Thursday, September 16, 2010

Skin Care: Natural Spot Treatments >> Video

This video is an accompaniment to this skin care video I posted a while back. A lot of you asked if I did any kind of spot treatments for occasional flare ups and break outs, the answer is YES! How often I do them depends on the condition of my skin. Here are a few tried and true recipes that I have incorporated into my regimen. You can try one or all, and see how well they work for you.

Fullers Earth & Lemon Juice Treatment: 
1 teaspoon Fuller's Earth Powder + enough lemon juice to make a thick paste. Mix well, apply to each blemish and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water, apply toner, and moisturizer as usual.

Honey + Cinnamon Spot Treatment:  
2 Tablespoons of Honey + 1 Teaspoon of Cinnamon. Mix well, apply to each blemish, and allow to sit for 10-15 minutes. Remove with lukewarm water, and follow up with a cold water rinse. Apply toner, and moisturizer as usual. 
* You may notice the cinnamon has a slight stinging sensation. This is normal unless redness or pain persists. To be on the safe side, test on the inside of your arm and note any adverse reactions. 

Neem Powder & Lemon Treatment:
1 teaspoon Neem Powder + enough lemon juice to make a thick paste. Mix well, apply to each blemish and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water, apply toner, and moisturizer as usual.
Aloe & Tea Tree Treatment:  
1 tbsp of Aloe Vera Gel/Liquid + 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil. Mix well, and apply to each blemish. Allow to dry on face. No rinsing required. Apply toner and moisturizer as usual. 

About each ingredient:
  • Fullers Earth: Brightens dark spots, draws out excess oils and toxins
  • Lemon Juice: Due to the acidic nature of lemon juice, it is effective for helping to lighten dark spots caused by acne.
  • Neem: Antibacterial properties helps to alleviate issues with acne. Neem also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an ideal treatment for breakouts.
  • Aloe Vera: Decreases swelling and redness associated with breakouts, and also helps soothe and hydrate skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Is loaded with anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial agents which helps quickly reduce skin inflammations [aka breakouts]when used as a topical application.
  • Honey: Acts as a natural anti-bacterial, clearing breakouts and killing the bacteria that cause them
  • Cinnamon: Has strong antiseptic and astringent properties. Cinnamon is a wonderful natural alternative for spot treatments.
Where to find these ingredients:
  • Fullers Earth - Health Food Stores - Indian Grocery Stores listed as Multani Mati - Online
  • Lemon Juice - Supermarkets [use fresh squeezed]
  • Honey - Supermarkets [for more therapeutic properties, opt for raw or clover honey]
  • Neem Powder - Health Food Stores - Indian Grocery Stores - Online
  • Aloe Vera - Grocery Stores - Health Food Stores - Pharmacies
  • Tea Tree Oil - Health Food Stores - Pharmacies - Bath & Body Works - Some Grocery Stores

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  1. I recently incorporated some of your skin care regimen into mine and I'm loving the results. I drink a smoothie every morning with ground flax seed and wheat germ. Delicious! I also have been doing your sugar scrub and bentonite facial mask. GOOD STUFF sis! Thanks a bunch for sharing so freely with all of your subscribers. I'm definitely going to look into some of these spot treatments when needed. :)

  2. I have been leaving aloe on my skin overnight and love the results. I even wear it under my moisturizers throughout the day, Great Post!

  3. all natural from head to toe. i love it! so this would be done after the regular wash with oil right? Or before?

  4. Great post! this may be off topic but do you know what helps to eliminate fine lines around the mouth and dark cirles around the eyes? Any suggestions or tips, it would be greatly appreciated..

  5. excellent tips!

    Also there is a cheapy facial mask that works really great for dark spots as well. I may blog about it one day.

    it's the Mint Julep Mask by Queen Helene

  6. funny cause i just made a spot treatment last night that brought the pimple up and made it easy to wash away in the morning. it consisted of asprin, witch hazel, sulfur powder, bentonite clay and tea tree oil.

    i left it on all night and it burned those babies. i may add some lemon juice to prvent darkening.

    thanks for the your blog.

    have an outfit post? link it up...last day today

  7. Very informative.. This question is not related to the post but as far as using a toner, I see that you have 2 recipes.. I wanted to know if I can use only apple cider vingar alone or witch hazel as a toner if I don't have the other products posted?

  8. I tried the honey and cinnamon and had an instant negative skin reaction. I broke out immediately on one side of my face. My face has been very sensitive lately.

  9. Thanks MTM...I'm doing my second application of the bentonite treatment this weekend. My skin is combination and this formula (bentonite and sor cream) is perfect. I posted my experience on YT today...Thx!

  10. I do a honey overnight spot treatment and I love it. I use a water/aloe vera/honey/tea tree EO toner mix which helps too.


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