Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Interview: Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler Shares Tips & Tricks of the Trade!!

I have admired the impeccable work of Celebrity Makeup Artist Tia Dantzler long before the inception of MTM. Needless to say, I was thrilled and honored when Tia granted my request for an interview. Read on to find out what brands of foundation Tia recommends for women of color, as well brand recommendations for beauties on a budget!

MTM: Tell me a little bit about your background. 

TD: My gift as a makeup artist has created a path for me both in the celebrity world to almost every form of media from tv, film and print to name a few. I've been in the beauty industry for eight years now and boy does time fly. I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of Politicians, Musicians as well as Actors who include President Barack Obama, Jennifer Hudson, Maxwell, Fantasia, Kanye, Gabby Sidibe, Lalah Hathaway, Chandra Wilson, Common and many more.

MTM: As a darker-skinned African American woman, I find it difficult to shop for foundation. Are there any brands out there you can recommend to make it a bit easier? 

TD: Yes, there are so many brands on the market now that cater to darker skin and I'm excited about it. Some of the cosmetic lines that offer a great color selection in my opinion are M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Black Opal and Cover Girl Queen Collection to name a few.  Sometimes if one foundation didn't work for you try another foundation within the same cosmetic line because texture can make a huge difference.

MTM: Do you recommend using more than one color of foundation at a time, or would you advise the novices to leave the blending work to the pros?  

TD: Yes, sometimes I blend as many as 3 shades to achieve the desired tone I'm looking for.  It is certainly possible to have more than one skin-tone on our faces.  For everyday makeup I would stick with one shade and perhaps a concealer one shade lighter if needed. 

MTM: What are some quality drug-store brands you can recommend to beauties on a budget? 

TD: You can find some great products at the drugstore that give great color pay-off such as, Black Opal, Wet & Wild, Milani and Iman to name a few.  Cover Girl, Maybeline and Rimmell have some of the best mascaras too.

MTM: How often should we replace our makeup? 

TD:  As far as mascaras, I would discard after 3 months.  Some foundations can be used up to a year.  If you start smelling odors or the mascara starts to dry out that's a sure sign to toss out. Please make sure to tightly secure all tops on products to keep bacteria from quickly building up.

MTM: I love the look you did for Jennifer Hudson on the cover of Essence; what are some tips or ticks you can offer to get that red carpet flawless finish at home? 

TD: I'm big on maintaining a daily skincare regimen to maintain great skin.  I would suggest starting off cleansing and moisturizing before you apply foundation especially powder because moisturizer just helps your makeup lay pretty.  Achieving a flawless look can take some time and patience depending on your skin condition.  Primers are another sure way to prep and prepare skin for concealer and foundation applications.  I absolutely love highlighters which gives your skin a glow without the sun.  I love to place the highlighter just above the cheekbones for a fresh glow.

MTM: For those that are new to makeup, or the beauty mavens that just want to consolidate their makeup arsenal, what are four beauty products every woman should have? 

TD: Four must have products are: foundation to even your skin-tone, mascara to open up your eyes and bring definition all at the same time, Eyeliner to really make your eyes pop and to give them shape, and lastly a nice lip color that compliments your skin-tone.

MTM: And finally, what hues on the runway are hot right now that would translate on African American skin-tones? 

TD: The color purple ruled the runways this season which is a great choice because it comes in so many hues.  Another great reason to love this color is that it ranges from cool to warm tones so everybody can rock purple and look great.  Bold lips in purples, reds and deep burgundy were also a hit during fashion week.

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  1. She's so lovely! Great interview as well. I'm not a big makeup girl, but I hope to experiment more with bold colors like I've seen in your tutorials.

  2. great interview! i need to experiment more with my makeup. it's been BLAH laately....thanks for the tips!


  3. I love when interviews are straight to the point. Thanks for this!

  4. I'm glad a professional shouted out some of the makeup brands that are easy on the pockets but with great payoff.

  5. Great tips! I always find it hard to find foundations that match and don't look chalky so thanks for this interview.

  6. I found it funny that she cited Mac as a good choice for WOC when they only have 4 shades for black girls. Makeup Forever (MUFE) is like a WOC's best friend because they have 10+ shades for brown girls and they recognize that women have more undertones than just "warm" and "cool".


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