Monday, September 13, 2010

Eat | Drink | Play >> Weekend In Photos: Le Mirror$ Edition

 Lo and I goofing off in the powder room; cue Vanity 6's Make Up

The majority of my weekend was nothing to write home about. I spent the past few days working, writing, and working some more. This past Sunday, Lo and I decided to swing by Palihouse in West Hollywood, one of my favorite city jaunts. Coincidentally it happened to be hosted by Le Mirror$, if you're looking for more of a diverse crowd and good music sans top 40, anything hosted by Le Mirror$ is a total win. Check them out if you are ever in Los Angeles!

A big shout out to Lo for the pics!  - Sidebar: Don't forget to enter the Bee Mine Giveaway! It closes tonight!

How amazing was her fro?
Me and my boy Henrique!
The fabulous DJ Rashida & Kelis
I wore an electric blue dress with a yellow clutch for an unexpected pop of color. If ever you run into a snafu and you don't know what to pair a garment with, choose a completely different color to give your outfit more of an edge. Experiment with colors like brown and purple, blue and yellow [as seen here], olive green and deep blue [as seen here] you may love the outcome!
Love it! These ladies looked amazing. & I love watching what Damon Peruzzi [aka Legendary Damon] will wear next!
So trying his DIY top this week!
Her skin was absolutely flawless!
Twas was a good night.
I Wore:
Dress: Chloe
Tights: American Apparel
Over-the-knee Boots: Jeffrey Campbell 
Clutch: Thrifted
Necklace/Earrings: DIY
Palihouse - West Hollywood
8465 Holloway Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069-4258
(323) 656-4100
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  1. I need a DIY post on that necklace ASAP mmkay? : )

  2. love love love your outfit & the hair of course :)

  3. Great Pics! You and Lo look FAB as usual!

  4. good chic fun as always. killer outfit!

  5. it is all about the color! you stand out like a shooting star...among stars! flawless!

  6. blue and yellow are always a good look! the necklace!

  7. LO IS ROCKING that red lipstick. Holy sweet goodness! And that blue on you is ELECTRIFYING. Get it ladies!

  8. that color blue looks absolutely electrifying on you. Love all the fros in the pictures.

  9. Gorgeous as always. BTW you always look like you're having so much fun, and your life seems so awesome, what do you do for a living?

  10. You and Lori looked Amazing as always!!

  11. pls make a tutorial for the necklace!

  12. ooo that girl with the bald head is goregous!

  13. Pleaaaaaaaaaase do a tutorial for thaat necklace? <3

  14. Is that Kesh in the 14th picture from the top? I need to get some real friends. But she was my fave blog crush before I got hipped to your site. She seems like a real cool spirit at least via the web. Is anyone else from DC? We don't have parties like these. Or maybe I'm missing them. FYI tried the Henna gloss last night and curly pudding twists. My hair looks pretty cute today if I do say so myself. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. Your hair looks fantastic! Please do share if you did something different (:

  16. Lol @ avidreader..I think we all live a little vicariously through our favorite bloggers :) What a room full of fabulous people! Damn, I need to be apart of that. You and Lo are beautiful as usual, but thanks for the extra eye candy (ladies and gentleman, I might say..)
    And yes, the dark-skinned gal with the baldie was crazy fly.

  17. You looked fabulous. The tights are very pretty too, def a must fall item for me. Love the blue, so beautiful on you!

  18. Flawless skin lady is giving me life with her grace jones-ness! Can you make a tutorial for the DIY neckalce?

  19. The last outfit is simply gorgeous!


  20. you two look great( as always). You ran into so many awesome people! *BTW can't wait for the DIY shredded tee, I've been googling that for weeks with no luck finding a good link.

  21. love the DIY necklace and earrings. looks like you all had fun!

    join my link party
    U could WIN a MONTH LONG sidebar feature!

  22. @Ms. B; LOL Got it!

    @santanamaria; Thank you!

    @Full-Figured Diva; Thank you Diva!

    @Pilar; Thank you!

    @BreukelensFinest; Gotta love color! And thank you for the wonderful compliment!

    @The Style Realist; Thank you!

    @Sheena LaShay; Isn't she?!?! Thank you so much sis!

    @Maggie ☮ Thank you!

    @ontheqtrain; Thank you for the compliment sis, I am a jewelry designer!

    @ShandyLand; Thanks!

    @biancaR; It's in the works!

    @Lipstick Diva; Isn't she?!? She is fabulous!

    @Tiniyah; I will!

    @avidreader; I believe it is! And thank you very much for the compliment sis! I will keep my ear open for events like this in DC, if I come across any I will post them on the blog!

    @Anonymous; I did, I used the Eco Styler gel to twist instead of my other products. Check out my most recent post.

    @Mona; Thanks for the compliment sis! And wasn't she fly?

    @Hell Notes for Beauty™ ; Thank you! I love tights during the winter because I am not much of a pants person. Definitely check out American Apparel and H&M!

    @BornWithIt; Yes! She was giving me life too! I immediately thought of Grace Jones when I saw her! Yes to the tutorial!

    @Anastasia; Thanks!

    @SEWING STARDOM; Thank sis! I hope all is well your way! I can't wait until I try it either, although I am a bit scared!

    @L ~DIY Diva; Thank you!

  23. I really dig Lo's hair! Could you ask her to do a small tut on her style as well?

  24. Mop Top, you look stunning, your boyfriend handsome and the rest of the gang great! Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Great photos!

  25. Gorgeous look. Love the necklace. It would be great to see a DIY for it. It's so unusual and eye catching.

  26. I like the chain linked earrings! Where can i get a similar pair????? Pleeeease!

  27. Please! Some of these folks look like they belong in a music video to the tune of "The Freaks Come Out at Night"! I guess in LA the freakish is the norm.

  28. sweetie
    Can you tell what that pink lipstick is.
    Thanx smooches.
    Beautiful as always!


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