Monday, September 27, 2010

Sponsored Giveaway: Casa Di Culture

 Up for grabs is the Day Dreaming In Paris shirt [white shirt]; available in small-x large

This week's giveaway is sponsored by Casa Di Culture; a brand committed to sustainable production methods while telling stories that transcends through cultural boundaries. 

More about the brand:
Casa di Culture, the brand for the modern nomad, was created in 2007 by three sisters who, after traveling to over 25 countries and 6 continents, decided to create a label that represented individuals who view the world as their meeting place, music their language and culture their religion.

The product line includes screen-printed t-shirts and baby onesies, natural beauty products, rare teas, and handmade accessories (jewelry and scarves). Each Casa di Culture design has its own story that mixes aspects of ancient cultures into modern society.
When asked about their business practices, Casa Di Culture states:
CdC is also committed to social responsibility and ethical practices. Using only PVC-free inks on all screen-printed items, recycled packaging and promotional material, and 100% organic cotton textile when possible. 
Up for grabs is the Day Dreaming in Paris shirt as pictured above [white shirt]. Sizes run from small to extra large. - The giveaway will run until October 4th 12:00AM PST

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Subscribe to the Casa Di Culture newsletter [located here]
  • "Like" the Casa Di Culture Facebook Page
  • Answer the following question in the comment section: "Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?" 
  • Remember you must also be a subscriber to this blog 
Check out some other amazing pieces currently for sale in the Casa Di Culture store:

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  1. "Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    I would like to win the shirt so that I can imagine shopping in Paris while I sit at the park watching my son imagining he is Superman.

  2. 1. Subscribe to the news letter...check!
    2. "like" the FB page...check!
    3. Subscribe to this blog...check!
    4. "Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?" ARE YOU KIDDING! Look at it? It's so cute. AND I am all for being environmentally responsible.
    Good job Casa Di Culture!

  3. "Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    I dream of quitting my job and becoming a nomad for a few years... The closest way for me to embrace that dream is to wear the t-shirt.

    * I have subscribed to the newsletter and this lovely blog. I have also Liked the Facebook page.

  4. I would like to win the Day Dreaming in Paris T-shirt because I'm always day dreaming about going to paris. At least I can have a cute shirt. :O)

  5. I actually just last week told one of my girlfriends that we should go to Paris! I have always wanted to travel to Europe, Paris specifically. The plan is to go in 2012, with my friend or without her..LOL! In the meantime though, the tee would be my perfect reminder of what I will be working towards.

  6. I would like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-shirt as I absolutely love the graphic of the natural on it. :)

  7. Well I have wanted to visit Paris for a few years now so I've definitely done my share of daydreaming. I'll get there one day! But I really just love that silhouette of the woman on the shirt; it’s pretty cool.

  8. I would like to win the Day Dreaming in Paris T-shirt simply "parce que J'aime Paris!" :-)

  9. I'd love to win the Day Dreaming In Paris shirt because it's cute and it's the closest I'm going to get to Paris for now.

  10. That is such a cute tshirt and I love Paris... I've never been there BUT one day... I will travel!
    I also want that girls hair!

  11. Already a subscriber to your site. I also subscribed to Casi Di Culture's site and "liked" them on Facebook.

    I would LOVE to win the Daydreaming in Paris T-shirt because it would be freakin awesome to own & rock an environmentally-friendly, super-cute t-shirt. Especially with some skinny jeans, cute bangles and fly booties.

  12. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt primarily because my new favorite song du jour is Corinne Bailey Rae's "Paris Nights/New York Mornings". Since I'm a Brooklyn girl, I know New York mornings all too well, but Paris Nights seem exotic and very illusive to me... the opportunity to rock the tee is a reminder that synchronicity is magic & Paris isn't as far away from Brooklyn as it seems!

  13. 1. Subscribe to news letter...yes!
    2. FB page...check!
    3. Subscribe to this blog...have been for a while!!
    4. "Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    Although I have been natural for years I do not own a natural hair shirt!! I have been admiring the "Daydreaming in Cuba" shirt from Casa di Culture for ages so this shirt would be perfect. I actually have wanted everything from them for so long but I'm on a college student budget so..

  14. I have all the requirements under my here's why you should choose ME as the winner:

    I've been in love with the French culture since the 9th grade. Now that I'm older and about to get married, my fiance and I are in the process of choosing a place for our honeymoon. Europe has been our choice!

    As a fellow blogger myself, I highlighted my fantasy of floating on the Seine River as a newlywed earlier this month. How dope would it be to rock this super cute shirt with a big head of curly hair and my new hubby on my arm?! Check out my post (! I hope I win! :)

  15. I'd love to win the day dreaming in paris t-shirt because...

    1. J'aime Paris (I love Paris)
    2. J'adore la mode et de Paris est l'endroit où aller pour le meilleur de la mode dans le monde. (I love fashion and Paris is the place to go for the best fashion in the world.)
    3. Je parle français ! (I speak french!)


    *Bisous!* (*Kisses!*)

  16. I have subscribed to Casa di Culture
    I have like their facebook page

    Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt? "I'd love to win that t-shirt because i love the graphics and i think it will serve as a conversation piece anytime i wear it"

    Lastly, I already follow you on twitter, google connect and facebook but how do i subscribe to your blog? I cant find any link to direct me there.

  17. Found it!! So i have subscribed to your blog too!!!Goodluck all

  18. Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    Because the shirt is dope!!!

  19. Wowza! This is right up my alley! I'm a lover of all things French! I took 4 years of French in high school thus sparking my love & obsession with the beautiful country & it's culture. I should when the shirt because I have a secret account (I guess not so secret now) in which I'm saving up to me to Paris. Even if I don't get there until retirement, at least I will get there!

    (I completed all the giveaway steps!)

  20. Hello Moptop Maven! I love your blog and thanks for all of your advice.
    First things first: I've subscribed to Casa di Culture and I've liked the page on Facebook.

    Why do I want to win the Day Dreaming in Paris T-Shirt?

    I'm not sure if it's my love for foreign language and culture or my studies in Global Development, but I would love the opportunity to win a Day Dreaming in Paris T-shirt.

    I have never been to Paris, but having traveled to other countries that have French history and influence, I notice how the French really partake in the fruit of life. The French celebrate everything about life, even in its simplicity. Things such as conversation and sound, personal relationships, and culture are of importance. In the U.S. it's often easy to lose sight of these essentials.

    I believe that Casa di Culture relays this theory through their clothing by using it as a mosaic of life.

  21. I'd love to win the Day Dreaming In Paris shirt because it represents our natural beauty!

  22. I'd like to win this t-shirt:
    1--because I've never won anything-seriously
    2--I'm going to Europe next summer and this shirt will be a great take along and inspiration to complete this bucket list item.

  23. Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    First of all, I think the concept is Fabo! I love the idea of seeing the world, unrestricted. Anyone's translation through fashion to what the world is and what it has to offer interests me. I love fashion and will love the opportunity to rock a creation of someone who understands what fashion is from a global standpoint.

  24. ive got to get my hands on one of those scraves

  25. I have done to following:

    1. Subscribes to the newsletter
    2. Pressed "like" on their FaceBook page
    3. Subscribed to this blog

    Being a fashionable lady, and one who is somewhat environmentally conscious, I love the idea that Casa Di Culture has engendered. Also, I would love to travel to Paris one day.

  26. Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    I love, love, love this shirt and Paris!! I visited Paris several years ago and have been daydreaming of my time there ever since. Seeing this shirt brought back a flood of memories. It reminded me of the rich but underexposed Black history and culture in Paris that I briefly encountered and want to fully explore on my next visit. Until then, I would love to wear this shirt. I can see me in it now, lol!!

    ....subscribed, liked, and subscribed :)

  27. I would love the the Day Dreaming in Paris T-shirt because not only do I love the city of Paris, I also love the artwork on it! I love it so much that I'm willing to buy it just to have it :-)!!!!

  28. Hi! I have completed all the requirement steps. Thanks so much for this AWESOME blog and WONDERFUL give aways!

    I would love to win the Day Dreaming in Paris shirt. I was born in Germany but came home to the States at the wee little age of 2 months old. :) So I know nothing of the country. It has always been my dream to visit Germany and many other European countries. I don't know if I will ever get there. I don't really have mucho guap like that. Currently I attend grad school for counselor educationa and work as a part time grad assistant for diversity programs. So working in counseling and student affairs.....not much money. :) So traveling to Europe is a dream of mine. A day dream about Paris. Maybe one day I'll day dream in Paris. :) Peace and love! :)

  29. 1. Subscribes to the newsletter- Done
    2. Pressed "like" on their FaceBook page-Done
    3. Subscribed to this blog-Done

    "Why would you like to win the Day Dreaming In Paris T-Shirt?"

    - Are you serious!!!For years I have dreamed of traveling. I never wanted to limit myself to just one city i.e. Paris,or London, but I want to experience the WHOLE world!! I want to go to different places taste the different foods, dance to the different music, take a deep breath and beath in the different air. I want to really absorb EVERYTHING that each culture has to offer. Now that I have graduated from college I can impliment my plans for the next stage of my life TRAVELING THE WORLD...As I sit in a cafe in Paris with my "Day Dreaming in Paris T-shirt" I'll have a smile on my face thinking to myself, my dream has just became reality. :0)

  30. I'd like to win this shirt because the only thing that makes a hot shirt hotter is the price $FREE.99!!

  31. I would like to win the shirt because it is SO ME! I've never been to Paris, but I will one day ;) The shirt will make me feel even closer to Paris. Lastly, I can appreciate any company that is environmentally conscious. Good job CdC!

    (I have done the other requirements for the giveaway)

  32. I have daydreamed in Paris while standing underneath the Eiffel Tower, in Port Elizabeth, South Africa while catching the breeze along the coastline of Algoa Bay, and right here in Memphis, TN while enjoying a riverboat dinner on the Mississippi River. I would use this shirt to inspire others to satisfy the things they want out of life. It would serve as my personal testimony of living a life full of freedom and inspiration.

  33. I would love to have this shirt because Paris is my most absolute favorite place in the world. I've been only once but the experience was beautiful. The city restores my faith in love and this shirt would also serve as a reminder to keep my faith in true love just like the city has done.

  34. I'd like to win a Daydreaming in Paris t-shirt because the CDC shirt is way better than anything I would have bought when I went to Paris for my birthday this year!


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