAC Plushglass in Wildly Lush.

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  1. love this look! gorgeous as always! keep up the great work x

  2. Can you do a video please of how you do a complete make up look I really would like to see how you do your lips?? mostly people are learn and understand better wjen they can visualize!!! thanks in advance... you are really gorgeous


  3. that is a good idea....mixing the three.

    love those bracelets too!
    Check out my Style Blog

  4. gorgeous!what moisturizer did you use?

  5. You have such gorgeous skin. Thanks for the tip of mixing the concealer, foundation and moisturizer. I'll be trying this :)

  6. great tips i am actually going to do a no makeup challenge as i tend to wear it daily and have done so for years now. i need to get more used to not wearing it and let my skin breathe ;0)

    oh btw my threading salon is now selling dermalogica products, i thought of you today when they tried to upsell me lol

  7. Hi I meant to ask in your last makeup post.
    Do you still use the pink raindrop shaped sponge? You would use it for foundation and stipple? now I see you are using a spiky mac brush and seemingly the same technique. Do you use either one? Do you prefer one over the other and why? Or does each applicator give a different look?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial!


  9. You look great!! You always look so effortlessly pretty!!!!

  10. just curious what brand of concealer do you use?

  11. Great tips! I've been wanting some ideas on how to wear makeup without it being super obvious. I will definitely be trying this ASAP-and love the idea of letting the foundation warm up on the back of your hand!

  12. you apply to your eyes and neck, too? or just your "face"?

  13. Thanks for the tip - as a brown girl, I can RARELY find tinted moisturizers for my complexion, this is a great tip to make your own, or add more moisture to your regular application.


  14. I tried tinted moisturizers when I years ago and didn't like it because it didn't seem like I was wearing makeup, therefore my teenaged mind wondered what was the point.
    Now I'm looking for various ways to simply use cosmetics to enhance my face. But I admit, I'm still a little wary of tinted moisturizers, but I'll give it another shot soon.
    Do you still set your face with powder with this method?

  15. I'm not big on wearing makeup but love how you showed the amounts of each on your hand. It is a great help for a novice like myself.

  16. This is very helpful. Thank you for the recommendation...

    I use Iman Stick Foundation Second-to-None and Mac concealer, which neither are liquid...

    How can I achieve the same using my existing products?

  17. darn... i wish i could do this with mineral makeup...


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